The 'Blob' Nail Art Trend You'll Be Seeing Everywhere In Spring 2023

You don't have to be a fashion expert or a beauty influencer to know that nail art is one of the most popular ways to add a bit of pizazz to your look. From airbrushed nails to neon jelly nails, new trends have been consistently rolling around just in time to give your manicure a bit of welcome spring cleaning. As the seasons continue to change, new twists on bold nails are all the rage. 

When we think about a fun, maximalist mani, we usually consider trying out different colors or finishes. However, textured nail art is the trend that can really take your manicure up a notch. Rather than experimenting with different shades or levels of sheen, it's time to use texture to add some fun detail to your nails. There's one way of rocking the textured nail trend, in particular, that is sure to be the manicure of choice. 

And, unlike plenty of nail art trends out there, this one is just as easy to execute as it is fantastic to look at. The trend is called simply "blob nails" and this technique is basically exactly what it sounds like — a manicure with blobs on it. It may not sound pretty, but trust us, seeing is believing. 

Why you have to try blob nails

While textured manicures may be on trend, that doesn't mean that they're easy to do at home. There are plenty of nail trends that most folks wouldn't be able to recreate themselves. Yet, many of us want to do our own nails and switch up our manicures freely, both to save money and experiment more. This is one of the reasons why blob nails are so great; perfecting them is as easy as dripping some extra polish on your nails. 

TikTok creator @crackersandfish shows just how easy creating blobs with gel is in this video. She uses brushes with gel over a finished manicure to create organic-looking, irregularly shaped, and totally eye-catching shapes. While using gel is a great way to fashion your blobs, you can actually exclusively use the manicure tools you have at home already to get a similar effect. Even use the brush in your nail polish bottle to create them.

If you've ever accidentally packed on a bit too much polish while painting your nails, you know how this works already. Since part of what makes blob nails look so cool is how funky and abstract they are, don't be afraid to experiment with your blobs. Try channeling a lava lamp for inspiration and use your brush to add dollops. Just keep in mind that the thicker the blob, the longer it'll take to dry, so give your manicure plenty of time to set.

It's easy to add blobs to any manicure

Another thing to love about blob nails is how easy they are to combine with other trends. As a result, as trends change and new techniques inevitably become popular, blob nails are versatile enough to work with lots of different looks. The set pictured above, for example, shows the groovy vibes you can achieve by combining blob nails with an ombré base, as well as how fun and playful using different-colored blobs in the same manicure can look. 

From metallic blobs on a dark background to colorful, shiny blobs on a matte white nail, there are so many different options when it comes to playing with texture and finish. By the same token, creating fresh color schemes by pairing different base nail colors with colorful blobs can really make the look pop. Keep in mind that while there are so many ways to make a blob manicure look fresh and bold, this style is all about leaning into the maximalist vibes.

As a result, you should feel freer to try out different looks when opting for blob nails. From different shapes like hearts or teardrops to squiggly lines and even raised stripes, once you get the hang of creating arty blobs on your nails, you'll see just how many different options there are out there. We're about to see plenty of folks rocking blob nails, and if you're in a particularly fun and experimental mood, you should definitely consider joining them.