Days Of Our Lives Explainer: EJ DiMera's Complicated Love Life

"Days of Our Lives" fans have come to adore the character of EJ DiMera over the years. He was first introduced as a baby when his mother, Susan Banks, was convincing people that John Black was his father. It was later revealed that EJ's father was none other than Salem's biggest villain, Stefano DiMera (via Soap Dirt). Years later, EJ came to town as an adult. Actor James Scott played the role of EJ DiMera first and won over viewers with his charming portrayal. However, it was soon clear that EJ was a DiMera through and through.

The character moved in across the hall from Sami Brady and the two had instant chemistry. Although Sami was with Lucas Horton, she couldn't deny her attraction to EJ. She turned her attention to Lucas, but when his life was on the line, Sami relied on EJ, and he took advantage of the moment by forcing her to sleep with him in exchange for his help. Sami found out she was pregnant with twins, one of which belonged to Lucas and the other belonging to EJ. Sami and EJ battled it out for a bit, but after Lucas was sent to prison for shooting EJ, Sami and EJ's relationship changed. As their affection grew, they fell in love and had an on-again, off-again relationship for years. 

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EJ married Sami and Nicole twice

EJ DiMera and Sami Brady were a favorite couple among "Days of Our Lives" fans. However, their relationship was also one shocking moment away from crumbling. Although Sami and EJ had many good years together, they also had some very difficult times. The couple were married on two occasions, but could never really seem to make things work.

When they were apart, EJ often turned his attention to Nicole Walker. During EJ's relationship with Nicole, the two seemed like a well-matched pair as they both caused a lot of trouble with their scheming, but also had redeeming qualities. EJ also married Nicole two times and got her pregnant twice. Sadly, Nicole lost both of the pregnancies. One of the couple's messiest breakups occurred when Nicole's sister, Taylor Walker, came to Salem. EJ was infatuated with Taylor and ultimately began to have an affair with Taylor shortly after marrying Nicole. Nicole found out about the affair and later plotted to get revenge on EJ. This wouldn't be the first time that EJ would have an affair with one of his sisters-in-law.

During one of his romantic stints with Sami, EJ found himself entangled in a torrid affair with Abigail Deveraux, who went on to marry his younger brother, Chad DiMera (via Soaps). The steamy affair led Sami to melt down and humiliate EJ on their wedding day. Sami got revenge by taking over EJ's company and fortune and sending him to jail.

EJ DiMera also had a fling with Belle Black

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched EJ and Sami make amends and live happily together until EJ was shockingly murdered by one of Clyde Weston's henchmen in a business deal gone south. Soon after Sami left Salem. Years later, it was discovered that EJ was alive, having been brought back from the grave by Dr. Rolf's serum. Sami rushed to his side and helped him during his recovery. Eventually, EJ returned to Salem with his wife as Dan Feuerriegel took over the role, but was hurt when he found out that she had an affair with Lucas. The couple split and Sami went missing. EJ was the main suspect but maintained his innocence. 

During Sami's time away, EJ grew close to her sister, Belle Black Brady. Belle was having marital issues with her husband, Shawn Brady, and the pair grew close. Eventually, EJ bedded another sister-in-law when he and Belle got intimate just in time for Sami to find them together, per Celebrating The Soaps. Sami officially filed for divorce and Belle worked things out with Shawn, leaving EJ alone again. EJ later reconciled with Nicole, giving their romance yet another shot.

Through the years, EJ DiMera has had one of the most complicated love lives in Salem. However, he does seem to have a type and a pattern when it comes to the women he falls for. Perhaps, EJ will find his long-lasting true love in the future.