Engagement Rings With A Trendy Twist That Will Never Go Out Of Style

If you've ever had a friend get engaged, the first thing you do is ask to see the ring. Though small, an engagement ring is a very important part of the process because it solidifies the commitment to planning a wedding together, and if you do that stressful task successfully, that's a sign that your relationship can last a lifetime (if it has the right foundation and support). Plus, planning a wedding and getting married adds excitement and progression to a romance, which is essential to a happy long-term bond. 

Although you may be ready for the altar, you may also be overwhelmed with engagement ring choices, as new designs come out every day. It's not just a simple gold band or a single diamond ring anymore. There is a huge variety of shapes and settings in both silver and gold hues. Then, of course, you have to choose if you want a diamond, an emerald, a ruby, a sapphire, a tourmaline, or all of the above. That's a lot of choices for one small detail of your wedding and your future. 

With so many unique designs to choose from, it's hard to pick the perfect ring for you or your partner, but these stylish options are guaranteed to make any future bride happy. 


A variety of shapes

Mixing and matching gem shapes and sizes is a great way to add a unique flair to your engagement ring setting. Circle, oval, and pear shapes tend to pair really well together because of the similarity of the rounded edges. For a more classic look, gold is a great choice. If you want to opt for something a little glitzier, silver, white gold, or platinum will add to the sparkle of the diamond cluster. You can even add small diamonds to the band for extra shimmer. 

Asymmetrical balance

This ring is simple yet trendy, making it a perfect choice for the minimalist bride. Plus, the most budget-friendly engagement ring style is simple and timeless, which will definitely help you with some wedding stress and keep you looking fashionable for years to come. This emerald-cut gem ring with a round diamond on the side is striking, and its asymmetry adds to its unique silhouette. This setting is totally customizable depending on the stones you use, you can rock a pink tourmaline with a green for a bright watermelon look, or use solely diamonds to stay somewhat traditional.

Classic round diamond with dainty band

Choosing a classic round diamond is a surefire guarantee that your ring will never go out of style. However, what you choose for the band will determine if your ring will make it through to the next decade. This dainty minimalist diamond band is ideal for anyone trying to stay eternally in fashion. The diamonds are spaced out perfectly to add some shine without overshadowing the center stone. This design would work well in gold too, if that suits your aesthetic better. 

Floral-inspired setting

Floral-inspired rings are all over Pinterest. Whether they take the shape of a rose or a tropical flower, or if it just mimics petals or weaving vines, floral-inspired rings are becoming more and more common because they are delicate, romantic, yet intricate. The floral-inspired ring is all about detail in the setting and the stones. You can mix and match stones to allow the center to pop, or opt for classic diamonds for a more traditional and cohesive look. 

Unique diamond cluster

Diamond clusters can come in many different forms, but the one above is truly original. It's not every day that you see a ring that's reminiscent of a tall tiara, but this ring is definitely made for a queen. With a gold setting and diamond cluster that moves upward, this ring is striking yet not too flashy or gaudy. Placing the biggest stone in the center draws the eyes there, but the cascading stones below (or above, depending on how the wearer chooses to wear it) keeps the viewer's interest.

Half-moon ring

For someone who is looking to totally throw the traditional ring style out the window, this half-moon ring is perfect. Its clever and careful placement is a metaphor for finding your missing half, i.e. your partner. Choosing a stone color that represents you or your partner creates a special touch with this ring. Instead of a wedding band, consider placing another stone in the ring when you are married or just before the ceremony to represent the commitment to marriage. 

Triangular gem

Triangle gems are not often left without a halo around them, but this solitary stone is stunning on its own. Whether you choose an emerald, morganite, or sapphire, a bold color for a trillion cut allows it to shine without the fuss of a tiny diamond halo. Placing a few diamonds on the band is the perfect embellishment. Consider pairing this with a simple wedding band so as to not take away from this stunning solo gem look. 

Halo pearl ring

There's nothing classier or more traditional than a pearl, which is why you might want a pearl engagement ring. Although they are usually worn around the neck, pearls are becoming a popular addition to engagement rings as well. If you have any family pearls, adding one to the center of your ring can be a great sentimental touch. But, if you are just looking for that vintage look, any pearl surrounded by a simple diamond halo will never go out of style. Pair it with a set of pearl earrings and necklace for your wedding and you'll be aisle-ready.