Green And Pink Manicures To Bring Watermelon Sugar Vibes Into Summer

Can you believe the song "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles was released back in 2019? We choose not to believe this and will continue to play it on repeat as if it just debuted. This jam will instantly make you feel elated for summer. If you find yourself in a bad mood, just roll your windows down and blast this bop. We challenge you to get past the first chorus and try telling us that all of your woes haven't melted in the summer sun.

If you've watched the song's official music video, you might be able to get an idea of what Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" lyrics actually mean. Styles is on the beach surrounded by models in their bikinis, enjoying the refreshing summer snack. It's ambiguously sensual and clearly a celebration of summer's carefree joy. The song also provides the perfect inspiration for your next manicure. Watermelon's pink and green combo is the perfect nail color for manifesting confidence this summer and channeling your "watermelon sugar high."


Flowers are an essential staple of nail art. Not only are flowers naturally just a beautiful sight to look at, but their design is pretty easy to replicate within the tiny canvas of a nail. However, this pink and green flower design is the exception. Nail artist @by_millimac has managed to paint one of the most delicate and detailed flowers out there — the orchid. With swirling green vines and baby pink petals, the image is an abstract but chic floral pattern.

Pink and green jelly nails

Y2K-inspired jelly nails are coming back in style, and we're loving it. The technique gives your manicure a glossy, almost dewy shine that softens up your color of choice. We can't look at these pink and green jelly nails without thinking of one of the all-time greatest candies (in our opinion) — watermelon Sour Patch gummies. Watermelon is already a sweet snack, but if you want to add a little extra sugar to your day-to-day, this jelly design is for you.

Watermelon halves

The summer brings many incredible things—longer days, swimming, outdoor events, etc. But the summery phenomena we could do without are the heat waves. All of the wonderful activities we associate with summer become tarnished by the unbearable temperature. It'll leave you dehydrated and drained of energy. When you're in the thick of this excessive heat, few snacks are as revitalizing as a cold cut of fresh watermelon. This adorable design dots the nails with mini watermelons so you appear refreshed and bubbly even in the most brutal weather.

Minimal waves

When something is extravagant, its beauty is obvious. It demands your attention. But, this is likely why we're all so impressed when something simple catches our attention. By hyper-focusing on basic details and ensuring every part of it is high quality, an artist can captivate their crowd. For that reason, minimalism will always be in. You can't go wrong with a set of nails like the ones pictured. Each nail has just two curvy lines in soft pink and green. Less is definitely serving more here.


Checkerboard is a playful but chic midcentury design. Based initially on the gameboard, checkerboards are usually created as an even, symmetrical design with sharp edges. But, if you want to switch things up, you can also make the two-tone grid more abstract with disproportionate squares. This gives a more trippy skater vibe. The pink and green make for a perfect feminine combo. You can keep the two colors on separate nails with white backgrounds or combine them into one checkerboard.

Floral french tips

As of late, French tips have definitely received a fair amount of hype. The original design consists simply of a white nail tip over the top of a nude base. However, nail artists and their clients have been playing with several remixes on the look. They have been mixing and matching the whole color wheel and deviating from the traditional smooth-edged crescent shape. And while we've seen several variations, this floral-patterned tip is an entirely unique pink and green take on the traditional design.

Cheetah print

Cheetah will always be a sassy statement print. If you grew up in the early 2000s, you'd be more than familiar with the iconic Disney Channel original movie "The Cheetah Girls." The glamorous girl band travels throughout the world wearing everything cheetah in the three films. Not only does it have this amazing association, but it's also tied to one of the sleekest, fiercest felines in the animal kingdom. If you're feeling bubbly and bold, cheetah print green and pink is a fun way to embody that.

Fallen leaves

As we mentioned before, floral nails are a popular choice. Roses, lilies, and, now, orchids are all pretty, delicate patterns you can find on a manicure. But we've been sleeping on the simple beauty of the plants' leaves. Their thin, long stems lined with green, oblong foliage creates an elegant, sleek design. These pink and green nails covered in leaves of varying shapes are a way to do something that's earthy but leans more rustic than feminine.


Why is the accent nail missing? We, of course, are just making an uncreative joke. These pink and green camouflage accent nails are so cute they are hard to miss. Something about camouflage reads as indie sleaze, which is currently bringing '90s grunge rock vibes back. It reminds us of the Von Dutch trucker hats that were popular in the late '90s and Y2K era. If you're one of the many people replicating and revamping that decade of fashion, these pink and green nails could complement your look perfectly.

Half and half

Unfortunately, with the traditional French tip manicure, you choose only one solid color for each nail's tip. But sometime you can't decide what you want. If this is the case for you when choosing between pink and green, why not choose both? That's precisely what @heluviee does. She alternates between both colors, creating an even split between the two on each nail's tip. With this design, you can get the best of both worlds for your summer manicure.


Neon is probably the boldest choice you can make for your nails. It's the most vibrant version of whatever color you choose. Given that watermelon sugar inspiration is already pretty vibrant, you'll be surprised to see you can actually take that liveliness up a notch with neon pink and green French tips. If you have a bubbly or intense personality, these nails could match your energy. And, if you're on the more mellow side, they could add a little spunk to your look for the summer.

Single circle

These circular patterned nails have such an inviting and abstract design. To get this same look, first, have your thumb painted pink and your pinkie painted teal. Then, for the middle three fingers, you'll want to outline them so that they create a circle when placed side by side. The outer line on your index finger will be painted pink and the outer line on your ring finger will be painted teal. To finish, the tops and bottom of your middle finger can be painted with either.

Ocean waves

Whenever you don't know what to do on a summer day, one of your most reliable options is to hit your local beach. Then the whole day is blissful, from the second you arrive and inhale the salty air to the moment you pack your stuff up, sun-kissed and sleepy. If you want to take a little bit of that experience with you daily, pay homage to the most majestic part of it all — the sea. This tide-like design blends shades of sea green overtop a coat of pale pink.

Eucalyptus and blush

While summer is the season for long days of sunshine and fun, that doesn't necessarily mean it's stress-free. Between packing up and heading off to your vacation, dealing with wedding season, and attending all the opportunities to socialize to avoid FOMO — it can get chaotic quickly. One way you can maintain a sense of calm in your life is with your nail color. Combining this eucalyptus green with a soft blush pink will remind you to take a break from your hectic schedule, breath in, and relax.

Gold encrusted

When we say gold-encrusted, we don't actually mean real gold embellishments. Unless you want to use genuine gold, any gold-colored 3-D paint will work for this bougie-looking design. Another variation on the French nail, this design combines a soft blush base with a mint green tip. However, the ends frame the nails with a meandering, squiggly shape. This curvy contour is lined with gold, puffy piping. Copy this look for a chic and unique watermelon sugar vibe.

Swervy but sophisticated

These nails have nailed a sophisticated aesthetic without looking boring. This manicure set uses subdued shades of pink and green overtop a soft nude base. The combination still captures the spritely watermelon sugar vibe, but it's as if Harry Styles made a more mellow, acoustic version of the pop hit (which, now that we think about it, he should totally do). Its sleek and suave curved shapes and lines make for a calming effect. This manicure is an excellent option if you want something subtle but sweet.