Reach For A Bold Shoe To Elevate Your Look

Accessories can make or break a look. The cartoonification of fashion is all the rage right now, with puffy, cloud-like accessories trending. But they're not just cute; they're actually teaching a lesson — a bold piece can do all the heavy lifting in an outfit.

No fashion accessory is as powerful as the right shoe. "A good shoe is one that makes you feel good, look good, and makes you feel confident, engaged and fierce," luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin once said in an interview with Vogue. A bold pair of shoes can completely change the vibe of your look and elevate it to a whole other level, literally and figuratively.

If cartoon-core isn't your cup of tea, worry not because a chunky pair of shoes will do just perfectly. According to stylist Jared Eng, a thick-soled shoe is exactly what you need for a fashion-forward outfit. "When wearing a very feminine dress [for example], you can really balance the look with a masculine shoe," he tells Byrdie. So before you go for something dainty, think about how a bold shoe can elevate your look.

Heeled platform clogs

Platform shoes don't necessarily need to be completely closed; take it from a heeled platform clog. The perfect warm-weather shoe for those fun nights on the town, this chunky-soled heel is going to elevate any summer outfit, and it's making a comeback. Pair the shoes with a more feminine dress and a smaller shoulder bag to counterbalance their chunkiness. Whatever color you decide to go for, stay in the same color scheme as the rest of your outfit to avoid creating too much contrast. Keep your jewelry minimal for the same reason, and let the clogs shine.

Chunky flip flops

Thong wedges are the underrated warm-weather chunky shoe. They can be styled in so many different ways, depending on where you're going. Obviously, they're the perfect poolside shoe, but they can be so much more. On a warm spring day, you can wear them with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute cardigan to easily look put-together without trying too much. For a classier aesthetic, keep the colors neutral and throw in some pearls in the form of a necklace or a brooch. If you want something more fun, colors and prints are your best friends.

Fun office wear

Contrary to popular opinion, office wear doesn't have to be boring. Chances are, wherever you work, your office allows for some color. All you need for a fun workwear fit are some chunky Mary Jane shoes in a bright color — they will literally and figuratively carry the entire outfit. Pair them with a pantsuit or anything else you would normally wear to the office; just make sure to keep the colors muted. A detachable collar is an amazing add-on if you don't already have one. Keep the rest of the accessories minimal.

When in doubt, wear a loafer

Platform loafers have become the staple bold shoe. Wearable in any season and almost any weather, leave it to this chunky pair to steal the spotlight. Even though they go with basically everything, sometimes you just want a basic outfit. For those low-key days, pair black loafers with some straight-leg jeans and a baby tee of your own choosing. A minimalistic look would benefit most from a crisp white tee, but don't be afraid of prints for some color. Link the entire outfit together by adding some black accessories and a cute hair clip.

The classic black boot

The heeled platform boot in black emerges from the depths as soon as the temperatures drop. This shoe staple is unequaled when it comes to bold shoes. Styling the pair can go in many directions, with the easiest being the preppy route. To channel your inner Blair Waldorf, pair the chunky boots with a plaid mini skirt and a white button-down. If the weather allows for it, add a long black overcoat. Matching black accessories are a must, with gloves and beret hats being excellent choices.

The color block

The color brown is the unsung hero of the fashion world. A bold pair of shoes in brown can instantly take the most basic outfit to a super chic level. For example, if you have a pair of platform boots in brown, just pairing them with a pair of white jeans or trousers is going to create enough drama for the entire look. To balance out the color block happening in the bottom part, go for a darker top and jacket. For a pop of color, consider doing your nails in a fun color, like red or cobalt blue.

Color me good

Wearing color is always a good idea. To incorporate a pair of bold shoes into your vivacious looks, make them colorful as well. Work around the colors of your choice and match your chunky soles. Pair them with a dress or skirt so you can make use of tights as well when building your outfit. Create the illusion of continuity in your bottom part by matching the colors of your shoes and the tights. As the shoes are chunky and thick-soled, they will stand out regardless.

The unexpected bold shoe

Chunky shoes don't need to be basic. If you're having a tough time finding the best bold shoes for your aesthetic, consider a thick-soled cowboy boot. Yes, it works; even better than one might imagine. To push the pair over the finish line, go for colorful ones. They are obviously going to be the center of any outfit, so give them space to do so. Style them with your favorite pair of denim shorts and a cool top. Color-coordinate your accessories so as not to clash with the boots, and you'll have one mighty fashion-forward fit.

The going-out shoe

Elevating your going-out outfit can be as easy as adding a bold pair of heels in a fun color. To make the shoes truly stand out, keep your clothes in neutral shades such as black and white. A mini-length bottom would be the perfect counterbalance to the thick-soled heels; a mini dress or a mini skirt work great. If you opt for a skirt, create dimension in the outfit by pairing it with an oversized button-down. To complete the look, add bold jewelry, preferably earrings and bracelets, and a cute micro bag.

Bold and casual at the same time

If you don't particularly enjoy wearing heels and are not into the schoolgirl aesthetic of loafers but would still like to rock a chunky shoe, trendy platform sneakers are your saving grace. Go about styling them like you would any other pair of sneakers. Baggy utility pants are never a bad idea for a cute casual look, as is a cute top. Keep the color scheme similar overall and add a leather jacket to complete the relaxed silhouette. As a cherry on top, go for some chunky gold earrings and rimless sunglasses.