Jelly Nails Are Out, But Jello Nails Are Here To Stay

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Nail trends move just as quickly as the other beauty trends out there, which, as we know, is very, very quickly. Over the past few seasons, there have been many new nail trends, since nail art has been particularly popular. As a result, it will come as no surprise that one of the most popular nail trends of recent seasons is giving way to a new version just in time for summer.

Y2K-inspired jelly nails have been in style lately, but there's a new food-inspired manicure finish in town, and it's going to upgrade this see-through, funky manicure ever so slightly. Founder and CEO of Emilie Heathe, Emily H. Rudman, explained to Byrdie, "Trends in the beauty space come and go so frequently, so it makes sense that jelly nails moved aside just in time for Jello nails to take over. The two nail looks are really similar, but with more opacity in the jello trend." If you dipped into the jelly nails trend, you know that these nails revolved around a vibrantly colored, translucent finish with an extra shiny, glossy top coat. As you could probably tell by the names, jello nails are very similar. The only difference is that jello nails are slightly more on the opaque side than jelly nails, so they require a bit less perfectionism than their more see-through counterparts. And, yes –– jello nails look just like jello. We've got all the ways to make this nail trend look just as delicious as it sounds. 

Red jello nails

There's no jello quite as classic as red jello, and fans of TikTok's 'red nail theory' can thank this quintessential nostalgic dessert for this spring's new twist on the classic red mani. Red nails are as iconic as nail polish, itself, and red jello nails allow this classic manicure to look ever so slightly lighter and a bit refreshed and updated. While red nails may sometimes look overly saturated and heavy for the spring and summer months, this is the perfect way to lighten them up and make them look picture perfect all year round. 

Pinks and purples

Pinks and purples are another way to make a warmer shade suitable for hot afternoons and breezy evenings. From lavenders and baby pinks to magentas and fuchsias, there are so many shades of pink and purple that work perfectly with jello nails. Just keep in mind that since part of what makes jello nails pop is their slightly see-through finish, you'll want to make sure that your nails are a bit on the longer side. This stiletto nail shape paired with a fuchsia polish is pinky-purple perfection. 


Just because jello nails are a statement all on their own, that doesn't mean that you can't also incorporate other types of nail art for even more interest. This works especially well if you choose a print that's conducive to sheen, like this chic tortoiseshell print. You could also give yourself a jello manicure with multiple bold, bright colors in a simple print, like stripes, polka dots, or even plaid. If you're feeling particularly daring, mix and match different prints on different nails for an extra eye-catching look. 

Accent nails

Accent nails add a little bit of spice to any manicure, so why not incorporate them into your jello nails? Most people opt for an accent nail on their ring finger, but you can, of course, add your unique nail on any finger you'd like. From painted designs to nail stickers or even just a contrasting color, the options for accent nails are endless. This orange and pink jello manicure with clear accent nails is co cool, because the clear nail really plays into the translucency of the colorful nails in a way that ties it all together. 


During the spring and summer seasons, many of us are in search of yellow nail designs for a bright, sunny manicure. Luckily, yellow jello nails do more than just rhyme; They also shine like the summer sun. For light colors like yellow, you'll need to make sure your base is even. Emily H. Rudman recommends "a ridge-filling base coat to ensure the color doesn't settle into the lines and imperfections on your nail beds" (via Byrdie). Then, add a few drops of base coat to your nail polish of choice to give it that translucent look. 


Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but they're the perfect pairing with jello nails for the warm weather months. The look of these colorful flowers on clear accent nails paired with a coral jello manicure is the perfect summer-y look. For a super easy DIY version of this manicure, just grab some floral nail stickers like this set to add to clear accent nails mixed in with any color of jello nail you like. Make sure to cover your accent nails with the same super shiny top coat you use on your jello nails for a cohesive, shiny finish. 


Marble nails have been all the rage as of late, and since marble is meant to be extra shiny, it's no wonder that this nail trend pairs so well with jello nails. This green and white look is especially chic and somehow also looks pretty realistic. It's also surprisingly easy to give yourself a marble manicure at home, so this is a perfect look if you're in search of an on-trend manicure that you can DIY while still making everyone think that it was done by a pro. 

Bold blue

Blue isn't one of the most common manicure colors, nor is it one of the most common jello colors. Yet, when brought together, this look is fire –– in this particular manicure's case, literally. While the look of light blue flames is fresh and unexpected, there's something about this blue, slightly see-through shade that looks reminiscent of all things water. A wave design, clouds, or suns and moons would go perfectly with this unusual color. For a similar look, a light green color jello nails would be equally fresh and unexpected and would pair well with nature designs.

Modern French

The modern French manicure is a bold twist on one of the most classic manicures out there. The modern French manicure has been super popular as of late, because it works well with the vibrant, bold nail trends that are currently all-the rage. The modern French pairs French tips in different colors with different base colors. Putting this twist on a jello manicure is so fun and fresh. This yellow and pink ombre version is so unique and cool, and it would work just as well in many different color combinations. 

Added sparkle

Jello nails certainly make enough of a statement on their own if an eye-catching manicure is what you're looking for. Yet, adding a bit of sparkle to this already shiny finish gives this look even more pizzazz and sheen. This pink jello manicure has glitter polish on the tips of the nails, which makes for an unexpected detail. Yet, you can also reserve your glitter polish for an accent nail, or even use a light layer on all of your jello nails if you really want to look bejeweled.