French Fade Nails Are The Trend Bringing Modern Ombré To A Classic Manicure

When you have a big event coming up or want to make that new outfit you just bought really stand out, it's time to consider getting a French manicure. It's a classic look that prepares your nails for whatever the day, or night, is going to throw at you. However, consider spicing up this look the way J.Lo and Hailey Bieber have recently by delving into the realm of the faded French manicure.

This trending nail look has all the chic magnificence of its classic sister, but you aren't going to have a solid line that separates your white tip from the pink of your nail base. Instead, they'll seamlessly meld together just as that little black dress does on your figure. Since it gradually fades, this manicure works well on long and short nails alike and comes in a variety of different colors. 

You can even spice it up by adding rhinestones and other embellishments. Plus, it's a super low-maintenance style if you know you aren't going to get back to the salon for a bit. Get inspired by looking through 15 fun examples of the faded French manicure to find just the right amount of wow to add to your next visit to your favorite nail technician. 

Classic French tips with a twist

Beauty and grace can be found in a French manicure; there's no denying it. This nail style is a go-to look when you want something simple and elegant. But you might not be a huge fan of the blunt white tip. Thankfully, the classic manicure has received a modern update with the faded tip. While a faded French manicure looks fabulous with a square tip, the coffin tip gives this style new life. Add in the accent gem on the ring finger, and it's one of those styles you'll definitely want to take note of.

Faded French tips with a cherry on top

Sometimes a French manicure on a long nail can look a bit off. However, the faded French manicure fits right in on those super-long styles. The way the tip melds right into the pink of the base is a true sight to behold. However, @nailedbystesh takes the faded French manicure into deliciously new territory by adding a neon yellow tip and cherries on the middle and ring fingers. The bright yellow brings the tip to full attention while the cherries add a bit of playful fun to this square nail art.

Fun bright tips for a little bling

Modern French manicures take on new and creative elements to create a dreamy quality on your nails. This is doubly true for the faded French manicure trend since you can customize your tips with fun and bright colors. Instagrammer celebrates the faded look with an alternating orange and pink rounded, square tip. The shimmery colors dance in the light and are accented by the dazzling rhinestones on the ring and middle fingers.

Frosty faded French tips that glitter

When you're looking for the ice princess or frost queen vibes, a faded French manicure is ideal. Using an icy blue tip, the color gently sweeps down in the light lavender base to create a wintery scene. @mooi_co_hair_and_beauty_spa didn't stop with just the color, though. Creating a majestic snowstorm, they added snowflakes on the middle and ring fingers, which are set off with shimmering rhinestones. The glitz and glam are further accentuated on the ring and pinkies with dazzling glitter that pops off the screen. It's a look that Elsa would definitely love. 

Glam up your tip with purple sparkles

Why have a plain ol' faded French manicure when you can go all out and add a little bit of glitter to make your digits truly shine? This manicure by @ashleighs_nailsandbeuty works to change things up for the faded manicure game. While the middle and pinky fingers highlight how beautiful this trend can look, the index fingers bring it to life by showcasing a deep purple glitter tip. The sheer radiance of it adds sparkle to the rest of the fingers, and the solid glitter ring finger accents it beautifully.

Subtle blue hues with a French twist

Blue might be the color you associate most with ice and winter, but a hint of baby blue might just add a little spring to your step. As @outspoken_beauty_salon demonstrated, baby blue polish adds a simple pastel pop of color and sheer elegance to a long coffin tip. The solid blue pinky with a slight white tip and rhinestones around the base is soothing, and the swirls on the ring finger add fun and interest. The overall aesthetic makes you think of pollen dancing in the wind, or the way spring brings new life and growth to the world.

Fresh faded French tips with golden flecks

Have you ever thought of turning your French manicure upside down? Instagram user @cg_nails_lashes_brows gave it a try with this unique take on the faded French manicure. The nail design starts simple enough, with the classic white tip fading into the creamy pink of the nail base. While it could have stopped there to create a sheer modern French manicure, it goes a little further to upend the look by adding faded gold flecks at the base and moving up toward the tip giving the digits a little extra pizzazz.

Pastel French tips your heart will love

When you think of French tips, the classic white tip and the creamy pink nail bed instantly come to mind. However, if you want something beyond the traditional in the faded realm, try adding a little color to your nail bed. @house.ofnails10 captures the beauty of faded tips by combining blue and glitter with the classic faded look. The alternating fingers add interest along with the cute little white hearts, which encourage a closer look. Given the color combination, it's a style that goes with any season or outfit.

Fiery French tips to make a point

Red nails can say a lot about you since red is the color of love, desire, fire, and more. However, it's time to try something a little more creative than fire engine red nails. Hop on the faded French tip trend by adding a sparkly red tip to your nail like Instagrammer @nailsbyangeliica. The large orange glitter pieces make the tip look like something you would find around the bonfire. This vibe is further complemented by the sharp stiletto tip, which gives off total too-hot-to-handle vibes. 

Chrome tips that bring the shine factor

Chrome is an understated way to liven up an otherwise classic manicure like faded tips. Nail tech @nailsbyangeliica gives the faded French look a dreamy, bubble-like quality by adding a light-capturing chrome topcoat. It makes the long, square tips shimmer right off the fingers, which works equally well for going out to the club with your bestie or throwing on your bridesmaid dress for your sister's wedding. The classic look of this style could even dress up those Kim Possible cargo pants you recently started rocking again.

Proud purple tones that capture the light

One of the fun things about the faded nail trend is that it works really well with a glitter tip. Adding disco or holographic glitter polishes can be hard when trying to create a modern look with that distinct French manicure line, but you can solve this problem by making a fade. The purple and gold disco glitter mixture pops off the rounded square tip, adding brilliance to the middle and ring fingers. The sheer elegance of the purple flecks is also brought to center stage by the muted, solid purple index and pinkie fingers.

Gold flakes to sculpt your faded French manicure

When gold flake nails started to trend on Pinterest and Instagram, the look was one you just had to jump on. Those shiny gold pieces made your nails look like a million bucks. If you're still stuck on the gold flake look, combine it with a soft French tip like @bombshellbeauty.yjj did above. The luminosity of the flakes makes it look like the tips of your nails have been kissed by the sun itself. The rhinestones lining the base of the ring finger also bring a bit of added luster for an irresistible shine.

Matte French manicure for a simple look

Matte nails are all the rage, and you can find them in any color, from bold black looks to matte French manicures. The dullness of the matte makes your eyes focus on the expert execution of the color application and the fade of the manicure. While nail artist @hannaconails created a lovely matte set that glows with subdued beauty, the added shine of the line of rhinestones at the base of the ring finger gives the look a fun pop. This style will work especially well for engagement photos since it makes the ring really stand out. 

Navy blue French tips that make the stars align

When it's time for something a little different to add to your nail art collection, an ombré French tip will never steer you wrong. But you don't want to look like every other person in your office. Add a hint of uniqueness by trying this navy blue faded tip with little stars and constellations. Instagrammer @nails.for.days.with.lily pays homage to Taylor Swift through this unique design. The creamy milk-colored nail base fades into an inspiring line of moons and stars that will definitely light up the stars in your soul.

Faded manicure with an out of this world shine

It's time to make your nails shine like a diamond, and nothing goes better with a little glam than a faded French tip, as @handmade.byanna makes clear. This pointy nail starts with your classic white and pink fade but jazzes it up with glitter. While the ring finger shines like the Milky Way, the index finger adds galactic silver swirls. It's hard to create a nail look that outshines the classic beauty of the traditional French manicure, but the faded style opens up fun new options. Evidently, it's time to try out one of these trends at your next nail appointment.