Level Up Your LBD With Some Accessories

When it comes to essential wardrobe staples, a trusty LBD is at the top of our list. Before the iconic designer Coco Chanel created the little black dress, black dresses were saved for occasions of mourning the death of a loved one. It wasn't until the 1920s that the LBD we know and love today was ushered into style, with women beginning to test the boundaries of fashion.

From bodycon to babydoll, satin to sequins, finding the right LBD is all about comfort, versatility, and style. The hunt for the perfect style may be a long one, but once you've discovered your favorite little black dress, the possibilities are endless. Dress it up for date night or dress it down for Sunday brunch with the girls. Your LBD is a staple for a reason, but no one likes to be a chronic outfit repeater. Even the most classic of looks can feel tired when you wear them for every occasion. When you're looking for new ways to dress up your little black dress, make sure to check your accessories drawer.

Elevate your LBD with a statement necklace

You can never go wrong with your favorite pieces of jewelry. TikTok creator @positivelycathy shared a video of her classy little black dress ensemble that is totally New Year's Eve-worthy. She explains to her followers that the key to finding the right statement necklace is paying attention to the neckline of the dress, and finding a necklace that complements the hem with a similar shape. With the addition of a fabulous pair of gloves under sparkling bracelets and rings, she transformed her LBD from good to great.

Add a few colorful accessories that really pop

You might be rocking the color black, but don't limit yourself to a muted palette. A little black dress is the perfect base for all your most colorful accessories. TikTok user @carmentallyunstable showed off her favorite pops of color, featuring chunky pink hoops and green spiky earrings that give us total flashbacks to the early 2000s. Her colorful scrunchie and fun patterned sunnies stand out against the simplicity of her black babydoll dress. 

A blinged-out belt is never a bad idea

When you're looking to accessorize, don't forget the power of a statement belt. You can completely transform your LBD with the addition of a shiny accessory across your waist. TikTok user @benulus took her black mini dress to the next level by adding a gold chain belt and matching jewelry. We are obsessed with the layers of texture that a simple belt added to her outfit. If you're not into the chain look, not to worry — an LBD works well with any type of belt you may have hanging out in the back of your closet.

If you're looking for an even edgier look, try a harness

For an all-black look that's bound to turn some heads, reach for a few leather straps. If you aren't already familiar with the leather harness trend, allow us to introduce you. @nici.feels perfectly embodies the edgy vibe by adding a harness to her LBD. Her already interesting black midi dress with a cutout around her neckline is further transformed with the accessory strapped around her waist and shoulders. She completes the look with a pair of boots and a black beret. Talk about a fashion statement!

The right purse can complete your vibe

No outfit feels fully complete without a purse. Not only do we have so many things to carry that a purse can handle with ease (because we all know that women's pockets are way too small), but purses provide another opportunity to show off your personal style. @prettyherboutique shows off her favorite purses to pair with a LBD, ranging from vibrant-colored shoulder bags to a quilted crossbody and a sparkling clutch. If you want to carry something even more outside the box, the impossibly tiny handbag is making a big comeback.

Patterned tights add a little extra something

When you need to add a layer of warmth but you don't want to sacrifice your style, patterned tights are the perfect accessory. @salemslonne shows off how versatile patterned tights can be when paired with different little black dresses. She rocks a spaghetti strap black mini with floral lace tights to create the perfect party look. Her spooky spiderweb tights add an edge to a flowy babydoll dress, and plaid tights give off total preppy vibes when paired with a collared LBD and Converse. Wearing tights with your LBD is also another opportunity to add color to your outfit. Next time you're out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for a colorful pair of fishnets.

Throw on a button-down for a more casual look

One of the beauties of an LBD is the number of occasions it works perfectly with, but not all events call for cocktail party attire. When you're looking to dress down your favorite black dress, reach for an oversized button-down. In @aricaferguson's TikTok showing the many ways to style a white button-down, she expertly paired it with an LBD, thigh-high red leather boots, and a red purse. For an even more casual take and an extra layer of warmth, simply wear an open button-down over your LBD.

Turn your LBD into an understated skirt by adding a sweater

A little black dress is so versatile that it can be worn in all types of weather. TikTok creator @robynpridmore shared her favorite way to wear her LBD during the colder months by transforming it into a skirt. By layering a knit sweater and leather jacket, the black mini dress becomes the perfect bottom layer for a fall or winter outfit. Knee-high leather boots and fuzzy black earmuffs add the final finishing touches to this cozy look. 

Work your LBD at the office with a blazer

Blazers are no longer just a chilly office accessory. The business casual jacket is making a comeback in a huge way, with fashion icons rocking blazers of all colors and materials. One of our favorite ways to style a blazer is by layering it with a simple LBD. @zipr.discounts adds a gorgeous leather studded blazer to a strapless bodycon dress and takes her look from nightclub chic to workday ready.

This jean jacket and sneakers combo is a whole vibe

When Demi Lovato sang, "Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress," we felt that. Sometimes, you want to wear your favorite LBD without the pain and next-day blisters of a heel. Luckily, @itsss_melanie shared a way to style a simple black dress without sacrificing comfort. She adds a light wash jean jacket and a pair of white sneakers to her outfit, and completes the look with a belt bag and a pair of sunglasses. You won't see any haters while you rock this trendy look.

Don't shy away from pairing your LBD with fun patterns

Some accessories elevate an LBD with their significance as well as their beauty. TikTok user @theankaraqueen wowed us with her unique take on accessorizing a little black dress, featuring the fabrics of her culture. She shared four ways to style her favorite LBD by adding ankara-inspired fabric accessories made of traditional African designs and patterns to completely transform the silhouette of her dress. We are in awe of these stunning designs, from the peplum-shaped belt to the added puffy sleeve.

Scarves are great for any season

You may overlook a scarf when you're searching for the perfect LBD accessory, because they are most often associated with chilly weather and the "Christian-Girl Autumn" aesthetic. But there are so many different ways to wear a scarf that can cool you off as well as warm you up. @iamascia opts to tie her satin scarf around her head rather than her neck, adding a patterned element to her gorgeous textured maxi dress.

A pair of pumps can transform your LBD

You can never go wrong with a pair of heels to complement your LBD. TikToker @flora.hora takes the iconic look to the next level by accessorizing her sleeved black mini dress with a pair of strappy platform pumps. If that wasn't enough, she adds a bit of sparkle with shimmering sheer socks and a pair of pearl anklets. We love what this simple combination does to elevate her outfit without the need for other heavy layers and jewelry. This fashion blogger proves that a polished outfit is all in the details!

Channel your inner Sporty Spice with a jersey

Have you ever thought to pair your LBD with your favorite sports merch? Creator @isabella.lauren has. In a TikTok sharing her favorite ways to style her little black dress, she shows off her favorite way to combine fan and fashion by rocking an oversized jersey over her black mini, complete with a vintage baseball hat and white sneakers. This look is ready for date night at the ballpark; all it's missing is a hot dog and a foam finger!

Add a little intrigue with this sheer shrug

When you're looking to add a layer to your LBD in the warmer months without adding any extra degrees, try experimenting with sheer fabric accessories. @rachelcostantino transformed her simple spaghetti strap black dress into a gala-worthy garment by adding a sheer black bolero that perfectly draped along her arms for extra intrigue. With the addition of a simple string of pearls, sheer black tights, and a statement bag, this little black dress is ready for a night out!