Matte Black Nail Polish Is Having A Moment, And There Are So Many Ways To Pull It Off

The time has come to make a bold statement with your nails. If you've tried all the different colors of the season, but want something a little darker and more mysterious to light up your cuticles, it might be time to think about matte black. With so many different styles available, it's perfect for any season and occasion. 

Black always makes a statement and complements everything from your accessories to your wardrobe. It's also a nail color that can be goth chic or the perfect backdrop for a pop of colorful flowers or a winter scene. Since shine is out this season, let matte take its place. Explore 30 gorgeous matte black designs that can grace your beautiful fingers today. 

From short looks to long stiletto tips, you can easily find a style to suit your current mood. The best thing about these matte looks is the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Matte black stiletto nails make a sharp statement

After a long night binge-watching your favorite vampire flicks, you're ready to embrace claws. It's time to add a bit of matte black polish to those stiletto nails. It's going to have everyone around you doing a double-take at your gorgeously long and pointed digits. Not only are these the perfect accessories for that all-black outfit you've been storing in your closet for a special occasion, but this simple look will also bring out your inner roar.

Marble nails for a little change

Embracing your inner darkness doesn't mean you need to go all out. You can add a bit of matte black to make a statement elsewhere. This fun design created by @nailnook_barb shows how you can add a little bit of fun to your nail art. The black middle and ring fingers contrast with the white marble nails on the index and pinky fingers. The drip technique used to add the black to the white gives off those artistic Jackson Pollock vibes, creating an eye-catching look that's professional and a little bit abstract at the same time.

Matte black with a gold pop

Black looks good on everyone — especially matte black, which is inherently chic. It's great to make your stiletto claws look a little sinister, but it's just as perfect on a short, round nail too. However, just because you decide to go black doesn't mean your nails need to be boring. Adding a pop of color makes all the difference in the world, as this design by @sparrowdesigns23 demonstrates. The gold glitter added to the base of the ring finger provides just a touch of wow that'll have all your friends demanding your nail tech's number. 

Show-stopping shiny black squiggles

You wouldn't think that black-on-black would be much fun on your nails. But when you use matte black as your canvas for funky creations, amazing things happen. Here, the matte black contrasts perfectly with the shiny black finish to create fun swirls that effortlessly catch the light. This is one design that will have people grabbing your hand to get a closer look. Top it off with a square tip, and it'll be one that everyone is sure to imitate.

Matte black nails that really drip

If you're ready to embrace that goth chic look matte black nails are just the beginning. Take your love of everything vampire to the next level with a set of bloody nails. Start with a matte black canvas, then use the red to add a few drips to the ends of your fingers. The shiny red gives you the bloody effect every vampire at heart needs. While it would be perfect on a stiletto tip, this works just as well on an almond-shaped nail too.

Black nails to shoot for the stars

You've been wearing matte black nail polish for a while. It goes with everything! But it's time to add a little flavor to your black repertoire. Why not try a few animal stars? Instagrammer and nail guru @madeupbymckie doesn't touch that matte black finish. Instead, this nail artist complements the timelessness of black with a white ring finger and animal print stars. It adds a little fierce to your life. 

Pretty in pink flakes

If you want to jump onto the matte black bandwagon but you aren't quite ready to give up the girly pink you love so much, simply combine the two. It's the best of both worlds. The chrome pink flakes really jump off the index fingers while the pink ring finger rounds out the look. The glitter at the base of the ring finger is just another bit of added bling. 

Nails to make you green with envy

Spring has officially sprung, and if you're ready for a fresh new nail look you can add some unique flair by alternating green and black vines with a matte black nail. To change things up further, you could even try a few green vines on your matte black nails, or you could add some matte black vines to some shiny green nail polish. It's a style that's sure to make everyone green with envy. 

Top off a pink look with a matte finish

It's time to diversify your nail art. Go beyond just the solid matte black world to try fun designs on all your different fingers. It makes a great tip color or accents your animal print. Instagrammer @keelydoesnails shows how fun matte can be with alternating black and pink cheetah print nails. The whole look is set off with the perfect matte black tip and gold belt at the base of the middle finger. It's a chic look that's equally ready to stop the show or strangers on the street.

A black and starry night

Glitter and glam nail designs add some sparkle to your everyday look but, if matte black is calling to you, maybe it's time to mix it up by going more matte. You can do this by placing a few fun, glittery stars on an otherwise understated bold square tip. You could also use a bit of matte black to create a pointed tip with some glitter pulling the gaze up. Nail artist @keelydoesnails creates the perfect expression for a glittering night on the town.

Add a sparkly gold band

Variety in nail art is what keeps things interesting. However, that doesn't mean you need to have a different design on each nail. Rather, you can create an understated look with a bit of black matte and gold nail polish. Nail artist @nailzby_cyn creates a unique look by adding a line of gold flakes to the ring and pinky fingers. It beautifully contrasts the black and natural color of the nail and is finished off with an effortless round tip.

Dazzling dark French manicure

Nail art doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can create some fun looks simply by changing the color of your tips. Swap out the classic white for a bit of matte black to create the perfect modern French manicure. Bring out the wow factor by creating art on your fingers. In this case, the shiny black vine climbing up the ring finger adds a bit of sparkle and shine to an otherwise muted look. The almond tips take the whole vibe to the next level. 

Geometric finish for a subtle matte design

Did you know you could use geometry on your nails? By combining matte black and white, you can create just about anything. It's great for adding a sleek design like the one seen above. Nail and beauty expert @alikis_nail_bar perfects matte black nails by painting fun triangles and lines on them. The white works to break up the space and create the perfect design and symmetry for any occasion. These nails give a chic edge to your little black dress or pinstripe suit.

Negative space designed to inspire

When it comes to a timeless black nail, the negative space is just as important as the color. Using the two together can create the kind of design that dreams are made of. Nail artist @chronic.claws utilizes a fusion of pure greatness by leaving a triangle of negative space at the base of each nail. What truly tops this off are the ballerina tips. It mimics the look of a pointe shoe on your fingers, making you want to dance the night away.

Just a splash of red

Long nails are gorgeous all on their own. Add a bit of matte black, and they're a force to be reckoned with. However, that doesn't mean short nails can't look just as flawless. Nail tech @amy_gray_74 doesn't believe that matte black needs to work alone on shorter nails. Red makes the polish pop even more. It's a marbled look that could easily be found on your next night of mystery. It might also just be the passion you need for your big night out with the one you love. Who doesn't desire a sleek red look? 

Fun flower designs for spice

It doesn't take a lot of work to spice up a nail design — a little shiny swirl here or a bit of red there will do it. But what if you want to stay in the matte-black world? Well, it's time to use the color of your nail to your advantage. Nail technician @litbeauty802 showcased the elegant beauty of matte black by placing a decorative flower on the ring finger. The delicate petals and artistic design spring to life and stand out against their dark sisters. It's the perfect combination of subtle beauty and gothic chic.

Precious pops of color

If you haven't already noticed, flat black makes a great canvas for colorful creations. The colors jump out at you from the more subdued void. Instagrammer @nails_bycheyenne highlights this fun and colorful bouquet of flowers that works all year round. Matte black is the name of the game with a solid index and pinky finger, but the fun starts on the middle and ring fingers. The blue middle finger sets you up for color, and the ring finger pops with colorful blue and purple flowers, which bounce right off the nail. 

Your heart's desire in matte

If you're looking to glam up your nails in a unique way, consider getting a little more electric with bright pink nail art to really bring out that matte finish. Taking nails to the next level is an art form, and artist @princesita.nails knows a lot about creating art. This matte black design brings the pizzazz with neon pink hearts, creating the ideal Valentine's Day nail inspiration. Additionally, the way the artist uses white in conjunction with bright pink makes the design fly off these pointed stiletto tips.

Subtle flames for the win

You want a fun design but don't want it to necessarily jump off your nails. You'd rather have a cool, clean look that makes people stop and stare. Well, then you'll be right at home with a black flame design combining flat and shiny polish. The matte base coat works fabulously to make the intricate, shiny black flames come to the surface. It's a hot, subtle look that makes that fire inside of you stand out.

A winter wonderland to warm your heart

Matte black nail designs open the door to inspiration and creativity. All you need to do is grab your paintbrushes and get ready to have some fun. Nail artist @nails_bycheyenne did just that by fashioning a beautiful winter wonderland. Using matte black, blue, and pops of white, a wintery scene comes alive on the client's fingers. It's complete with snowflakes, trees, and a deer. This set of nails is one that will truly stun your besties.

Matte black eyes of desire

It's time to give your nails a fun, new look that's eye-catching in the most literal sense. Ensure your nails grab all the attention by adding a fun set of eyes to them. It might seem a bit strange, but @sochlonails makes these eyes the focal point by adding them to a heart tip. The brownish-red heart at the end of the square nail works to make the eyes pop out at you. It's the loving look you've always needed on your fingers.

Intricate designs to make your nails shine

Scrolling through TikTok feeds your desire for the perfect matte nail look. However, you may want more than just a vine here or a flower there. For something truly creative and fresh, nail guru @aestheticnailsyyc shows why black is always the perfect base with the intricate tribal designs of the ring and pinky fingers. Using a white background and matte black, the designs come to life on the nail bed. The beautifully faded tip is also a look not to be ignored. Together these nails are a true masterpiece.

Nail splitting affair

Have you ever sat down in the chair and been torn between two perfect looks? Sure, you want that chic flat black look that all your coworkers have been raving about, but you also desire a classic French manicure. It's hard to decide which one to choose. Well, now you don't have to. By spitting the nail down the middle, @clawanddagger combines a sleek flat black look with a French manicure. It's the best of both worlds and gives off those great Alice in Wonderland vibes. Maybe you are feeling a little like a mad hatter today!

Finish them off with bling

Black is beautiful. Black is bold. Black works with everything in your closet. And there is something about flat black that fills your heart with glee. However, if you have a bit more of a sparkly personality, it's hard to go flat black on your nails without trying to bling it up. Adding a few sparkles and a bit of shine is the perfect accent to glam up this dull look. The jewel-encrusted cross on the ring finger provides an eye-catching accent, especially when coupled with the pointed stiletto tip.

Perfect V-line French tips to slay

You know how an A-line dress instantly makes you look more snatched? A V-line manicure does the same thing for your nails. Instagrammer @emilychau.nailtechyeg pulls this look off perfectly with ballerina tips on longer nails. The lines pull your eyes to the point, and the filled side gives dimension by adding shape. Additionally, the lighter fingers contrast well with the solid black index and pinky fingers. It's a nail design that will match perfectly with a cut-out cocktail dress.

Cosmic constellations to celebrate the stars

The future is written in the stars. You might think that if you follow them, at least. Thankfully, your love of stars and horoscopes can make an appearance on your nails too. Nail artist @nevermorenailstudio demonstrates the love of the stars through a flat black creation. Using a matte finish and glitter, the galaxy and even the Sagittarius star constellation are all included. It's also set off by a moon on the middle finger. Overall, this is an empowering look that will have you ready to take on whatever the stars bring. 

Make Valentine's Day more glamorous

It's the season of love, and you have so many different possibilities waiting for you with a flat black nail. From hearts to flowers to even sweet sentiments, this outwardly dull polish brings a little shine to your life. The nail tech @beautique_kent gives a fun spin to the flat look by adding a little love. Every finger has a different ode to passion. The XO on the index finger is fabulously set off by a little red heart, while another, larger heart draws the eye to the middle finger. The real showstopper, though, is the delicate little red flower crawling up the pinky.

Fabulous goth nails that still look chic

Not everyone can make a stiletto nail work. But when it does, it really does. However, for a gothic chic look, a stiletto nail and black are the perfect combination. Since goth nails aren't one-size-fits-all, @keratinejewels grabs your attention and takes it to the moon with a flat black nail with stunning green and red embellishments. From the chrome streaks on the pinky and index fingers to the beautiful green and red jewels on the middle fingers, it's a true piece of art. The best thing is they're press-ons so you don't even need to worry about creating an intricate design yourself. 

Long, luxurious black and red nail art

Long nails are your thing. Your fingers don't feel right unless they have a little weight to them. With a little black, your talons are ready to give off major Morticia vibes. But a plain ol' nail is a bit too dull for your liking. You want to stun your audience with a splash of color, and red is the obvious choice. Crimson jewels on a flat black nail add beauty and depth to your look while keeping your sinister soul intact.

Flaming black tips that are too hot to handle

Why not go for nails with a little sizzle? Black tips designed like old-school flames are just what the doctor ordered, as evidenced by @gm.nailsssss above. Top them off with a coffin tip and an accent nail, and you'll be catching the heart of every Rat Fink lover out there. Simply put, flat black nails are a super hot trend. They add the perfect backdrop for any creation your heart could ever dream up. Now, it's time to see what you can do with a matte black nail look.