Try 'Fruit Juice' Hair At Your Next Salon Appointment For A Pop Of Color

Choosing a hair color isn't all that simple considering how many factors go into it. You need to mind the overall texture of your hair, the tone and undertone of your skin, your daily habits and lifestyle, and so much more. In the end, you might also want more than just a single color or the usual highlights for a more complex look.

If you're looking for something a bit different, fruit juice hair is what you should be asking for at your next salon appointment. As the name is pretty straightforward, it's a fun and descriptive reference — fruit juice hair is actually a color combination that gives off fruit juice vibes, literally. It usually involves a mixture of purple, pink, and peach tones, according to Alisha McAlister, the hairstylist who came up with the concept back in 2018. "It's a mix of blended fruit colors," she shared in an Instagram post, adding that the shade combo is subtle enough to satisfy your color cravings without going overboard. "It's a great way to introduce vibrant and pastel colors," she added.

The beauty of this color combination is that it's not a fixed recipe. Not everyone is going to look the same with the same hair color, and fruit juice hair can be customized to fit your needs and wants. So consider the options and add some fruit juice energy to your hair.

Fruit juice hair for warm skin tones

Good news for warm skin tones out there — fruit juice hair can be the ultimate pop of color that suits you perfectly. "Warm tones in [the] hair are best suited for warm skin tones," hairstylist Jennifer Korab shared in a conversation with Byrdie, and warmer tones are exactly what the fruit juice color mixture typically involves. Your hairstylist will most likely start with a warmer base color, and then they will add highlighting shades like red and orange. This way, the intensity of the vivid colors will remain unmuted while creating a flattering appearance for warmer skin tones.

Colder skin tones can rock it just as well

If you have a cold skin tone, you can rock fruit juice hair just as well as anybody else. Your colorist will assess how to approach the color mixture to complement your tone best and will most likely incorporate cooler shades of red, purple, and pink. They might also want to include contrasting shades like ashy and icy blondes to create additional depth. A more delicate blend is preferred when it comes to fruit juice hair, so maybe skip the chunky highlight look for this one.

Focus on a shade you love most

Fruit juice hair is a tropical bomb of hair color, but if you love one specific shade, why not give it centerstage? Keep within the color palette of the trend and ask your colorist to highlight one or more shades you like most. For example, grape pink is a beautiful shade to feature, especially if you have a colder skin tone. Make it the focus of your color mixture by muting all the other highlighting shades that complement it.

Fruit juice color works with shorter hair too

Short hair is often underrepresented in the hair coloring world, with so many of the trends not making sense if you don't have longer locks. Fruit juice hair color will elevate any shorter do and give it some seriously cool vibes. For example, the micro bob is a super-short hair trend that would pair beautifully with vivid shades of fruit juice hair, creating a visually interesting hairstyle you don't see every day. If you've been thinking of cutting your hair, there's never been a better time than now with the resurgence of this fiery color look.

Go for a subtle fruit juice look

Going red and purple on the hair color wheel can sound a bit intimidating, but it shouldn't stop you from trying fruit juice hair. If you're scared to color your entire head right away, start by subtly incorporating the fruit juice shades around your face. This way, the pop of color will be visible without being overbearing. Ask your stylist for halo highlights to achieve the face-framing color, and then make the rest of your color as subtle as you'd like. You can always go all out if you end up liking the look.

If you want to try dyeing your own hair, there are some solid brands for unnatural colors like peach and plum that are perfect for any DIY maven creating fruit juice hair at home.