Dewdrop Nail Ideas To Bring Your Manicure To The Next Level

Have you ever noticed how great your freshly done nails look right after running them under water, with the water droplets still lingering on your nails? If that's you, you can now have those drops of water on your nails at all times.

With the nail design trend known as dewdrop nails, you can make the wet nail look your manicure; no real water involved. You'll most likely need to book a session at the nail salon for it, as it involves the 3D application technique and multiple specialized products, but you might be able to recreate it on your own if you're skilled enough.

"Adding drops of hard gel or topcoat to the finished look can create this cool, wet look," nail expert and artist Lexi Suga tells Grazia, adding that hard gel will be a better choice for a more defined look. "The consistency [of hard gel] is thicker, which allows for a more textured 3D look," Suga explains. Get ready to receive a lot of questions on how the water's staying on your nails; the effect is that realistic.

Milk bath droplets

Even though the dewdrop trend is all about the clear water effect, milk bath nails are the dreamy look you'll want to pair it with. This one is also for all the minimalist manicurists out there; all you need to make your droplets milky is a creamy base color. You can make the dewdrops see-through or cream-colored as well; both will round off the milk bath manicure perfectly. To elevate the look, opt for longer, square-shaped nails; that means more space for those drops.

Add a flirty twist

If you like your nails to show off your personality and don't want to sacrifice your signature look to try out a new manicure trend, you don't have to. Make the dewdrop design work with your usual style and create the perfectly-you manicure everyone will want to copy. For red-polish lovers, pair the shade with the water droplet effect, and don't forget to keep your usual length. For an additional flirty twist to the romantic red, choose the stiletto nail shape.

Short and sweet

Long nails get the most exposure in the nail art world, but if that's not your look, go short and make them sweet. The water drop effect will work just as well with shorter lengths as it does with long ones, and short nails are actually the new low-maintenance trend. You have all the same options, just a bit less nail space to work with. To make your short nails fun, do a brightly colored base and add the dewdrop effect on top.

Barely there

3D nail art doesn't have to be over-the-top to work. For minimalists who enjoy a simple nail look but would still like to try the dewdrop nail design, it's more than doable. Keep your nail base bare for the ultimate barely there look, and then add the water droplets in your desired quantity. You'll definitely nail the trend (pun intended), as your nails will literally look like you've just run them under water. Choose the shape and length of the nails to your liking, but shorter nails will likely steal the minimalist's heart.

Obviosly on theme

The dewdrop nail design is meant to replicate water droplets on your nails. To go all out on the aquatic theme, opt for a base color in a blueish color that most remind you of water; aquamarine is the perfect delicate shade. Nail it on the head with a pearlescent finish and clear, irregular droplets. You can add an extra touch by incorporating an ombre effect into your base, which could be reminiscent of waves. This interpretation of the trend is quite literal, but it's going to deliver the message.

French tips under water

There's no other nail design that is so easily paired with virtually every emerging manicure trend as the classic French tip. You can always incorporate Frenchies into any aesthetic, and they'll always deliver. The same goes for the dewdrop theme; elevate the trend by focusing the droplets on your tips as a unique touch. For a more minimal approach, go classic with a neutral base and white tips. Color aficionados, on the other hand, can opt for fun-colored tips as well as the base.

Space metallics

Make a statement and elevate your dewdrop nail design by pairing it with a mirrored chrome foundation for the ultimate alien-in-space vibes. This nail look screams fashion-forward and retro-futuristic, so don't be afraid to go all out with long nails in a square shape to really steal the spotlight with your extraterrestrial look. Any color would work for the metallic base, but gold, silver, and black chrome would round off the avant-garde design perfectly and launch you into outer space.

Don't forget your favorite color

Your favorite color isn't just for interior design and clothes; put it on your nails, too. To create depth and add dimension to the overall manicure, go for French tips in just a slightly different shade to differentiate them from the base. For example, if you seriously love pink, do a muted pinky base and tips in a lighter shade of pink. Dewdrops will add an extra sweet touch to the delicate pink shade; see for yourself if you'd like them all over the nails or just the tips.

Jelly dewdrops

Jelly nails are another popular nail trend you might want to try out alongside the 3D droplets. This combo is a surefire way to bring summer vibes wherever you go, especially if you go for a blue-toned color as your base. The see-through effect of the jelly technique will already make your nails water reminiscent, and the added drops will take the manicure to the next level. To get the most out of both trends, especially the jelly effect, longer nails would be the best option.

Enchanting marble nails

Combining nail trends is the best way to try all of them out and get the most out of every look. For a slightly different approach to color, opt for the enchanting marble effect as your base. Choose complementary shades like pink and orange or yellow and purple for an interesting twist to the look, and add a couple of 3D drops to every or every other nail. This combo is also a great way to satisfy your color cravings in a minimalistic way.

Bold colors all the way

If single-color manicures don't really scratch your color itch fully and subtle hues aren't your thing, be bold and unapologetic with your shades here. Choose however many you'd like and put them all on your nails, because why not? Go for contrasting shades for the ultimate cool-girl effect. The clear 3D water drops will take the bold colors to the next level by catching that extra light. Have fun with the color placement too; it's a much underrated way to elevate the overall look.

Details make the look

No nail design needs to be basic, whatever the aesthetic of the trend. While the dripping water effect is oftentimes synonymous with a more minimalistic look, you can still elevate it to something avant-garde by paying attention to the details. As the dewdrops are the main event here, make them more interesting by opting for an unexpected yet still theme-appropriate shade. Greens and blues are obviously good choices, but silver works perfectly too, as it emulates the sparkling of moving water. Don't forget to add some charms and rhinestones to the mix as well.

Chartreuse with water droplets

Be the ultimate nail trendsetter and pair the dewdrop effect with the most popular nails of the season, chartreuse nails. Chartreuse nails are everywhere, so why not try them out for yourself with an added water touch? The newly popular greenish nail color will catch everyone's eye, especially with the extra-real-looking water drops on top. This combo works with any nail shape as well as all lengths, but to really emulate Portia from HBO Max's ”The White Lotus,” go short.

Incorporate nail art

Ask your nail technician to draw your favorite motive to complement the dewdrop trend. You can opt for aquatic-inspired art like sea shells to steer the water droplets towards a more marine theme, but it doesn't necessarily need to be related in such an obvious way. Hearts, stars, swirls; anything goes. The only condition is that it needs to fit on your nail size-wise. Therefore, longer nails would work best here, but shorter ones can too if your nail tech is skilled enough at micro nail art.

Water droplet charms

To seriously take the dewdrop look to the next level, use charms to replicate the look of water droplets. While the 3D application technique works nicely, charms will add some extra interest to your freshly-watered manicure. Play with shades and finishes, as you can't really go wrong with any. For an even more compelling look, choose charms that are a similar shade to your base color. Blue and green hues are a great choice to evoke some serious aquatic vibes.