Pixie Dust Nails Are The Sparkly, Textured Manicure Trend You Need To Try

Lately, you've been in a manicure rut. So, you've started to watch the fingers of your favorite celebs and comb the pages of Instagram, looking for something new to inspire your love of nail art. You've landed on textured nail designs and can't look away. Therefore, it might be time to snatch up your purse and hop on the sparkly pixie dust nail craze. 

As their name might suggest, these nails bring the glam, but they do it with a minimalist approach. Using pearl powder, small beads, and flakes of glitter, nail artists add a dream-like quality to your manicure that's hard to look away from.

Grab the pixie dust nail trend by the hand and start running with it. From a full set of glittery, textured nails to an accent nail or two, you'll become inspired for your next adventure in nail art. You don't have to head to the salon for this look; you can try to create these at home. 

Pixie dust accent for a red carpet feel

This nail craze has a lot of glitter and glam, but the texture of the look makes it stand out on your finger. It creates a crystal-like appearance that will have you itching to give it a go. 

To get started, Instagrammer @theboujeeeparlour offers a unique look by adding an extremely textured pixie dust accent ring finger. It highlights the subtle look of the pointed French tip and the neutral pink tone playing on the middle and pinky fingers. It's like adding a little bit of red carpet to your nails.

Textured glitter to add variety

You're really vibing on the pixie dust look. You've tried an accent finger, but now it's time for a full manicure. But you can't choose between a square and a pointed tip. Well, @theallurespot.taisha added them both.

While the clear textured, glittery polish is enough to have your fingers dancing in the night, the variation of the pointed and square tips adds a unique twist. It's the perfect way to add a little pop to your nail style.

Matte black fairy magic for a night out

Matte black is trending. While these nails might not shine, when you add pixie dust, they are sure to glitter. The colors and vibrance of the pixie dust ring finger nearly sparkle right off the image.

It's a look that says you want to be chic but can't deny the sparkle in your personality. Plus, the glitter is sure to complement any accessories or clothing you wear. It's a nail set that won't steer you wrong for business casual or date night ready.

Mystical blue pixie dust to take your breath away

It's time for a bold new look. Textured nails are on the rise, and it's time you took the plunge. Rather than just getting a full set of pixie dust nails, you want to try all the textures and feels. Well, @nailsby.monsee is ready to fulfill all your texture whimsy.

The blue pixie dust nails on the ring and thumb pull your gaze toward the long, rounded square manicure. But they are far from the star of the show! It's the textured flowers on the index and middle fingers that will have you saying "oh" and "ah." Topping the look off is eye-catching jewels that provide the perfect finish.

Fun textured tips with a pixie accent

Textured nails provide an eye-catching look, but they can give you that tactile boost too when you rub your fingers across them. It's a win-win kind of nail art.

If you're into textured nail art, then you might want to try adding a modern French textured manicure with a pixie dust accent finger. It's stylish but bold and a fun twist on a timeless, classic nail look. People will be drawn in by the sparkle, only to be delighted by the intricate ovals added to the white tips.

Sparkly pink nails that dazzle off your fingers

Your nails are looking for a star-studded night on the town. The pixie dust look is perfect for giving you all that sparkly goodness your little heart desires. Nail tech @m.naileditt brings the glam with a set of pink, pixie dust nails. These nails shimmer like sequins on your fingers and coordinate beautifully with a prom dress or cheer wear.

While the artist created a beautiful set of square tips, this is a look that could go smashingly with a pointed or almond tip. You might even want to try it short. You don't need to add bling when you're bringing it all to your fingertips.

Pink pixie nails to show your love

There is something about the pixie dust texture that makes it look like you've added diamonds to your nails. Well, how do you feel about pink diamonds?

The glittery shine of pink diamonds stands at attention on these gorgeously manicured stiletto tips. The subtle pink and white fade sets off the look of the glam on the index and pinky fingers. But the dazzle is brought by the solid pink middle finger bedazzled with a little white heart.

Dream-like glittering nails fit for a queen

Pixie dust nails are taking the Internet by storm, and you're ready to hop on this craze. It's the glittery fantasy that your little heart has always desired. Step into the world of the fairies with a sparkly set of nails to befit a queen.

When it comes to pixie dust nails, @nailsbysaraii offers options – lots of options. This set of long, square nails offers a little something glamorous on each finger. Even the glitter can't distract from the elegant French manicure on the middle finger, topped off with regal jewels along the base. The swirls on the pinky add to the overall aesthetic to create a dream-like set of nails.

Glass manicure with a pixie dust twist

French manicure is your jam. So, it makes sense that you've jumped on the modern French manicure trends. You've tried everything from a spring butterfly look too crazy colors to goth chic flames. Now, it's time to delve into the world of pixie dust tips.

Instagrammer @luxnailsss brings the wow factor by creating bold, glittering clear tips. The pink almond base with clear, textured square tips creates a unique take on the traditional glass French manicure. It's a beautiful sight that will catch every eye.

Stiletto and white quartz pixie combo to try

Variety in your nail art is what keeps things fresh. Plus, you have so many different styles to choose from. Instagrammer @i_luv_nailzz shows their love for the art form of nail creation through a fun pixie dust marble set mashup.

These long nails add texture through a pixie dust index finger and a beautifully crafted French tip with a blunt square end. The look then takes a 360 by adding a quartz polish to a stiletto tip. It's a unique look that's topped off with even more fabulousness by adding a few rhinestones. Whether you want to add a little pop or go all out, pixie dust nails are a trend you'll have to try to see the magic for yourself.