The Slept-In Smokey Eye Puts A Grungy Twist On The Classic Eye Look

The world of makeup offers so much to anyone who's interested. Whatever your aesthetic, there's a tried-and-true trend out there waiting for you to rock it. With so much talk about skin and base makeup in recent years, it feels like the eyes have taken a back seat. However, no other part of your face has quite the effect as the eyes.

The classic smokey eye is a makeup fan favorite, and it can without a doubt elevate any look. Appropriate for virtually any occasion, this beauty cult classic is never going out of style. On the contrary, new variations of the smokey eye continue to pop up throughout the years, making it even easier to incorporate into any beauty routine.

If the traditional approach to a smokey eye is too rigid for you or if you simply want to try something different, forget all the tips for keeping your eye makeup from smudging. Yes, the laid-back smokey eye has entered the beauty chat and is putting a grungy twist on the classic eye look.

The less intense version of the smokey eye anyone can nail

For those days when you're feeling a bit lazy but don't necessarily want everyone to see that on your face, the grunge spin on the classic smokey eye is the ideal makeup route to take. "Slept-in smokey eyes are grungy and imperfect," Donni Davy, "Euphoria"'s head makeup artist, tells Byrdie.

To get the best results, it's important to start with freshly prepped lids, says makeup artist Mira Parmar. "Make sure your eyelids are clean, and prep them with a concealer or lid primer," she notes to Who What Wear. Then, you'll want to turn to the Y2K technique of double-lining. Line both your lower and upper waterlines for that eye-tightening effect, and don't be afraid of smudges along the way as it'll all come together in the end; trust the process. The next step is to do your eyeshadow base. According to Kirin Bhatty, a celebrity makeup artist, powder eyeshadows might not be the best choice. "Embrace cream and liquid products," she shares with Byrdie.

Pristine blending skills are not necessary for this look, and neither are brushes. Work your eyeshadow in with your fingers for the ultimate imperfectly perfect slept-in look. Add mascara or falsies as the final touch, or don't! Bare lashes will add an extra cool twist to the rebel vibe.

How to make the slept-in look work for you

While the classic smokey eye is also done with a certain amount of smudging present, the slept-in smokey takes it to another level without the actual work. The unstructured look is going to give you a mysterious yet casual vibe without anyone knowing you might not actually be makeup-savvy.

Anyone can look good with this deliberately messy smokey eye, but as with all eye makeup looks, you may have to tweak the application process a bit to complement your eye shape, especially if they're hooded. In that case, Donni Davy advises working with a lighter color like brown to avoid overwhelming the eyes. Also, blend the products on your lower lash line more upward to create the illusion of a lifted eye. Fingers are still the preferred blending tool, but a blender brush is not off the table if you might need one.

You'll look put together, and your makeup is going to seem intentional with this ultimate lazy girl eye look; nobody needs to know just how effortless it truly is. Sleeping in never sounded better.