Polly Pocket Nails Are The Nostalgic Manicure Perfect For Spring

If you were a child at any point during the 90s or the early 2000s, there's a high probability you had your very own Polly Pocket doll and one of her many designated spaces. If not, with all the reboots of the Polly Pocket phenomenon that have happened in recent years, you've probably at least heard of her.

Back in 2018, Polly Pocket and her friends got revamped for Mattel's re-release, but their comeback didn't stop there. Over the next few years, the Polly Pocket trend translated into fashion and beauty. Mimi Wade, a fashion designer who designed a Polly Pocket-themed capsule collection in collaboration with Mattel, says, "Polly Pocket may be small, but she's not to be underestimated," she shared with Fashion Magazine.

Now, Polly Pocket is conquering the beauty world. If you're on the hunt for a cute spring manicure, look no further — Polly Pocket-inspired nails are happening. "Unlike neutral manicures, colorful nails make a statement on their own. These playful Polly Pocket manis are especially popular because they bring out our inner child," Nailing Hollywood manicurist San Sung Kim tells Byrdie. They can be the perfect pop of color your spring looks need.

The Polly Pocket colors

One of the easiest ways to nail Polly Pocket-inspired nails is to paint your nails in different colors. Not any colors, though. Channel the Polly Pocket color palette. Her spaces always incorporated these beautiful, often pastel-like colors — turquoise, baby blues, and even Barbie pinks. "To embrace the fun and retro mood of this mani, I would use shades that have bright neon and pastel elements," San Sung Kim told Byrdie. For a cute twist, add some sparkles to some or all of your nails.

'70s plus color equals Polly Pocket

The swirly '70s manicure trend is the perfect nail design to channel the ultimate nostalgia when doing your Polly Pocket nails. Stick to the Polly Pocket shades and incorporate some swirls into the nail design. You can do the swirls on just a few nails to make them pop or mix them with a different design of your own choosing. Additions are also on the table here, so you can add glitter or gems as you please. Polly would definitely rock these herself!

Ombré heaven

For a super dreamy look, combine the Polly Pocket manicure trend with the ombré nail technique. Polly Pocket pastel shades will work beautifully together and will not be overwhelming in the end, even though multiple colors are being used. For an extra delicate touch, incorporate some clear rhinestones. You can add just one on each hand, or you could do one on every nail — play like you would with Polly. If you're skilled at doing your own nails, this interpretation of the ombré trend can be recreated at home.

Delicate florals

If you like your florals for spring, this is the vibe for you. A floral nail design can be executed in many different ways, and that's the beauty of it. For a more gentle, feminine vibe this spring, opt for a faded floral design in signature Polly Pocket shades. Additional pops of color can be added with colored rhinestones in the centers of the flowers. Any nail shape works here, but the almond nail shape would complement this delicate design beautifully.

Polly Pocket French tips

If you're a big fan of the classic French tip and don't want to let them go, you don't have to. To incorporate them into the Polly Pocket trend, you can do them super colorfully or more simply. For some serious spring feels, paint your nails in different pastel shades and then add multicolored tips. On the other hand, for a more minimalistic approach, you can opt for a neutral base with pastel-colored tips.

Monochromatic florals as the bolder choice

Channel the breezy feeling of spring by doing a cute floral design in a Polly Pocket color. To make it more interesting and not too stereotypical, opt for a monochromatic feel. To achieve this, choose a color that will be the base for all of your nails. On top, to create contrast, do a floral design in a similar color but a bolder shade. For example, if you went in with a baby blue-colored base, your flowers could be a darker shade of blue or purple.

Jelly nails

For a more toned-down but still playful approach to this colorful manicure trend, try one-colored jelly nails. If you're tired of the groundbreaking florals for spring, this is the perfect combo to elevate your manicure for the warmer days ahead. The jelly effect will make your tips see-through if you have longer nails, and if they're shorter, they're still going to be super cute. Choose whatever Polly Pocket-inspired shade you feel like, and you will be ready for some fun in the sun this spring.

Cluttercore meets Polly Pocket

Combining various nail trends can be a fun way to create your perfect manicure. If you enjoy more elaborate designs but still want to channel Polly Pocket vibes, consider bringing the cluttercore trend to your nails. This way, you can express yourself more freely with your nail choices and still try out the nostalgic Polly Pocket manicure. It can be as far out there as you want it to be. Depending on your vibe, you could do multiple colors, mix different gems and rhinestones, or combine various designs — essentially, whatever you feel like. Polly would love this!

Back to basics

Not everyone enjoys elaborate nail designs or flashy colors, and that's okay. If that's the case for you, Polly Pocket nails are actually the perfect trend for you to try. As it can be interpreted in different ways, you can tone it down completely. Simply paint all of your nails in the same color, and that's about it. The only thing is to make sure it's a Polly Pocket-reminiscent color. The great part about this approach is that the end result is suitable for nearly every occasion.

Literal Polly Pocket nails

Polly Pocket has made so many people happy. If you really enjoy this trend and want to commemorate what the doll and her spaces did for you, go all out and actually put them on your nails! Depending on your vision, this design will most likely require you to visit a highly skilled nail technician. You can play with different nail techniques to literally incorporate Polly and her house into your manicure. You'll be the sure winner of the Polly Pocket nail trend.