Outdated Fashion Trends To Say Goodbye To (And What To Replace Them With)

Blindly following fashion trends that appear seemingly out of nowhere can be harmful to your sense of personal style as well as your budget. However, contrary to popular opinion, trends might not just be a marketing tactic that brands plant to sell their products. Think about it like this — farmland needs a change in the type of crop grown every once in a while for the soil to stay fertile. If a farmer continuously grows just corn, for example, the so-called monocropping will eventually lead to soil degradation.

The same can be said about fashion. While some benefit from wearing the same thing over and over again, not everyone enjoys the monotony of a minimalist wardrobe. Switching up your personal style from time to time — by saying goodbye to outdated fashion trends that no longer reflect who you are — can change your mood and general mindset for the better.

An important fashion skill to have is understanding trend cycles to know what's coming back next, so you can know beforehand if something is right for you or not. Luckily, when replacing those pieces that no longer resonate with you, fashion alternatives are abundant out there.

Swap out your micro bag for a more functional style

Micro bags became a huge hit as an accessory when they blew up on the fashion scene around 2018. We loved them, and they were cute for a night out, but that was about it. Nothing about the tiny model was practical on a day-to-day basis as you could barely fit your phone in it. It's time to say goodbye to the micro trend and opt for more functional models that are actually cuter because size does matter in this case.

A bohemian vibe has entered the bag scene, and the micro size is nowhere to be found. Bigger bags are in, and they're slouchy. From medium-sized to maxi ones, you can wear the slouchy models however you like — in your hand, on your shoulder, or as a crossbody bag. These laid-back bags are versatile and practical, allowing you to finally have everything you need on the go with you. If you're thinking about investing, the Teen Jodie by Bottega Veneta and the Lotus shoulder tote by Khaite are elevated classics to consider. For a more budget-friendly option, look into The Hollace Tote by Anthropologie or The Oversized Shopper Bag by Madewell, which are both under $200 dollars.

Classic pieces are dethroning the Y2K trend

It was fun while it lasted, but the Y2K staple pieces in your wardrobe may need to go. The resurgence of maybe the most questionable fashion era is slowly coming to an end, with stealth wealth and classic garments taking their place. It's time to replace your kitschy tops and accessories with more elevated and timeless pieces that won't be going out of style any time soon. According to model Sofia Richie's stylist, Liat Baruch, it's all about centering your look around quality staple garments and not trendy ones. 

"I also dress trendy sometimes, but it's never been what I start with," she shared in a conversation with Who What Wear, adding that dressing well doesn't have to be expensive as so many classic pieces are available secondhand and in great condition. To nail the quiet luxury fashion trend, Baruch recommends purchasing a pair of good jeans that fit you perfectly, quality basic T-shirts, leather accessories, and timeless gold and pearl jewelry.

Leave the block heel behind for the feminine stiletto

Speaking of the return of the classics, the sexy stiletto is making its return to the spotlight. While the block heel is definitely a classic style in its own right, nothing beats the femininity of a stiletto heel. The higher heel elongates your legs like no other and can be worn with casual clothing just as much as with more formal pieces. The stiletto heel can be found on any footwear style, from sandals to boots, and it's appropriate for virtually any occasion. 

You can rock your pumps in a new, fun way by sporting them at the office or pairing them with unexpected pieces like athleisure wear — the possibilities are endless. The best thing about this trend is that you probably already own a pair of stilettos, and if not, there are so many cute ones waiting for you to cop them. For the ultimate classic pair, go for Manolo Blahnik's Campari leather pumps, and if you don't want to break the bank too much, the asymmetric stiletto shoes from Mango are a real bargain.

The biker boot is the new It boot

Continuing on the footwear trends, super chunky soles have been ruling the boot department for quite some time now, and it may be time to replace them with an updated version that's slowly but surely making its comeback. The biker boot is back and hotter than ever, and according to freelance fashion writer and editor Jamila Stewart, it's no wonder we're turning to the cool bikercore aesthetic. "Fashion remains in a constant pendulum swing, and I see 'bikercore' as a kind of antithesis to the super-polished approach to dressing we've become familiar with in the age of Instagram," she tells The Zoe Report

The biker trend is just getting started, and you might want to do your research before purchasing a pair of motorcycle boots. Make sure to steer clear of the fast fashion versions, as those won't last you for too long. Instead, invest in a quality pair that you'll get to enjoy for many seasons to come. For example, Frye's Veronica Harness Tall leather boots are a great choice that's worth the money.

The basic bucket hat can take a seat

This one may be hard for you to hear, but it's time to retire your basic bucket hat. The boyish hat style has been extremely popular in the last few years, and we're making room for statement headwear instead. According to Who What Wear, hats are getting bigger and quirkier — we're talking embellished, oversized, and cool. Headwear is often an underrated accessory that can easily elevate your outfit to ultimate cool girl status. 

If you've been wanting to rock your cowboy hat or that huge straw hat you bought for vacation, now's the time. Pair your statement hat with a casual outfit and watch everyone turn their heads in your direction. If big hats are not your thing, focus on different materials and colors instead, which will make a statement just as loud as sizing up. Willow Lane's embellished western hats are a perfect example of statement headwear, but if you're looking for something a bit more toned-down, a boater hat or a wide-brimmed fedora will do the trick.