Scandinavian Beauty: The Natural, Low-Maintenance Makeup Movement You Should Know About

Scandinavian practices have slowly started to gain more traction and grow in popularity all over the world. Maria Osorio, director of marketing and product development for Cosmetica Labs, tells Marie Claire, "Scandinavian practices are becoming more mainstream in North America because their heritage beauty principles are closely connected to the trends we have seen evolve after the pandemic." After the pandemic, people began embracing slow-paced habits that they built from home which have now translated into their beauty routines.

A new makeup movement is making waves and taking the beauty industry by storm. We have seen plenty of beauty trends come and go, from the clean-girl beauty trend to the 'I'm cold' makeup trend, so there is no shortage of fun ways to experiment with your look.

Scandinavian beauty is the latest makeup trend that is perfect for all of the low-maintenance girls out there. With TikTok videos tagged under "Scandinavian Beauty" garnering 1.5 billion views, this trend is showing no signs of slowing down yet. This look is perfect for those who strive to achieve a natural glow while also sticking to their eco-conscious values.

What is the scandinavian beauty trend?

Scandinavian beauty is all about minimalism, hydration, sustainable packaging, and a love of nature. The products promote environmentalism and an eco-conscious lifestyle through their business practices. They also don't use color dyes and typically come in black-and-white packaging, which is much better for the environment.

Along with eco-friendly products, this beauty trend values using natural and pure ingredients that come straight from nature. The countries that make up Scandinavia are filled with natural wonders including glaciers, mountains, fjords, and more — and many of their natural wonders can be found in their beauty products. Founder of Scandinavian beauty brand Eleni & Chris, Christinah Nicolaisen tells Byrdie, "When we were developing, our goal was to formulate our products from a selection of the purest ingredients sourced directly from the Scandinavian environment."

Scandinavia is home to frigid winters, which is why hydration is such an integral part of the makeup trend. Products are focused on providing the skin with intense moisture, protecting the skin's barriers, and leaving you with a dewy glow. Along with nourished skin, this trend embraces a natural, fresh-faced look. Tiina Isohanni, Nordic skincare brand Lumene's vice president of research and development and sustainability, tells Vogue Scandinavia, "Nordic consumers are truly natural in their beauty ideals, they don't want to cover up with too much makeup but tend to prefer a look that is effortlessly chic and fresh."

How to achieve the scandinavian beauty trend at home

To elevate your skincare routine with Scandinavian beauty-inspired staples, we recommend the Ssense Woods Copenhagen Deep Cleansing mask. It is made from activated bamboo charcoal and Greenlandic Arctic spring water that works to reduce the appearance of pores and cleanse the skin. For hydration, try one of Lumene's best-selling products, the Glow Reveal Moisturizer. It hydrates the skin with the use of antioxidant-rich Arctic cloudberry and vitamin C.

For your complexion, try Lumene's Instant Glow Beauty Serum for brightening that could give the Northern Lights a run for their money. This serum contains vitamin E and Nordic algae to give your skin a radiant complexion with a barely-there finish.

To give yourself a pretty, flushed-face look, we recommend trying the iconic Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, which received Allure's Best of Beauty award in 2020. This cream blush will give you a dewy, rosy-cheeked appearance with a formula that seamlessly melts into your makeup. Make sure you know how to properly apply cream blush to achieve that sought-after natural luminosity.