All The Beauty Services You Can Book At Ulta (Including Brow Lamination)

If you are looking for the latest beauty trends, need a staple makeup item, or are searching for your new favorite hair product or facial serum, Ulta is the place to go. Currently, Ulta is actually the biggest beauty retailer in the United States. While many think of Ulta as a place to find top-of-the-line beauty products, it's also the perfect place to find inexpensive makeup, including their own line, hair products, skin products, hot tools, and pretty much everything else you may need to fully complete your beauty routine.

If you've ever strolled through an Ulta and noticed the back of the store, you may be wondering what else the beauty giant has to offer. Yes, they can do haircuts and color, but did you know they also offer lashes, facials, and even brow lamination? And they don't stop there — here's everything Ulta has to offer at their beauty salon.

Hair Services

If you've spent enough time browsing the aisles at your local Ulta, you have likely stumbled across someone getting a haircut in the back of the store. But beyond offering a cut, the beauty professionals at Ulta also provide color services, from balayage to all-over color, and styling. You can make an appointment for a simple blowout or get an updo or curled look for your next formal event. They also offer more unique services like silk press, texture sets, and braids.

If you are looking for a hair treatment, Ulta has a ton of those on their menu as well. Hoping for a sleeker mane? They have Keratin treatments and relaxers to help you achieve it. They are also trained in specialized haircuts like curl haircuts. New to their menu is the inclusion of Olaplex treatments which can help reverse damage, as well as the express root touchup, which leaves your roots good as new in just 30 minutes.

Makeup and Lashes

For most, when we think of Ulta, we think of makeup. And for good reason — you can pretty much find anything you may need to create your ultimate makeup look and the experienced Ulta employees can help you with everything from finding your shade to recommending the best mascara for your lashes. But going above and beyond basic makeup help, Ulta also offers an array of makeup services in their beauty salon. Whether you have a big, formal event or just want a simple makeup look to go about your day, Ulta offers both those things, all done by their in-house makeup artists. Hoping to recreate the look yourself? They also offer lessons, teaching you everything about what makeup works best for you and how to apply it correctly. Select stores also have MAC professionals on hand, who offer complimentary makeovers and lessons when you buy a certain amount of MAC products.

Beyond their makeup offerings, Ulta also offers lash services. You can hop on over for a quick 15-minute temporary lash or book a longer appointment for long-lasting lashes like cluster lashes, extensions, or fills. Certain locations also offer lash lifts, lash glaze (for a darker lash), lash plump (for volume), and a combo lash lift and gaze. Just be sure to check your store before booking, as only certain stores have the full lash menu.


Eyebrow trends are constantly changing, and whether you stay true to them and are currently bleaching your eyebrows or you stick to more classic looks that suit your face, you can get the best brow look right at your local Ulta. Ulta has licensed estheticians employed at their beauty bars, allowing customers to get all the best brow services done by true professionals. Their brow bar is sponsored by Benefit, a leader in the brow industry, making it even more enticing. Plus, their list of services is long and includes everything from a wax, tint, and style, to more intricate brow services like a lamination, which gives you that feather brow style people are loving lately.

In addition to waxing and shaping your brows, you can also stop in for other waxing services. Get your entire face smooth as can be with their chin, nose, lip, and ear waxing options, or go full out with their Brazilian, arm, leg, or chest waxing.


If you are hoping for a trendy facial service but don't want to break the bank or spend the day at a fancy resort, you may be surprised to find exactly what you are looking for at Ulta. Their Skin Bar is run by Dermalogica-certified skin therapists, and their list of services is impressive. Their signature facials include a few quickies — about 10 minutes — that deep clean and exfoliate the skin. If you want something more complex, their 30 or 60-minute facial menu offers everything from an oxygen facial, which plumps and firms the skin, to a calming facial, which helps those with inflammation or redness.

Select locations also offer a menu of advanced facials. Here, you will find a light therapy facial, which can help clear acne or lessen the appearance of fine lines, and their newest treatment, a micro-exfoliating facial that targets the texture of the skin and leaves you feeling glowing, smooth, and refreshed.


Say goodbye to the days of wandering into Claire's and having a teenager pierce your ears. One of the newest add-ons to their salon menu is piercings, all of which are said to be done by a professional in a clean, hypoallergenic space. In fact, taking it a step further, Ulta has only employed "licensed cosmetologists or estheticians who are brand-certified by Inverness, the industry leader in ear piercing services." This means that you can go in for that first ear piercing — they pierce children as young as three months — or your 10th, and you can feel confident knowing you are getting a good service. While Ulta only offers piercings on the ears, they provide everything from the earring (they have a selection of stainless steel and 24-karat gold options to choose from) to the aftercare for $55.

With such a full menu of beauty services, you can get glam from head to toe all in one spot. Plus, any makeup or beauty product that is used can be found right there in the store so you can continue your beauty routine from home. Just be sure to contact your store, or check online, before walking in. Some Ultas only have certain services available and are by appointment only.