The 'Wixie' Is The Ultra-Feminine, Lower-Maintenance Pixie Cut Perfect For Spring

Hair trends are constantly changing, with new cuts making comebacks depending on the season. Short hair is perfect for springtime because it's lower maintenance for busy days and can give your hair a fresh start for the upcoming summer. If you want to go short with your hair and want to pull off a pixie haircut, you might want to look into the ultra-feminine wixie haircut, also known as the winged pixie haircut. The wixie is a take on the traditional, well-known pixie cut, but there are a couple of modifications.  

The most significant change between the wixie and the pixie is the inclusion of face-framing winged pieces around the face and ears. Celebrity hairstylist Sal Salcedo tells Glamour UK, "The length around the back and lobes is kept a bit longer and paired with shorter or even micro bangs. It is overall a bit more airy in appearance." So, if you want to try out the wixie haircut, you'll want to know what to ask for in the salon and how to style the cut once you're at home.

What to ask for at the salon if you want to try out the wixie haircut

The number one thing to bring to the salon when trying out a new haircut is multiple photos of the cut you want to walk away with. That way, your stylist will know precisely what you're looking for before they even start cutting your hair. Jo Dyer, creative director at Yoke Salon, told Stylist that clients should "Ask for soft tendrils and a longer perimeter to the usual crop style. Maintaining as much texture in the hair and releasing weight so the hair can move and be styled without heat is the dream." She adds that you can ask for a cut with a razor to add texture.

Make sure you have time in your routine to visit the salon for trims regularly if you want to keep up with the wixie cut. You'll likely find yourself in the salon chair every four to six weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how much growth you're comfortable with.

How to style your wixie haircut at home

Luckily, because the wixie haircut features a lot of choppy layers and an overall super short haircut, it's relatively low-maintenance to take care of and style at home. Reach for some texturizing spray, mouse, or wax for a daily style, or use some gel and wear a slicked-back style. If you want to try something new in addition to the wixie cut, think about adding some bangs or a splash of color to your wixie.

The number one thing about pulling off a short haircut like the wixie is confidence and your attitude, according to experts at Byrdie. If you're unsure about going straight to a wixie haircut but want to try a shorter cut, consider choosing the best short hairstyle for your face. And, if you're still not ready to commit to the chop, you can opt for a longer hairstyle, such as a shag or the asymmetrical bob.