How To Style A Handy Canvas Tote Bag

Whether you're refreshing your wardrobe for the warmer months ahead or simply clearing space for all the newest fashion trends, don't forget to save room for accessories. From statement necklaces to colorful sunnies, no outfit is fully complete without a few extra touches that show off your personal style. One of our favorite accessories will always be a handy bag. Like the iconic Bob the Drag Queen tells us, you have to enter a room "purse first." Or, in some cases, tote first.

Canvas totes are the functional bags you'll be seeing everywhere this year, thanks to their spacious and stylish design. These eye-catching bags are made out of canvas material which makes them light and easy to carry. The simple material also makes them extremely easy to customize – if you look hard enough, you can find just about anything printed onto a tote bag. Canvas totes are a favorite amongst beach goers and New Yorkers because of the overwhelming number of essentials you can fit into the shoulder bag with zero problems. Lately, fashion icons and influencers are catching onto the canvas tote bag trend, finding ways to style them for every outfit and every occasion.

These bags are fashionable and practical

TikTok creator @realsesesvana shows us an effortless way to style a tote bag while carrying everything you'd need while on the go. She pairs a classic tan-colored tote with a white button up sundress and chunky white sandals for a chic yet casual look. She then demonstrates just how much you can fit into one small tote bag; unlike other bags that look like they are about to burst the more you pack them, canvas totes are designed to hold you most important essentials while keeping their sleek shape. 

Style the ultimate designer tote for a chic everyday look

For those of us lucky enough to get our hands on a designer Marc Jacobs bag, opting for "The Tote Bag" is a no brainer. This iconic bag is the next level canvas tote, reminding you exactly what it is in bold letters. But don't let the designer bag wear you: there are ways to style this statement piece that remind people the star of the show is you, and the designer bag is merely a humble flex. TikToker @alexus.iman perfectly embodies this mindset, styling her black Marc Jacobs tote to perfection.

Channel your main character energy with a quirky tote

If you've ever wandered into a bookstore and peered around every corner waiting for your rom-com worthy meet cute, then this outfit is absolutely for you. We are all the main character of our own story, but creator and book lover @julsbydesign shows us how to channel your leading lady energy into the perfect outfit featuring an adorable canvas tote that reminds all potential love interests and secondary characters that she is a "collector of books." 

Canvas totes are gender neutral

While women traditionally need to throw a bag over their shoulder to carry their essentials (thanks to the fashion industry's refusal to widen women's pockets), @keireneng reminds us that canvas totes aren't reserved for only the girlies. This TikTok creator shows us just how he styles am outfit to perfectly compliment his gorgeous green Ralph Lauren tote. We hope more men will take a page from this creator's book and start elevating their looks with stylish tote bags, because we are loving this whole vibe. 

Canvas bags are perfect for every occasion

From campus to corner office, on a date or running errands, creator @franceclaude_ demonstrates just how versatile a canvas tote bag can be. The style icon starts with a casual skirt and sweatshirt combo, perfectly incorporating the neutral tones in her canvas bag into her outfit. Throughout her TikTok, she continues to show off just how cute a tote bag is when paired with everything from blue overalls to an a-line dress. In total, this creator serves up seven different ways to style one canvas bag, proving that the styling options are endless. 

Customize your tote to fit your style

One of the many reasons to love tote bags is their limitless potential for customization. The classic tan-colored tote might not vibe with every one of your outfits, but before you put the handy tote bag away, why not get creative? The bag's unique fabric is the perfect canvas (pun intended) to make all your DIY dreams come true. Crafty queen @alofakira shared her custom black and white tie dyed canvas tote and we are totally obsessed. The only thing better than getting complimented on your bag is responding with, "Thanks! I made it myself!"