Why Gwyneth Paltrow And Brad Pitt Had Matching Hairstyles While Dating In The '90s

You probably associate Gwyneth Paltrow with Goop and all its quirky products (remember the candle controversy?) or starring in a very real yet slightly comical court case. But before the health queen made headlines for organic products and skiing accidents, she caught the media's attention with her relationships.

Paltrow has been married to Brad Falchuk, a television writer, director, and producer, since 2018. Before that, she was wed to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. In the mid-nineties, though, she was dating none other than Brad Pitt; the '90s film star voted "sexiest man alive" in 1995. Paltrow, too, was a big deal during that decade, starring in "Hard Eight," "Shakespeare in Love," and "Emma." Together, they were a "very '90s couple," Paltrow told Vogue.

Though they were both style icons for sure, even the most fashionable can make some faux pas. For example, sporting matching hairstyles at the 1997 movie premiere of "The Devil's Own." Whether you think it's cute or cringe, here's why she was twinning with her boyfriend.

Gwyneth claims it wasn't planned

The year was 1997. Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow had been dating for three years since meeting on the set of the cult classic "Seven." Paltrow and Pitt had recently gotten engaged in December 1996. When they stepped out on the red carpet at "The Devil's Own" premiere, it wasn't their threads that would go down in fashion history but their nearly identical haircuts.

The coordinated blonde pixies were courtesy of celebrity stylist Chris McMillan, who the pair attended separately, Paltrow said on Instagram while promoting Goop's new hair serum. She elaborated that they didn't intend to match each other on purpose that night but just happened to go to the same professional for a haircut. However, it's a little hard to believe that each of their styling teams wouldn't know what the other half of the decade's "it" couple was wearing to the premiere.

Looking back on their style choice, Paltrow seemed happily nostalgic, exclaiming, "Awww, matching haircuts!" when she was first handed the photo during her Goop promotional post. Even though their romance didn't stand the test of time, unlike reappearing '90s trends, Paltrow and Pitt remain close friends. In a 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Paltrow detailed how she and Pitt rekindled their friendship almost 20 years ago after going their separate ways in June 1997. She praised Pitt, "I really love him. I'm a big fan," and detailed how Paltrow's current husband Brad Falchuk feels about her friendship with Pitt.

A '90s fashion icon

After sporting matching hairstyles with her beau, Gwyneth Paltrow redeemed her fashion icon status with her chic, effortless, and minimalistic style. Whether it was tube tops or spaghetti-strapped satin slip dresses, Paltrow proved you don't have to go all out to make a statement.

She created a capsule collection based on "quiet luxury" before either term was trending. Her outfits regularly consisted of staple pieces in monochromatic colors, like a cashmere twin set. Keeping in line with the minimalist vibe, Paltrow frequently donned only the most essential jewelry pieces, such as a gold watch or stud earrings. Brad Pitt has been touted as an overlooked '90s style legend too, but it's hard to tell if he was curating the looks on his own or just simply trying to keep par with Paltrow.

During her experimental decade, we witnessed many different hairstyles that complemented her red carpet minimalist wardrobe (including the Pitt pixie). Many have used her golden locks as a foundation, but once, we saw a dark brunette style as well. Today, the lifestyle guru is the master of the blowout. And during a time when we're obsessed with making everything look fresh and dewy, she has been able to make even her hair look glowy. If our hair looked that healthy and shiny, we probably wouldn't be shy about coordinating cuts with our partner, either.