How To Create Mermaid Waves

It seems as though any hairstyle can turn into the latest trend. We've seen the "baby part" hair trend take flight, with people loving the simplicity of this quick hair change, as well as a ton of '90s styles like the bedhead bob. And the best part of so many of these styles is that they don't require a trip to the salon or a drastic, permanent change that you may soon regret.

One thing that has remained popular among every generation is curls and waves. Beach waves have been popular for what seems like forever, causing people to add products and styling techniques that make them look fresh off the beach. But now, the trend is taking it a step further, enhancing those beach waves and creating mermaid waves, which look more like you spent the day swimming in the depths of the ocean (per Glamour). If you want to try this style, here's how to create them.

The steps to creating the perfect mermaid waves

Although mermaid waves want to give the illusion that we live under the ocean and sing songs with our talking fish friends, the first step to achieving mermaid waves is actually making sure your hair is completely dry. Jordynn Wynn, the co-founder of the brand Insert Name Here, told InStyle the hair needs to be dry before applying any heat. After you wash and dry your hair, spray it down with heat protectant and wait until it dries before starting to style. She also recommends doing it on second-day hair as a great way to delay your next hair wash.

Once the hair is dry, you can start the process. You will need a hair waver tool that has barrels that can crimp the hair as it works through your strands. Before you use it, part the hair into sections depending on your desired style — smaller sections mean tighter, more intense waves. Spray each section with a good hairspray to make sure it holds the wave throughout the day. Once the waves have cooled, you can comb through them for a more natural look.

Wavers and products you need to achieve mermaid hair

Before you can attempt the mermaid waves, you may want to invest in a waver. A waver is different from a curling iron or curling rod because it has three rods. This tool makes the process super simple as it does the work for you. We love the Beachwaver Co. Midnight Rose 3B Waver and the Bondi Boost Wave Wand for a more affordable option. But if you don't want to add yet another hot tool to your repertoire, you can also use a flat iron you already have. Celebrity hair-and-makeup artist Chris Georges told Glamour you can achieve the mermaid look by using your flat iron to create bends in the hair, ensuring you do the bends in different directions each time.

To ensure the waves stay put throughout the day, you'll also want to get some good hairspray. We love the R+Co Outer Space Travel Flexible Hairspray as it keeps your hair in place without causing product buildup. You can also add a finishing spray like the UNITE Hair TEXTURIZA Spray, which holds the style while adding volume and texture.