Clowncore: Using The Colorful Trend In Your Everyday Wardrobe

The average TikTok trend can last anywhere from a few months to just a few fleeting moments, but we hope this fun and funky fashion statement is here to stay. The newest trend you'll likely come across while you're scrolling is reminiscent of everyone's favorite birthday party guest and juggling circus attraction ... that's right, we're talking about clowncore. Explore your fun side with the vibrant trend that breaks many of the "traditional rules" of fashion — from clashing polka dots with rainbow stripes to quirky accessories galore, clowncore is all about dressing bold and bright.

This trend isn't for everyone. Some fashionistas prefer minimalist fashion over the vibrant colors and whimsical style clowncore calls for, while others are just absolutely terrified of clowns — the official name is "coulrophobia," and it is one of the oldest phobias on record. But for those who find their painted faces and red noses adorably quirky, clowncore is the next viral trend to try. When you're searching for pieces that are worthy of Bozo himself, try these maximalist fashion tips to clown-ify your wardrobe.

There's nothing like a pop of color to brighten your outfit

Rocking a clowncore look doesn't mean you have to throw on a wacky jumpsuit and run away with the circus (although you totally could). Simply playing with vibrant colors and patterns can evoke the feelings of carnival couture when styled the right way. TikToker @glitterpastelle shared their favorite way to turn a simple black ensemble into a clowncore dream by adding a multicolored checkered vest. Paired with a rainbow bead necklace and clown-tastic earrings, this look is totally transformed. 

Embellish your fit with a ruffled collar

All it takes is the right accessory to turn an everyday outfit into a clown's dream. For Tiktoker @thatcurlytopp, her accessory of choice is a designer ruffled collar with tiny pastel polka dot detailing. We have seen these collars grace plenty of fashion runways this year as the clowncore fashion trend is front and center. This creator shared how she styled this statement accessory with brightly colored layers, a babydoll dress, and fun accessories.

Clowncore meets hardcore for the ultimate combination

Not all clowns are bright and bubbly and full of energy — we're getting flashbacks to the terrifying Pennywise sneaking around the sewer drains. But even we can admit that the spooky villain had the "IT" factor when it comes to fashion sense. Those looking for a dark twist on the clowncore aesthetic can find inspiration in Tiktoker @deadxxclown. They shared their favorite edgy fit featuring a red and black patchwork leather jacket and platform knee-high boots with a black-and-white diamond pattern. The fuzzy puffballs on the shoes add playful detail, reminding us that even the edgiest clowns love a good accessory. 

This clown-inspired outfit is pretty in pink

Creator @sugarthrillz proved that you don't need every color of the rainbow to achieve the perfect clowncore outfit. The TikTok user styled a white-and-pink diamond-patterned babydoll dress with all the right accessories that any clown would be lucky to wear. The details in this outfit are jaw-dropping, from the pink-and-white-striped platform heels with bows and pearl detailing to the adorable carousel purse. Even her hairstyle complements her outfit perfectly to achieve peak whimsical vibes.

Outfits inspired by clowns throughout history

If you couldn't tell by now, there are many different types of clowns. Some are bright and bold, while others paint a tear and a frown on their face while they try to pull harmless pranks on their audiences. No matter which type of clown is piling into their tiny car, TikTok creator @kelley.heyer has a look for it. They created a treasure trove of outfit inspiration and a history lesson on the many clowns that inspire our modern fashion. We especially love the Harlequin-inspired style as a more subtle, everyday vibe that still pays tribute to the clowncore trend.

This embroidered clown dress is sure to make you smile

Nothing says clowncore like a dress with clowns embroidered on the front of it! TikToker @bixbop shared how she styles her clowncore dress, and it's totally on the nose (the honking red nose, perhaps). After a few attempts at different layers, she decides on white ruffled shorts and a tank underneath the sheer dress material and embellishes with her favorite statement necklaces. We're sure that even the most minimal of wardrobes has many of these elements to style — all you need is a few joker-style face patches and you're clowncore worthy!

Style primary colors with this color-block clowncore look

We all have that one article of clothing that just doesn't seem to work with just any outfit. For TikToker @topsheethateaccount, it could be their yellow-and-blue color-block pants. Luckily, the clowncore aesthetic encourages you to experiment with fashion faux pas and patchwork patterns. Once this creator embraced the clowncore philosophy, they turned their quirky pair of pants into a completely realized look complete with jester-inspired makeup, colorful jewelry, and red leather boots. 

Transform your childhood memories into clowncore inspiration

Clowns might inspire this fashion trend, but the results are no joke. If you can't find the perfect clothing item to complete your clowncore fashion fantasy, try making your own! The colorful rainbow tent from her days on the playground inspired @loredana_456, who set out to turn her childhood memory into a fashion statement. The results might heal your inner child, and the colorful, pinwheel-like pattern across the bodice is perfect for a trip to the county fair or a night at the circus cheering on your fellow clowns.