Textured Nail Art Is The Trend That Can Take Your Manicure Up A Notch

Changing up your nails is one of the easiest ways to transform your look. Since all it takes is some time and maybe a trip to the salon, trying out a new trend is easy. Whether you're dressing up or down, rocking a textured manicure can be the cherry on top of any outfit. Plus, you can pair it with your favorite shape and style, like trending long square nails, goth nails, or even strawberry-glazed nails


Whatever you choose, textured nail art is an extra way to really make your manicure stand out. As the name suggests, this style features raised textures by utilizing gemstones, sculpting gels, and other 3D elements. If you feel like you've already tried every color and shape out there, you should definitely consider adding some texture to your manicure. 

While you can obviously achieve the look at the salon, you can also replicate the textured manicure trend at home too. All you need is a little time and determination.

Gemstones and other items add texture

Each time you get a new manicure with textured nail art, you can try something new. Nail artist San Sung Kim discussed the fun trend with PopSugar, sharing, "More than ever, people are willing to be more adventurous with their nail-design choices. Texture plays a huge part in the overall vibe of [a manicure]. It's a cool way to push the boundaries of traditional nail art while simultaneously creating a unique and personal look."


Consider trying out things like alligator skin, knitted or crocheted nails, or simply add pearls and gemstones to your talons. You could even try something completely different on each nail as a fun way to change up your style. If you're looking to get a textured manicure at the salon, make sure to bring in multiple photos of the styles that you like so your technician knows exactly what you want your nails to look like when you leave.

How to achieve a textured manicure at home

While you can certainly get your textured nails done professionally, it's relatively straightforward to achieve this super cool look at home too. There are a few simple ways to do it. The easiest route is to simply order some stick-on pearls or gemstones for your nails to make it a bedazzled moment. Start by giving yourself the ideal at-home manicure and paint your nails like you normally would. Then, put the stickers on in any pattern you like and you're all set! 


Celebrity nail artist Jessica Tong informed Coveteur that it's important to use a resin or gel to attach the items properly since, "It really keeps everything in place, especially larger heavier embellishments." Likewise, acrylic powder "ensures that I really get the sturdy shape that I want." You can also use a top coat before and after placement to secure them. If you don't want to individually stick on each part of the texture, consider purchasing press-on nails as an alternative.