How To Choose Your Male Bridesmaid's Outfit While Keeping Your Wedding Aesthetic

In 2023, we're leaving antiquated gender norms behind us. As more people learn that being a particular gender doesn't mean that you have to subscribe to the rules of the past. This also means that mixed-gender wedding parties are growing more popular. Thanks to changing social ideas, engaged couples don't have to cut their close friends out of important roles simply because they don't share the same gender.

Although navigating some pre-wedding activities can potentially be awkward for mixed-gender wedding parties, the joy of having the people closest to you makes it worth it. However, a tricky part to figure out is what the other gendered person in a groom or bridal party will wear. While it's more commonplace for a female groomsman to wear a suit, not every man in a bridal party may feel comfortable wearing a bridesmaid dress. Yet, you don't want him to wear exactly what the groomsmen wear. Thankfully, there are tips to help make your bridesman look like he's a part of your crew.

Outfit ideas for the men in your bridal party

If the men in your bridal party prefer to wear suits, instead of choosing an outfit that clashes with your theme, they can wear the same outfit as the groomsmen or your fiance's wedding party. Depending on the aesthetic or style of the wedding, the bridesmen can wear a tie, brooch, or pocket square that correlates with what the other bridesmaids are wearing. Although the custom of wearing a corsage and boutonniere at a wedding is typically relegated to close family members, you can switch up the tradition to be solely for your bridal party to signify the people that are a part of your crew.

Another option is for your bridesmen to get a custom-tailored suit of the same color that the rest of the bridal party will wear. In order for them to not stick out too much, consider allowing all of your bridesmaids to don different styles in the same color. Not only will your bridesmen feel more comfortable because they don't look totally different, but the rest of the party can showcase their own individual style. Pick styles together so they can have their freedom, but you can also keep everything on brand.

Where to find male bridesmaid outfits

For bridesmen wearing the same outfit as the groomsmen, they can shop for the same suit at stores offering tuxedos for rent, such as Jos. A. Bank or Men's Wearhouse. When going through the rental process, they can choose from a variety of tie colors that will complement what the bridesmaids are wearing. If your bridesmen want to match more with the rest of their group, David's Bridal offers tuxedos and dresses. Rather than separating him from the party, finding outfits at the same place will ensure that everyone stays on theme.

When purchasing the corsages and boutonnieres, get them from the same place where you're buying your bouquet. That way, the floral arrangement, and style will match what you've already chosen for yourself. If you don't want to have the exact same thing as your bridal party, use different flowers and complementary colors, such as gardenias for you and plumerias for the bridal party.