Whatever Happened To Steven Lars Webber On General Hospital?

Back in 1976, Jeff Webber (then Richard Dean Anderson) was married to Monica Bard (Leslie Charleson) on "General Hospital." He had an affair with Heather Webber (then Robin Mattson), and she got pregnant. But when Jeff didn't want to divorce Monica, Heather left town and illegally sold the baby. Jeff and Monica's marriage crumbled, and when Heather told him their baby had died, he felt guilty and married her. After accidentally drinking LSD and going insane, Jeff had her committed to Pine Circle Sanitarium, then took little Steven Lars Webber and left town.

A grown-up Steven (then Shaun Benson) returned to Port Charles in 2004 and quickly got embroiled with John Durant (Corbin Bernsen) who was the biological father of Carly Benson (then Sarah Brown). He left town to work as a doctor in Memphis, Tennessee, and resurfaced (now played by Scott Reeves) in 2009 to become acting chief of staff at General Hospital. When Jeff's sister, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), had a mental breakdown, Steve was there for her and even cared for Elizabeth's children.

Steve then got involved with Dr. Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown), who was trying to break up Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and his wife, Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough). When they asked Steve to send her to work at another hospital, he couldn't because Lisa blackmailed him by claiming that, when they slept together, it was actually sexual harassment. As chief of staff, Steve had to constantly get in between Robin and Lisa's arguments.

Steve's ex-girlfriend showed up to cause trouble

Eventually, Steve and Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) started dating. When Jake Webber was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Olivia consoled Steve and they ended up sleeping together. Lisa was eventually arrested for trying to kill Robin, but she soon escaped, taking Patrick, Robin, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), and Steve hostage. Lisa planned on passing judgment on what she perceived were their crimes against her. When everyone was rescued, Lisa injected drain cleaner into herself and fell into a coma.

Because Elizabeth almost caused a patient's death due to her grief over Jake's death, Steve spoke to the hospital board on her behalf, offering to leave his position, and recommending that Robin take over. Steve and Olivia joined Patrick and Robin on a boat cruise for Robin's birthday and were unaware that an awakened Lisa had boarded the ship. However, she disappeared and was later found dead onshore, having been murdered by Patrick's brother, Matt Hunter (Jason Cook).

Then, pediatrician Maggie Wurth (Kodi Kitchen), an old girlfriend of Steve's, started working at General Hospital. Mobster Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash) had uncovered a dark secret between them and used it to blackmail Steve. Maggie tried breaking up Steve and Olivia by lying about her and Steve rekindling their relationship. Steve had no recourse but to tell Olivia what happened in Memphis: He caused a convicted murderer to die so that their heart could be donated to a young patient of Maggie's.

The good doctor ended up incarcerated

Olivia chose to stick by Steve once the case had been reopened by the police, but Steve was exonerated when Maggie killed herself and left a note confessing to the crime. His mother soon became a thorn in Steve and Olivia's side, though. Olivia knew Heather had also committed numerous crimes, but her insistence caused Steve to break up with her. Shortly after that, Heather injected Olivia with LSD, and she turned out to be the one who killed Maggie. 

Steve felt guilty because he had taken his mother's side, and he and Olivia eventually made up after he apologized for not believing her. Heather escaped custody and kidnapped a child, imploring Steve to go on the run with her. He tried tricking her, but Heather got wise to his plan and knocked him out. Heather was soon caught and the baby was rescued. Steve and Olivia later got engaged, but because of the LSD, Olivia had developed precognitive abilities, foreseeing Steve was going to be stabbed. 

Heather escaped once again, and tried to kill Olivia but accidentally stabbed Steve instead — Olivia's premonition came true. As they were about to get married while Steve was in the hospital, the Memphis police interrupted everything and arrested Steve because their investigation uncovered the fact that he, rather than Maggie, had killed the patient years prior. Their wedding was canceled, and Steve willingly went with the authorities. He hasn't been seen in Port Charles since.