Wine Hair Is The Shade That Lets Purple Tones Pop

Compared to the magnificent trends you've seen on Instagram, your hair has gotten slightly boring lately. You know you want to go for a dark look, but you want to add a little spice too. If you're not ready to go bright pink, red, or purple, you might want to consider creating a wine-hair look.

Wine hair comes in several shades, from sweet cinnamon to cherry to deep merlot. Each color creates a unique effect and provides a rich hue perfect for the beach or a pumpkin patch. Additionally, wine colors can go with different styles and skin tones. It's a bold hair color you can't go wrong with.

Before you head to the salon to burgundy up your locks, get some wine hair inspiration. If you have dark hair, you might find that a simple wine-colored highlight is perfect for you. However, if you want something a little more vivid, you might combine wine highlights with vivid purple low lights. The possibilities for your wine-spiration hairstyle are absolutely endless.

Deep cherry wine waves

Keeping your long, luxurious locks healthy takes a lot of work and patience. But it's fun to brighten your look by adding color that will bring your hair to life. Cherry wine adds depth and movement to the hair because of the way the different strands catch the light.

While this color looks beautiful with simple beach waves, it would also be fantastic in a simple updo. The deep plum color can also work with every skin tone, from light to dark. It just depends on where you want your purple hair to take you.

Subtle cinnamon to make your natural color stand out

Not all wine-colored hair has deep plum tones. Sometimes you're looking for a subtle change by adding a bit of red wine to your natural brown hair. The combination is truly stunning and adds vivid cinnamon and light burgundy hues to your tresses.

The way the light plays on the colors in this creation by @cosmetologistfromthecosmos gives the hair a multifaceted look. The style works perfectly with long thick hair, but it would also complement a short bob or even a pixie cut. 

Wild wine with purple lowlights

Change is always a good thing–especially when changing your hair. Have you considered dipping your toes into the world of vivid colors? Wine-colored hair might be just the thing to get you there.

Stylist @delmarglam creates a beautiful creation of wine and violet hair; that is what dreams are made of. The various colors used get darker until you reach the beautiful violet lowlights. Add in a few layers, and this is just the "wow" look your coworkers won't stop talking about.

Mulberry wine hair that makes a statement

You've been eyeing those little pops of color you've seen in magazines. It's a little bit stylish without having to dye your whole head. Mulberry wine is the perfect go-to for a simple change. 

The subtle purple hue of the back of the hair is completely overshadowed by the "look at me" pop of mulberry wine framing the face. This extended look is further enhanced by adding lots of layers to make the color truly dazzling.

Cherry wine hair to accent a long bob

You like to keep your hair short and sassy to match your personality. Adding a little beach wave to the mix is even better. However, rather than going platinum, you want your tresses to have a seductive new color.

Cherry wine is the best mix of pink and violet. The pink hues pop out as the light hits them, and the purple hides in the shadows drawing your stare. It's a fun, and a little flirty color, that adds just the right splash of color to your world and matches this haircut perfectly.

Perfect purple shag cut

Rich burgundy hair that pops off the screen is a delicious look many individuals only dream of. Well, it's time to give this rich wine-colored hair a try. 

The vivid purples and burgundy come to life under the hands of hair artist @arielbrewerhair. The multitude of layers gives this shag cut volume for days, and the variation of color throughout the hair, from a vivid violet to a bright oxblood, provides an exciting pop. It's an alluring color combo that works perfectly with goth chic.  

Show the love with wine-colored hair

Are you ready to channel your love of passion and romance into your hair? Create a Valentine's look that's truly delectable by combining bubble gum pink and vivid burgundy. The color combination reminds you of little candy hearts, cupcakes, and those warm fuzzy feelings that dance in your soul.

The bright pink blends beautifully into the burgundy hair to add movement and depth. This looks perfect on a medium to long length, but it's a look of love you could rock with an angular bob or even a long pixie. It just goes to show that you can have your Merlot and wear it too!

Poignant cranberry curls for a little bounce

When you've got curls for miles, finding a color that keeps your coils popping can be tricky. Wine provides a flawless solution to liven up your darker brown. 

Hairstylist and Instagrammer @hair_by_sherya uses a beautiful balayage technique with the deeper brown going naturally into the wine tips. The look is finished with springy finger curls making it the ideal hair color to add a bit of spring to your step. The warm richness of the color can be a great addition to your summer style or help you fend off those winter blues. 

Beautiful wine tips that shine

The dark natural color of your hair gets compliments left and right. But you want a bit of change to add a little something extra to your life. Getting wine-colored hair doesn't mean you must plunge your head into burgundy and violet hues. You can add a peek of wine like Instagram @whitenys_salon did.

The hint of cherry wine at the ends of the hair blends seamlessly into the deep brown roots. It's just enough to change to add a gorgeous hint of flavor and accent your own naturally beautiful hair color.

Rich warm pixie

Wine-colored hair can be bright and bold and warm and lowkey, accentuating your natural complexion beautifully. Adding a little wine provides sparkling highlights and depth when you have naturally dark brown or black hair. 

This color can especially be complementary to a cute pixie haircut. The range of purple shades in color shines against the light, showing off the various dimensions of the shaved side. But the true depths of the wine hues can be found in the fun side bang. 

Mellow wine lob with side bangs

When you need to add just a touch of spice to your life, you might want to go for a mellow wine overlay. This wine lob with a side bang works beautifully with darker and olive skin tones. The richness of the color adds new shine and dimension to the hair. 

However, this dark color might not be for everyone. Those with pink and olive skin tones will find this is the perfect pairing for their skin, like wine and cheese. But it can wash out those with pale or cool undertones. 

Subtle wine highlights on dark hair

Dark hair looks beautiful on its own, and the shine is absolutely fabulous. However, that doesn't mean you can't liven up your look with a few wine highlights around the back of your head. The moment the hair moves, the highlights add flow and texture.

The beautiful wine color is subdued, like a mellow Merlot. This style can look amazing on long flowing hair but could add dimension to a long shag or lob. It doesn't matter the length; adding wine highlights or babylights to black hair can create a dramatic impact.

Fun fiery red wine tips

You can have a lot of fun with long hair when it comes to the wine color palette. Sure, you can add a few subtle highlights that make a big difference to your dark brunette hair, but you can take your hairstyle to fiery levels by trying a deep burgundy wine color with fiery red wine tips.

Instagrammer @hairbykaylyt killed this look by having the color flow beautifully from a deep violet to a bright red wine. In addition to filling those fiery hair fantasies, this is a one-of-a-kind look that will look amazing on straight or wavy hair.

Wine and pink split you don't want to miss

At some hair appointments, you want a subtle change in your hair, but at others, you want to make a drastic change that's sure to turn heads. When you want a vibrant new look, you can't go wrong with trying a hair color split. 

Playing with a subtle oxblood wine color and a vibrant violet and red look, stylist @whisperinghair creates a unique hairstyle to turn heads. The long layers and beachy waves accentuate this vibrant hair color combo. This look might be harder to pull off with a short bob or pixie, but it would also look fabulous with a shag cut.

Spicy wine for a sharp look

Are you ready for a look that will melt your heart and prepare you for pumpkin spice and sweatshirt weather? You can't go wrong with a beautiful spicy wine hair color with a hint of pink highlights. It's a wonderful ombre look that adds a little heat to your locks. 

Wine hair is a trending look you don't want to miss. Not only will it heat up your Pinterest board, but it will also add fun to your life. And to keep that beautiful color from fading fast, you can try adding a color-depositing shampoo to your haircare regime.