5 Skincare Tools That Are Totally Worth The Cost

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Have you ever felt skeptical about the effectiveness of skincare tools, often finding them overpriced and underwhelming? You're not alone. Many tools, such as electric facial brushes and pimple-popping pins, fail to live up to their promises and may even exacerbate skin issues. Facial brushes, for instance, can be too harsh and fail to provide the gentle cleansing your skin truly needs.

However, amidst the sea of disappointments, there are specific skincare tools that are nothing short of miraculous. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they also yield visible and long-lasting effects. These remarkable tools can become your trusted companions for years, provided they are well-maintained. To maximize the benefits of each product, understanding its purpose, proper usage, and integration into your routine is vital.

It's worth emphasizing that consistency is paramount in any skincare regimen. Incorporating these tools into your routine regularly is crucial to reap their full benefits. With their remarkable efficacy and your commitment to consistent usage, you can transform your skincare experience and achieve the results you desire. Discover five skincare gadgets that are totally worth the cost and will change your skincare game forever.

Facial steamer

Facial steaming is all the rage, especially for folks who love pampering themselves with DIY facials. But let's face it, using a bowl of hot water can be a hassle. You must keep reheating the water, especially if you want to steam and exfoliate simultaneously. That's where facial steamers come to the rescue! They're a major step in the perfect facial and a necessary instrument for every skincare lover.

So, what's the deal with facial steamers? Well, these little wonders produce hot steam that softens the debris, oil, and dead skin cells that can clog the pores, making them larger and easier to clean. Unlike a bowl of hot water, the steam from a facial steamer keeps flowing, and you can direct it right where you need it on your face. Talk about convenience! With the dirt and debris loosened up, say goodbye to stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. 

But here's a heads up: facial steamers work by heating water, so be careful not to knock them over. Safety first! Ensure no curious pets, kids, or oblivious adults are around when you're steaming away. And don't settle for a cheap facial steamer. Go for a high-quality one that won't lose steam (literally and figuratively) on you after a few minutes. A good pick is the Nano Ionic Facial Steamer and Towel Heater for $40 (but it comes with pimple-popping pins, so you need to throw them out before you get tempted to use them).

Ultrasonic facial spatula

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn whiteheads and blackheads? Look no further, because an ultrasonic facial spatula might be your skincare savior! This fantastic tool is designed to remove dirt and debris from your pores using ultrasonic vibrations. And here's the best part — you can achieve even better results by applying gentle pressure while using it.

Now, let's talk technique. Using an ultrasonic spatula requires strategizing, so start by mentally dividing your face into four sections. Next, steam each section until your pores are larger and more noticeable. You can now use the spatula to scrape the goo out. Steaming is crucial to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimize any discomfort. The beauty of high-quality ultrasonic spatulas lies in their design, which allows them to reach every corner of your face effortlessly.

Take the GUGUG Skin Scrubber Face Spatula, for instance. The $17 steal features a bent tip with curved edges, making it perfect for exfoliating your nose, those hard-to-reach corners, cheeks, and jawline. Remember to keep a handy cotton pad or tissue nearby, because after each scrape, the spatula will be filled with dirt and oils, and you'll want to clean it off promptly. But what about those stubborn cheeks that aren't as taut as other areas? No worries! Simply use one hand to gently stretch the skin while using the spatula to clean the dirt and impurities.

High frequency wands

High-frequency wands are not your average skincare tools, as these fancy-looking devices have a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Their high-frequency electrical current and gentle oscillations bring a whole new level of skincare benefits. One of their superpowers lies in their ability to combat acne-causing bacteria. Thanks to their antibacterial effects, these wands can efficiently battle breakouts. Just zap those pesky pimples away and prevent them from making a comeback. 

These wands also work their magic on your skin's blood circulation. Improving blood flow brings a fresh wave of nourishment to your skin cells, promoting a healthier and more vibrant complexion. In fact, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences, and Applications found that high-frequency wands effectively treated sagging skin with no adverse effects. Stimulating blood flow and hair growth? Yes, they can do that too! These versatile wands are not limited to just facial treatments. But remember, safety first! High-frequency machines are electrical devices, so it's essential to spend time learning to use them properly for each treatment.

When incorporating them into your anti-aging routine, teaming the devices up with water-based anti-aging serums that actually work is a winning combination. Apply the serum first, allowing it to work its magic, and then let the wand dive deeper into your skin for enhanced results. If acne is your arch-nemesis, use the serum after spot treatments to avoid any potential irritation. Want a high-frequency wand set? Shop NuDerma's Professional Skin Therapy Wand for $99.

Mask bowl and spoon set

The mask bowl and spoon set is an incredibly affordable skincare tool with remarkable utility. If you enjoy DIY face masks, you probably know how hard it is to get precise measurements. Thankfully, this set will give you a convenient mixing bowl and three spoons with clearly-marked measurements. This allows you to measure, mix, and apply your mask all in one place.

Mask bowl sets are typically rubber or plastic, making them easy to clean after use. An excellent option is the Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set, which retails for just $5. It includes a mixing bowl, three measuring spoons — 2, 5, and 15 milligrams — a mixing spatula, two application spatulas, an application brush, a spray bottle, a small soaking bottle, and a sponge. This versatile set is the tool you need to explore various organic mask recipes without wastage or wrong measurements.

LED masks

LED light therapy has gained significant recognition for its effectiveness in treating various skin issues, as supported by numerous studies, such as a 2009 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. The study demonstrated the positive effects of LED light therapy after just 12 weeks. Previously, LED therapy was only accessible through estheticians, but with the rise of home-use LED masks, almost anyone can use them. These masks are designed to focus the LED lights on the face while protecting the eyes.

Home-use LED masks offer different color options, and it is crucial to select the appropriate color based on your specific needs. For example, blue light is ideal for acne treatment due to its antibacterial properties that help combat acne-causing bacteria. If you're aiming for anti-aging benefits, red LED light is your best bet, as it stimulates collagen production and enhances blood circulation. This, in turn, improves skin elasticity and promotes a healthier complexion. When targeting dark spots, use red and green LED lights with any serum that contains skincare ingredients that can treat stubborn acne scars. Red light stimulates collagen production and enhances skin tone, while green light targets excess melanin production, fading dark spots. To maximize the effectiveness, use a good product like the Seven-Color LED Facial Mask, which retails for $77, and a serum that complements your chosen color.