Modern Twists On 'The Rachel' Cut You'll Want To Try In 2023

The Rachel haircut made waves when it first debuted on the popular television show "Friends" and quickly grew to become one of the most iconic and sought-after hairstyles of the '90s. Everyone was asking for the Rachel hairstyle, with Jennifer Aniston becoming the poster girl for the trendy whispy, layered cut. Even celebrities like Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Rachel McAdams, and Jennifer Lopez jumped on the trend. We've seen various renditions of all things '90s, from the '90s backless top fashion trend to the iconic supermodel blowout — making it clear these nostalgic looks aren't going anywhere soon. The Rachel cut defined the decade and is still being styled today, only with a modern twist. 

The original Rachel cut features face-framing layers and weightless movement, and now with a few stylish adjustments, you can sport the look too. Here are the latest renditions of the Rachel cut to copy this season.

The Wolf Cut

You've probably heard of the trendy wolf cut, which took over social media as one of the most loved edgy choppy cuts to copy. The wolf cut is a much more layered and dimensional cut that combines the shag haircut and the mullet. It's perfect for those looking for a unique, funky cut that will shake up their look. You can rock this edgy and versatile haircut on all hair types, including short, mid-length, and long hair.

The Butterfly Cut

Do you love voluminous supermodel-like hair? If so, the butterfly cut is the perfect modern variation of the Rachel cut to try. The butterfly cut is a heavily layered, wispy haircut that reaches just slightly below the shoulder, while the shorter layers are around the head's crown.

Teryn Tucker, a hairstylist at Alchemy Salon in Orlando, Florida, tells Allure, "If you look back to '90s glam or Rachel from Friends, you'll see the face-framing, voluminous layers that make the butterfly cut what it is."

The Midi flick

The '90s midi flick cut is a mid-length version of the Rachel cut that emphasizes volume and layers. Celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook tells Real Simple, "The hair is mid-length and has flipped-up ends that hit right on the shoulders for a retro feel." The cut is longer than a bob but doesn't typically go past much farther than the shoulders. The ends flick out, giving it a chic, voluminous look that can be easily styled.

The Brachel

The Brachel is the Rachel cut's little sister — it's a beautiful blend of whispy Brigitte Bardot bangs, and the Rachel cut for a unique combination of layers on layers. The face-framing bangs bring a flattering emphasis to your facial features and add effortless volume, making it a go-to modern take on the infamous cut. It creates a lightweight flair that looks elegant and sophisticated, especially when styled in a blow-out. To get the most movement out of your locks, style them with a round brush and blow dryer for gorgeous volume. 

Modern Rachel with Bangs

If you want to embrace your long locks, try the modern Rachel with bangs. This stunning cut is perfect for when you want to copy the layered look of the Rachel cut but don't want to part ways with your length. Ask your hairstylist for soft and wispy layers paired with soft front or curtain bangs. You can also experiment with other bang styles like the side part, side bangs, and blunt front bangs for more dimension.

Octopus Cut

The octopus cut is another variation of the Rachel cut with a modern twist you'll want to try. This trendy cut is versatile, edgy, and flattering on any hair type. "It's a more modern take on the shag, with shorter layers throughout the front and concave, short to long layers throughout the back," Jarrod Shinn, a pro colorist, and stylist, tells Real Simple.

You can pair the cut with bangs of your choice, including curtain-style or long front bangs, or stick with face-framing layers.

The Sachel

A hybrid of the Rachel and the shag, this trendy haircut is an edgier version of the '90s cut. The satchel features choppy, short layers that give a soft, weightless look. After seeing notable celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish rock the shag, it's clear that this haircut can be worn in more than one way. This modern twist on the Rachel cut is a more relaxed, weightless, and airy version of the shag for a soft-chic look.

The layered bob

You can sport the modern Rachel cut even if you have short locks. Chrissy Teigen showed off her layered, choppy bob that put the spotlight back onto shoulder-length cuts. You can go even shorter with the Rachel cut to hair that sits above your shoulders — just avoid getting a blunt cut throughout the hair to really nail and emulate the Rachel look. Ask your hairstylist for a layered bob to add more movement and an airy volume. 

The Rachel with chunky, bright highlights

We typically saw the Rachel cut paired with honey-toned highlights that created a sun-kissed, soft look, but this isn't the only way you can color the hair. If you love a bright blonde color, you can still slay this cut with vibrant blonde, chunky highlights. Chunky highlights were a major trend in the '90s that are making a comeback. Celebrity hairdresser Sinéad Kelly, founder of the award-winning salon Sinéad Kelly London, tells Stylist, "Chunky highlights are when lighter colors meet the deeper colors in your hair to create a more contoured feel."

Long, face-framing layers

This hairstyle is for those out there who love their long locks and want to maintain their long layers. You don't need short, choppy layers to get the Rachel cut. All you need are a few longer face-framing layers to get the perfect Rachel cut with a modern twist. To create the iconic flick of the hair, style your hair with a blow dryer and round brush, and flick the hair away from you and towards your face for that bouncy finish.