Who Were All Of Victor's Children On Days Of Our Lives?

Victor Kiriakis is one of the most beloved characters on "Days of Our Lives." Despite being a bit of a villain who often goes back and forth between kind-hearted shows of emotion and ruthless acts of betrayal, Victor is a fan favorite. The character was originated by actor John Aniston in 1985, and throughout the decades, Victor has been part of some of the most memorable storylines on the soap opera. Viewers have watched Victor, lie, scheme, blackmail, kidnap, attempt murder, switch babies, become a drug lord, and much more. He's also had plenty of exciting romances with women such as Vivian Alamain, Carly Manning, Kate Roberts, Nicole Walker, Caroline Brady, and Maggie Horton, according to Soap Central.

Through all of Victor's ups and downs, a couple of things have seemed to be a priority in his life, including his company, Titan Industries, and his family. Of course, the Kiriakis family tree is a bit complicated, as are most families in Salem.

While there have been many Kiriakis family members in Salem throughout the years, Victor's own children have been part of some of the biggest stories to ever air on the sudser.

Victor had a very complicated relationship with his oldest son, Bo Brady

Victor Kiriakis' oldest son is Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). "Days of Our Lives" fans were stunned to learn that Bo was the biological son of Victor after it was revealed that Bo's mother, Caroline Brady, had cheated on her husband, Shawn Brady Sr. The details of Caroline and Victor's tragic love story were spilled as Bo tried to come to terms with the fact that he had Kiriakis blood. Bo was disturbed by the news of his paternity and decided that he wanted to take Victor down. So he and his wife, Hope Brady, moved into the Kiriakis mansion hoping to catch Victor in illegal activity.

When Victor tried to lure Bo into the family business, things went from bad to worse. Victor was angry when Bo declined his offer and disowned his son. He later saw the error of his ways and tracked down Bo and Hope to make amends. Bo and Victor grew closer over time, and the two ended up having a civil relationship. Victor even went on to have relationships with Bo's children.

In addition to learning that Bo was his son, Victor also got another surprise when he found out that he also had a daughter.

Victor's daughter Isabella died a tragic death

Isabella Toscano (Staci Greason) only appeared on "Days of Our Lives" for three years. However, she made a huge impact on fans and the storyline of the show. Isabella was thought to be the daughter of Ernesto Toscano, but with the help of Jack Deveraux, she learned that she was the biological child of Victor Kiriakis. After learning about Isabella's paternity, Victor immediately began to form a connection with his daughter. The two grew close as Isabella also forged friendships with other Salemites such as Carly Manning, Jennifer Horton, and others.

During her time in Salem, Isabella also fell madly in love with John Black. The couple eventually got married and were thrilled to learn they were expecting a child together. The pair welcomed their son, Brady Black, who is still a staple on the show to this day. Sadly, shortly after Brady's birth, Isabella found out that she had cancer and that her time was running out.

The character filmed an emotional goodbye message to all of her friends and family members in Salem and then took off to Venice with John. She later died in his arms. John never forget Isabella, and when he and Marlena Evans welcomed their daughter, they named her Belle after John's late wife.

Victor's youngest son Philip had a dramatic start to life

Years after learning that Bo and Isabella were his biological children, Victor Kiriakis fell in love with Kate Roberts. The two wanted to start a family together but had trouble conceiving a child. The pair decided to try Invitro and were shocked to learn that Kate's enemy Vivian Alamain had stolen their embryo and had it implanted into her own body. "Days of Our Lives" fans watched as Vivian wanted revenge on Kate for stealing Victor's love from her and thought that by giving birth to Victor's child she could get him to love her again. The situation caused a lot of drama and was the basis for Kate and Vivian's decades-long feud.

After Philip's birth, Kate and Victor raised their son together despite ending their marriage. Over the years, Philip went from being a spoiled wealthy teenager to someone who tried to better himself thanks to the love of women like Chloe Lane and Belle Black. Philip eventually joined the military and returned home from duty with serious injuries, including a prosthetic leg.

However, the Kiriakis name prevented him from fully turning his back on criminal activity and shady business dealings. He went on to become a major player in the business world, even running Titan Industries for a time, although he often butted heads with Victor. However, the father and son never remained estranged for long, especially after Victor learned the hard way how important time with his children was.