The Ultimate Mistake To Avoid In The Hairstylist's Chair

Going to the salon can be a great pick-me-up and a luxurious experience. You leave feeling your best with a new haircut and style, assuming you get a good haircut that you truly like.

Looking for a new stylist can take some time but once you find someone you gel with, it's common to get really comfortable with them. You may view your appointments as a treat, both for the beauty aspect and the relaxation that comes from it.

You hit the chair and have the smock thrown around you and then can happily zone out while your stylist does the work or you can engage them, ask questions, and chat. If you're already pretty friendly with your stylist, you may just catch up with them on all that has gone on since you saw them last. However, getting a little too comfortable can result in a bad haircut if you do this one thing.

Don't cross your legs

When you go for a haircut, you likely put the emphasis on finding a skilled stylist who will deliver the best haircut possible, and you may not think much about what you do on your end to help. For many, a good client means tipping well and not being too fussy. However, helping the stylist accomplish their best work can go a long way in getting a good haircut.

Hair stylists say that crossing your legs can be one of the worst things you can do. "Doing this will make your haircut unbalanced and uneven," stylist Lacy Redway tells Allure. When your legs are crossed, you're not sitting straight and are leaning your weight toward one side while your shoulders are favoring one side. All this can result in a cut becoming lopsided.

What's worse is keeping your legs crossed to one side and then crossing to the opposite side midway through the cut. Stylists want to do their best work and need you to show up in the chair ready to do your part.

Other things not to do when getting a haircut

When you get comfortable and cross your legs in the stylist's chair, you may also slouch, another thing to avoid. Slouching will result in unevenness and hinder the stylist from being able to get a correct gauge of the length. Another thing not to do during a haircut is text. Texting causes you to look down at your phone which shifts your posture and causes you to look down at the phone and bend your neck.

Finally, plan what you'll wear before you get there. Choose a lightweight shirt that doesn't interfere with the haircut or inhibit how the hair falls, as well as washing or styling it. In other words, don't wear a hoodie or any kind of bulky sweater with a high neck.

While you should have a certain level of comfort in the stylist's chair, you are there to get a service done, so sit up straight to ensure the best cut. This will help your stylist deliver their best work which will only benefit you in the end.