Here's What You Should Know Before Choosing A Stiletto Nail Shape

When you get a manicure or give yourself one, you might need to answer what shape you want for your glamorous new nails. One possibility is the stiletto fingernail shape. There's no denying that stiletto nails are fierce (via The Trend Spotter). The trendy fingernail shape that features a tapered shape ending in a point allows for some fantastic nail art, too. Whether you always have your nails manicured or you're looking to shape them up as the weather warms, this style may tempt you, especially if you have a great nail artist. This shape works for both short and long nails. 


However, you should consider a few things before making the jump into this trendy new nail shape (via InStyle). It's possible that the limitations of the fingernail style might have you reconsidering your choice, so proceed with caution before you have your nails shaped into the popular stiletto style.

Consider these limitations before choosing stiletto nails

You've probably noticed celebrities like Rihanna rocking stiletto nails, and the name is fun, reminding you of a great pair of high heels (via InStyle). Who wouldn't want to have fierce fingernails reminiscent of sexy heels? Groupon, however, warned that people who want to do things might need to think twice before committing to this pointy shape. According to the discount shopping site, this fingernail shape might be better left to people who have staff to take care of things like putting in contact lenses or using your hands in general. InStyle revealed that the stiletto nail ends up cutting productivity in half, which might have a significant impact on your life. Also, pressing a touch screen and applying makeup might also be tricky if you have these trendy, pointy fingernails. 


Although adjusting to stiletto nails is difficult, it can happen if you're willing to take the time to figure it out. However, if this doesn't sound like you, then perhaps you'd appreciate these other trendy fingernail shapes instead.