The '00s, Celeb-Approved Sunglasses Trend That's Making A Comeback For Summer 2023

The sun sizzles away at our skin forcing us to lather on SPF, but it also gives us the perfect excuse to wear one of the most fashionable accessories: sunglasses. Sunny days gift us this eyewear that can turn sweatpants and a T-shirt into couture. While miniature shades have had their time to shine, oversized sunglasses are the eyewear trend of 2023.

Amelia Ansink, the senior strategist of accessories for Fashion Snoops' told The Zoe Report, "The pendulum is definitely swinging back after the surplus of trending micro-lens frames in past seasons, with statement, oversized shapes now coming back as the new must-have silhouette."

Our favorite fashion icons like Paris HiltonNaomi Campbell, and Kim Kardashian all embrace the extra-large UV protectors. You can get your celebrity-approved sunglasses in different shapes and colors for an accessory that is true to your aesthetic ... just don't be afraid to go big with these statement glasses.

Think outside the box with oversized square shades

Square frames are the classic shape for oversized glasses. The wide coverage protects your eyes and the skin around them from UV rays aka nature's wrinkle gun, and the frame's style can take your glasses over the edge. Try solid colors and rhinestones for a dramatic statement or go for a translucent border for something subtle. The boxy contrast complements oval and rounded faces the best. However, you can also opt for a rounded corner to the glasses that will lend a softer look and pair well with square or rectangular face shapes.

It's all about the lenses

You might not think extra-large sunglasses can be minimalistic, but half-rim frames make this possible. You can get the best of both worlds. For really simplistic, go completely rimless. The eyewear will still take up almost half of your face but without the attention-drawing frames. This style creates neutral sunglasses, so you can throw them on with any outfit, from casual ensembles to formal attire. With this minimalistic eyewear, you can sport statement earrings, headwear, or bold makeup without overcrowding your face.

Big, bold, and bright

Who says sunglasses can only be dark-tinted or reflective? With flowers sprinkling the rainbow everywhere, it is the signal that color is in season. Color-tinted shades are ideal for adding a pop to your outfit. Warmer hues like red, pink, and orange play on the neutral side as it blends with skin tones, while cooler colors like purple, blue, and green are a bright contrast. These painted sunglasses don't provide as much UV protection as the typical dark shades, so don't forget your sunscreen or eyeshadow with SPF.

The return of vintage fashion

We are embracing the vintage look this season with oversized cat-eye sunglasses. This 1950s style adds an angular flare that slims the face. It is like an extension of your cheekbones. Perhaps this is where the cat eyeliner look and reverse cat eye got its inspiration. More modern versions of this eyewear style have a less exaggerated wing, but the pointy edges are what make this silhouette so distinct. And for the oversized trend, the sharper the point, the better.

Circular sunglasses are boho chic

Round or oval lenses are another popular sunglasses shape. Eyewear expert Heather Stewart-Feldman told Marie Claire, "Oversized rounds also nod to the boho revival trend and there are some great shades with neutral colorways and beautiful details." Your bohemian aesthetic will definitely benefit from large circular glasses. They complement every face shape and look spectacular with thick or slim frames. Even ombre lenses take this style up a notch. Plus, they match other circular accessories like hoops, rings, and bracelets.

Ultra-modern sun protectors

Shield sunglasses have an ultra-modern futuristic feel. Unlike regular shades, the lenses on this style continue over the nose bridge and even off to the side on some pairs. That's wrap-around UV protection. You can mainly find them in large rectangular lenses or designs with rounded bottoms. They are a statement piece and getting an oversized pair to fit into this trend will leave you with a loud accessory, so you might want to keep the earrings minimal. However, chic neck pieces, like a choker, pair effortlessly.

Aviators are functional fashion

Tom Cruise's Maverick character might have made aviators and pilot jackets fashionable, but it is the fashionistas keeping these sunglasses in style. The classic aviator design is distinguishable by its double bridge and serious vibe. Plus, it is functional fashion. The top bar was originally created to keep the sweat out of the pilot's eyes. This style is great for the oversized look, as they typically have grand lenses. You can pump up the pizzazz with a two-tone frame or color-tinted lens.

Oversized funky frames say it best

For a pair of sunglasses that speak to your personality, have fun with the frames. Some silhouettes break free from the standard polygon design and look stellar in a large size. Why not try heart-shaped sunglasses that have a cat-eye feel with extra flare or mushroom shades that are whimsical yet chic? You will have an accessory that matches you perfectly while blocking the sun and the haters. Just don't forget, the bigger the sunglasses, the better this summer season.