Is A Curling Iron The Trick To Removing Plastic Hair Ties?

TikTok has really come through with some great hacks lately. Who knew you could use the slugging technique on your nails to increase cuticle strength? Or, what about the curly girl plop, which is now a staple of many people's beauty routines? But, phew, the jury might still be out on this latest one. User @oliviarosedemuro recently enlightened the world on how you can effortlessly remove rubber or plastic bands from your hair. 

If you've ever tried bubble braids or any other '90s throwback then you know what we're talking about. These styles involve teeny-tiny elastic bands that hold your hair as if their lives depend on it, which is fantastic when you want a super sleek look. However, removal is an entirely different story. Usually, you have two options to take the bands out, both of which are similarly painful. 

Either you can try to delicately unwrap and pull them out, which often removes a few strands as well in the process, or gather your courage and attempt to snip them without cutting your hair in the process. But TikTok claims we've been going about this all wrong. The only thing you really need to remove those pesky bands is apparently a curling iron.

A curling iron? Come again?

That's right, a barreled curling iron or a curling wand (there's actually a difference between the two) can be used to remove tight elastic bands. The video above shows TikToker @muafjryan simply holding a hot curling iron up to the plastic bands. In a few seconds, the hairband pops off practically by itself. No tugging, pulling, or risking losing any precious hair in the process. 

This may seem like an outlandish concept, but it's not a huge mystery how the hack works. The heat from the curling iron melts the thin band almost instantly. Still, even though the trick saves you from the traumatizing experience of pulling or snipping, some anxiety is still involved. We have yet to hear of anyone melting the band to their hair, but it's probably not impossible. 

Additionally, whenever you apply hot tools to your locks, there is always the potential for hair damage. Nevertheless, the TikTok curling iron hair elastic trick is pretty ingenious. It does work to remove those bands in a snap and with minimal hair loss and discomfort too. If you're going all out with your hairstyle, using your curling iron to quickly pop off those bands would definitely make the process easier.

Other removal methods

We've also seen this hack done with a straightener or flat iron, as TikTok user @Aleasha89 demonstrated, though the curling iron works best for bands flush to your scalp. But if using hot tools on plastic that is attached to your hair is a hard pass, fortunately, there are plenty of other methods to relieve your strands of these bands.

TikTok comes in handy again with its hair oil hack. In the clip above, @audreyvictoria_ applies her favorite hair oil or serum to the band, completely coating it before gently teasing it out. The elastic doesn't pull strands of hair out because the oil works as a lubricant. Plus, serum residue helps nourish and moisturize as you remove the band. 

Of course, you could always grab your scissors and carefully snip each band. But leave your standard pair in the junk drawer and opt for hair shears or even beauty scissors, like these from Target. Finer tools have a smaller, more precise point that minimizes the risk of cutting your cherished locks. One of these tricks is bound to work for you, though, so go ahead and confidently continue creating your intricate banded looks.