3 Things To Look For When Buying A Liquid Blush

For most of us, our first experiments with blush involved a small pink or orange square of powder and a small brush. How much powder was put on the brush and how rigorously it was applied determined the final look. Though many graduated to using cream-based blush, one of the trendier types of blush at the current moment is liquid blush, and it's becoming beloved for good reason.


"Liquid blush has blown up over the last few years because of the switch we've seen on social media for more glowing, natural skin as opposed to heavier full-glam looks," celebrity makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran tells InStyle. "Liquid blush gives a subtle flush to the cheeks that looks more natural than powder blush."

There is undoubtedly a liquid blush out there that's perfect for you. But, there are some things that you need to consider and look out for when purchasing liquid blush.

Check out these three key features

When buying a liquid blush, there are three things you want to consider: color, finish, and pigment (via Marie Claire). Color is something you need to think about no matter what you buy, and your best blush color depends on your skin tone. Warmer tones should go for oranges and reds while cooler tones should opt for pinks and berries.


Next, see how the blush will dry. Most keep a dewy or even shiny finish, but like liquid lipstick, some liquid blushes can appear matte when dry. Whether you want a glossy or dry finish may depend on your skin. If it's dry, you may want to steer clear of a matte finish which can accentuate the dryness.

Finally, consider the pigment. Some liquid blushes can be highly pigmented and you likely need a very small amount to get the job done. Start with a tiny, even minuscule dot, when trying out a new blush.

How to apply liquid blush

As with all types of blush, you should start out applying liquid blush right in the middle of your cheeks and then always blend upwards. Never use a downward motion. You want to accentuate cheekbones and bring them up higher.


One of the benefits of liquid blush is that it can be built upon and is easily blendable, as per Allure. Simply apply a small dab of blush on your cheeks with the applicator and then blend away with a sponge or even a foundation brush. Some people layer powder blush on liquid blush to achieve a more dramatic look.

However, if you are like most and trying to go for a more natural look, liquid blush can be a godsend. Makeup artist Tobi Henney says "If you want a more sun-kissed effect, you can lightly apply it across the bridge of the nose where the sun would naturally hit the face." It's also lightweight and perfect for summer looks.