Double-Lining Is The Y2K Makeup Trend That Will Give You A Dramatic Eye Look

The 2000s trends are nowhere near dying down, as a new one emerges yet again. If you've enjoyed the modern revival of the era's fashion trends like rocking dresses over pants and wearing cargo pants, buckle up because there might be something more for you.

After the global resurgence of Y2K vibes, ranging from celebrities to fashion, it's makeup's turn again. You may have already rocked the frosted lip look that was inspired by the era, and now the eye look to pair it with is back — double-lining.

If you were a teenager during the 2000s, there might be some hard feelings when it comes to the aughts' beauty trends. There were almost no stores designated for makeup only, depending on where you lived. Hence, the products weren't always good quality, the tools used were often questionable, and it was normal to get them all together at Claire's while buying some jewelry.

Double-lining then and now

The contrast of the dark eye makeup and lighter lips might evoke high school feelings for some but worry not. The resurfaced makeup look has a modern twist to it, making it less grubby and more sultry. Double-lining used to mean just adding some black eye pencil to your lower waterline in addition to the black liner or shadow you already put on your lids. The makeup industry has since evolved, and with the beauty tools available now, you can achieve the look without giving off mall vibes.

Jaime Perez, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics national pro artist, says "Makeup techniques now are more refined and more precise," adding, "The right tools and product formulas really help to make the eyeliner look better," he shared with PopSugar.

To achieve the revamped eye look, only a few products are needed — a good-quality eyeliner of your choice, an eyeshadow in a dark shade, and an eyeliner brush. Even though the premise of the look remains, having dark makeup all around your eyes, it's definitely grown up now.

Rocking the revamp

There are a few ways this look can go. You could do a more smudged-out look if you're feeling particularly rock and roll. In that case, celebrity makeup artist Katie Mellinger advises, "Using a small eyeshadow brush, apply eyeshadow that's the same color as the pencil, over the pencil liner to create even more smoke (this will also help the liner stay in place). Apply liner to the inside water line and in between every lash to create a tight line," she told Byrdie.

A less dramatic version of double-lining can be achieved following Perez's advice. To avoid the harshness of the aughts, Perez instructs to "softly trace the lines with a powder or cream shadow in a similar shade or deeper to soften the line," he told PopSugar.

If you want to avoid looking like you're on your way to school in 2008, it's important to have good-quality products you know how to use. If you're an eyeliner beginner, consider using more eyeshadow to buff out the lines and hide any possible mistakes. Also, there is no need to pair the eye look with frosted lips; you can choose the vibe you wish to embody. Happy double-lining!