What The Cast Of My So-Called Life Looks Like Today

It's been almost 30 years since "My So-Called Life" graced us with a one-season escapade focused on the lives of Angela Chase, her family, and her friends. At its core, the television series was all about teenage rebellion and the search for an identity. And despite its untimely end after just 19 episodes, the show has amassed a cult following thanks to its gritty, earnest portrayal of adolescence. In many ways, "My So-Called Life" broke the mold of television dramas. For starters, it was the first to center around the experiences of a teenage girl. The show also presented its young male characters without the use of hyper-masculine tropes. Plus, it was the first series to showcase an openly gay teenager — a feat that was otherwise unheard of when the show premiered in 1994. 

The reason "My So-Called Life" was cancelled had nothing to do with how connected fans felt to its characters, and it's hard not to imagine what might've been. In 2014, the show's creator, Winnie Holzman, dished to Time Magazine about her vision for the future. "I wanted somebody to get pregnant — that probably would have been Sharon. I was also picturing ... Patty becoming depressed over the ending of her marriage," Holzman said. 

While the fates of Angela Chase and her crew remain a mystery all these years later, the actors who portrayed them are a lot less enigmatic. Here's what the cast of "My So-Called Life" looks like now.

Claire Danes (Angela Chase)

Claire Danes may be a mega-star today, but she was practically unknown before playing the introspective main character, Angela Chase, on "My So-Called Life." Danes was just 13 years old when she filmed the pilot, but despite her youth, Danes was a powerhouse performer. Jeff Perry, who played Mr. Katimski on the show, told Cosmopolitan that Danes' talent was, "just amazing. It's like a baby knows how to play a Stradivarius." In 1995, Danes won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Angela Chase. 

"My So-Called Life" proved that Danes was destined for greatness. She went on to star in the 1996 film "Romeo and Juliet" alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, which catapulted her to it-girl status. Since then, she has continued to grace the silver screen with starring roles in "Temple Grandin," "Stage Beauty," and more. Danes also starred in the hit television series "Homeland."

Danes' personal life has flourished alongside her career since the days of "My So-Called Life." In 2009, she married fellow actor Hugh Dancy. In January 2023, the couple announced that they were expecting their third child. Although her "My So-Called Life" days are long behind her, Claire Danes is still rocking Angela's iconic long bob. When asked if she would ever reprise her role as Angela Chase, the actor told Entertainment Tonight, "Probably not, but I'm so grateful that it's had this afterlife that it's had."

A.J. Langer (Rayanne Graff)

A.J. Langer played Rayanne Graff, the eccentric party girl who was Angela's best friend and worst influence. Rayanne's extravagant fashion sense and candid personality were an obsession among fans. After "My So-Called Life," Langer starred in several television series, as well as in the 1998 film, "Meet the Deedles." Around 2007, she seemingly disappeared from show business. Langer later revealed that her absence was due to a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia. "Honestly, it was kind of a big turn for me," Langer explained to Uproxx. "I've worked since I was 15, and I got in the pattern of working so hard and not having the space to learn how to take care of myself." In 2011, she returned to television as Erica Warner on the series "Private Practice."

Today, the former child actor has taken on a very different role: She is now a member of British nobility. In 2005, Langer became a countess when she married Charles Courtenay, 19th Earl of Devon. In a trajectory that would surely have thrilled Rayanne Graff, Langer now lives at a sprawling English estate known as Powderham Castle. Apart from running the castle, Langer is busy raising her two children, Joscelyn and Jack.

Wilson Cruz (Rickie Vasquez)

Wilson Cruz's character, Rickie Vasquez, famously came out as gay during a poignant episode of "My So-Called Life." It was a significant moment in queer history, as it marked the first time that an openly gay teen was featured on a network television series. Rickie's saga elevated Cruz to the status of gay icon, but the young actor struggled behind the scenes. Inspired by Rickie's storyline, Cruz came out in real life — but his family was unsupportive.

"My agent sent me the script, and she didn't necessarily know that I was gay," Cruz told Variety in 2019. "I had made a deal with myself that I would come out if the series went. I wanted people to know that I, as a gay man — a gay boy at the time — really put my stamp of approval to what we were doing. So that's when I told my parents, and that's when I was kicked out."

After "My So-Called Life" wrapped, fans were eager to see more of the suave, lovable actor who played Rickie Vasquez. Cruz has continued to dominate the industry, starring in television series like "13 Reasons Why," and "Star Trek: Discovery." Thanks to "My So-Called Life," the superstar ultimately reconnected with his father. "It was through his watching of the series that he was able to understand what my life was really like," Cruz told People in 2020. 

Devon Odessa (Sharon Cherski)

Devon Odessa portrayed Sharon Cherski, the jilted ex-best friend of Angela Chase. Despite her uptight ways, Sharon's loyalty to Angela won over fans of the show. Prior to "My So-Called Life," Odessa appeared on numerous television series, including "Full House," "Step By Step," and "The Wonder Years." But the overachieving Sharon Cherski was a far cry from the characters that Devon Odessa was used to playing at the time. "I always played the naughty girl. So I went in for Rayanne... and then they handed me the sides for Sharon," Odessa told Elle in 2016.

After "My So-Called Life," the brown-eyed beauty nabbed several small film and television roles. She also still keeps in touch with her former cast mates. In a sweet tribute to their on-screen friendship, Claire Danes and Odessa were real-life bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Odessa's 2008 nuptials were even officiated by the show's creator, Winnie Holzman. The actress also kept another personal connection from the show: "My husband is friends with Devon Gummersall [who played Brian Krakow]," she told Yahoo. "They go mountain biking."

The former teen idol is leading a quieter life these days. Her last television appearance came in 2011, but her Instagram is filled with vibrant snapshots of her family life. As far as we can tell, Odessa is living the dream raising her adorable kids, Harlow and Ford.

Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano)

Claire Danes wasn't the only superstar to emerge from "My So-Called Life." Famously, Jared Leto became a sensation when he played Angela's gorgeous yet lukewarm love interest, Jordan Catalano. Even Leto's co-stars were captivated by his azure-eyed charm. Danes recalled to W Magazine, "He was shockingly good-looking, it was alarming." For Leto, fame has been quite a ride. From his early days as a television heartthrob, he transformed into a rock star as the front man of Thirty Seconds to Mars. Now, he's a larger-than-life celeb. Reflecting on the role that kick-started his career, Leto told Rolling Stone, "I feel like it was such a short period of my life. Let's face it, I barely spoke!" He added, "I have a lot of gratitude for starting there, but they made such a big deal of the character in the show."

After playing Jordan Catalano, Leto went on to star in numerous films, including "Requiem for a Dream," "House of Gucci," and "Morbius." Meanwhile, his band, Thirty Seconds To Mars, captured a massive fanbase. With all of his exploits, Leto hasn't found the time to reconnect with his former co-stars, and he was notably absent from the cast's digital reunion in early 2020. However, Leto opened up to Variety about the reunion — when asked if he was invited, he mused, "I'm sure I was. I would've hoped. Maybe I wasn't," adding that booking complications may have played a role in his absence.

Devon Gummersall (Brian Krakow)

Devon Gummersall played the role of Angela Chase's lovesick neighbor, Brian Krakow. The adorable brainiac — with his heap of blond curls and his unfiltered wisecracks — won the hearts of "My So-Called Life" fans. As it turns out, the Brian Krakow effect is still as potent as ever. In 2015, Gummersall sent fellow actor Elizabeth Moss into full fangirl mode when they filmed an episode of "Mad Men" together. "I f***ing flipped out," Moss recalled, telling Vulture that she was a die-hard Brian Krakow fan during the show's original run.

Of course, Gummersall has majorly grown up since his "My So-Called Life" days. In 2013, the actor opened up to Yahoo about cutting his iconic mop of hair. "Let's just say I cut it shortly after that show went off the air," he said. "Similar to the show in general, I'm happy with it, I loved it, I wouldn't mess with it, it was perfect at the time, but I probably wouldn't do it again." These days, Gummersall still works in show business. In addition to numerous acting roles, he has also racked up director and producer credits. The hunky entertainer is also active on Instagram, where he regularly posts about his travels and surfing adventures.

Lisa Wilhoit (Danielle Chase)

Lisa Wilhoit portrayed Danielle Chase, the younger sister who always seemed to be stuck in Angela's shadow. Many fans identified with Danielle's eagerness to grow up and to be taken more seriously by the adults in her life. In reality, Wilhoit idolized her older co-stars. After the series ended, she reflected on her experience, telling Lost Extras, "I thought everyone was so cool ... I always wanted to be part of the older crowd. But, I was so much younger and at such a different place than everybody else that I didn't really quite get to hang out with them the way I wanted to."

After "My So-Called Life," the young starlet appeared in numerous television series, including "The Tom Show," "CSI," and "7th Heaven." She was also cast in the 1997 film, "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves!" Her most recent live-action role came in 2008. Nowadays, Wilhoit is best known for her recurring role as the voice of Connie D'Amico on "Family Guy." Apart from the occasional voice acting role, she seems to have stepped away from acting and is living a private, low-key life. 

Bess Armstrong (Patty Chase)

Angela's mom, Patty Chase, was the kind of parent who seemed to be everything all at once: the breadwinner, the nurturer, and the disciplinarian. Actress Bess Armstrong brought enormous heart to the role of Patty — not to mention that iconic long pixie cut. Prior to "My So-Called Life," the veteran actor starred in the series "On Our Own," "All is Forgiven," and "Married People." While filming "My So-Called Life," Armstrong formed a treasured friendship with her on-screen husband, Tom Irwin. "There were several times when we would finish the scene and then Bess and I would just sit there in bed and talk for another hour or two, and just hang out on the set," Irwin recalled to Elle Magazine. "I loved working with her."

In 2013, Armstrong revealed that she keeps in touch with several of her former co-stars, including Claire Danes and Devon Odessa. Plus, she still hangs out with Irwin. "Tom Irwin and I attempt to get together fairly regularly and that's the best 'My So-Called Life' freakout," Armstrong told Yahoo of the show's fans, aka "Lifers." She explained, "When Lifers see the two of us in a booth together and you see their whole reality being rearranged." Today, Armstrong remains a force in the industry. She's made appearances in the series "Switched at Birth," "Bosch," and many more.

Tom Irwin (Graham Chase)

Tom Irwin played Angela's father, the ever-complicated Graham Chase. Graham's storyline follows his own identity crisis as he tries to manage his crumbling marriage while chasing his restaurant-owning dreams. Although his character often struggled to connect with other members of the Chase family, Irwin's real-life relationships with the cast were quite the opposite. In 2016, Irwin recalled a special bonding moment with his co-stars, telling Elle, "I had the whole cast over to this little cabin I had in Laurel Canyon, when I got one of the first laserdisc players. We watched 'Apocalypse Now.'"

Since "My So-Called Life," Irwin's acting career continues to flourish. He has guest-starred on numerous television series, including "Grey's Anatomy," "Saving Grace," and "The Morning Show." His film appearances include "Marley & Me" and "Amsterdam." Irwin is also a stage performer at the Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago, where he has participated in more than 50 productions. Despite the passage of time, the dusky-haired star hasn't changed much since his Graham Chase days.

Jeff Perry (Mr. Katimski)

Mr. Katimski was the English teacher that every student wishes for. The kind, quirky educator was played by veteran actor Jeff Perry. Thanks to his sweet kinship with student Rickie Vasquez, Mr. Katimski was one of the most beloved adults on the series. In real life, Perry's portrayal of Mr. Katimski was inspired by teachers from his own past. In a 2014 interview, the actor paid tribute to a "transformationally beautiful teacher" who helped him discover his passion for acting. "To have a drama teacher as a mentor was just like, 'Oh, what a gift,'" Perry told Cosmopolitan. "And then, here, I can try to do a little honoring of what happened to me."

Following "My So-Called Life," Perry went on to star in the television series "Nash Bridges" and "Scandal." He also played Meredith Grey's father, Thatcher Grey, on "Grey's Anatomy." These days, Perry looks quite different from the middle-aged character that he played on the show. Perry's silver hair is a testament to the decades that have gone by since "My So-Called Life" — but he still has that familiar, heartening grin that will always remind us of Mr. Katimski. 

Senta Moses (Delia Fisher)

"My So-Called Life" wasn't Senta Moses' first rodeo. In fact, fans already knew the junior actor as Tracy McAllister from the first two "Home Alone" films. On "My So-Called Life," Moses played Delia Fisher, the perky new student who finds her place within Angela Chase's friend group. Although Delia initially has a crush on Rickie Vasquez, her romantic feelings evolve into a precious friendship — she is even the first person that Rickie comes out to. In 2016, Moses confessed that Delia's crush on Rickie was inspired by her real-life infatuation with Wilson Cruz. "When I was on set, Winnie [Holzman] asked me how I liked being on the show," the actor told Elle. "And I remember saying to her, 'I have such a big crush on Wilson. I know he's gay but I can't even help it!' And three or four weeks later, there's this whole crazy storyline [where Delia has a crush on Ricky]."

These days, you can still catch Senta Moses and her cascading curls on your television screen. The actor has appeared on numerous shows, including the MTV series "Faking It." In 2009, Moses nabbed a recurring role as Winifred Leeds on "General Hospital." She also co-created an award-winning web series called "Badge of a Quitter" in 2018. In May 2023, Moses supported her fellow creators by participating in the Writers Guild of America workers' strike.

Shannon Leto (Shane)

Savvy fans know that there were actually two Letos on the set of "My So-Called Life." Jordan Catalano's pal, Shane, was played by none other than Shannon Leto, the older brother of Jared Leto. Shane was Jordan's dutiful right-hand man and the drummer of their band, Frozen Embryos. Ironically, the real-life brothers later joined forces to form their massively successful band, Thirty Seconds to Mars.

After "My So-Called Life," the elder Leto brother dabbled in a few small acting roles before going all-in on his music career. Thirty Seconds to Mars was concocted by Shannon and Jared Leto in 1998. Since then, the musical act has released five studio albums and toured numerous countries. In May 2023, they dropped a new single, "Stuck," ahead of their sixth album, "It's the End of the World but It's a Beautiful Day." Leto also works as a professional photographer.

In March 2020, Shannon Leto celebrated his 50th birthday. However, the star seems almost ageless, still resembling the impish teenager that he played on "My So-Called Life."