Update Your Classic Manicure With The More Dramatic French Moon Nails

You noticed Lizzo sporting some creative black tips, and your interest is piqued. The French manicure has always been one of your favorite looks, but white is just too vanilla for your liking. You want something darker and moodier to draw a bit of attention but still, look classy.

It might be time for you to usher in the French moon manicure. It's the classic French manicure's tween little sister. It's a bit moodier and has a lot more sass. Plus, if you add a bit of chrome or silver along the border of your tip, you'll find that your nails bear a resemblance to a full moon with the way the nail color contrasts with the black.

The best thing about a French moon manicure is that you can really take it places. The void black makes golden stars, a silver line, or some rhinestones dance off your fingers. It's also one of those looks that can look as sleek on a square tip as it does on a stiletto tip. Check out a few unique examples of this hot trend to mold it to your distinctive personality.

Brighten up your moon manicure with spring flowers

If you've never been a fan of white, then the moodier moon French manicure is right up your alley. It adds a dark twist to your tip that celebrates the void that is the night but still lets the light creep in with the beautiful pale nail bed.

Just because you are going for darker tones doesn't mean your moon mani can't capture the heart of spring. You can add some pop to the style by adding black flowers with white centers to your nails, like nail tech @nails_byjolie. The flowers on the nude middle and ring finger create a cheerful twist.

Liven up your day with glittering moon art

It's important to add a little sparkle to your life, but having a set of chrome nails is getting a bit old. Make an old classic new again by creating a moody moon manicure but with a bit of dazzle.

Nail stylist @summers_nailsspot adds a sparkling twist to the dark tip by adding a dazzling glitter topcoat. The black tips sparkle like the stars in the sky and accent the clear base of the nail to truly look like a full moon night. The star of the look is the galaxy of glitter on the ring finger to truly make the nails twinkle.

Simple moon tip with rhinestone accents

Nail art can't go wrong when you keep it simple. A simple black French tip makes a statement and stands out, oh so beautifully, with your little black dress or at a black-tie affair.

However, it's also important to give your nails a bit of glam. The rhinestone at the base of each finger adds just enough dazzle to make this style classically beautiful but brings the bling. The way the square tips are complemented by the drastic round point of the clear nail bed also makes this nail design special.

Bring the glam with the moon, stars, and butterflies

French moon manicures offer so many different ways you can dress it up that they can be simple to complex. If you want to keep it simple, you can add a bit of glitter where the black meets the clear.

And for that extra wow factor, you could even place a few rhinestones along the base. But @mhrf_11 took this trend to the expert level by the creation of the beautiful black butterfly alone on the middle and ring finger, with each one illustrating a dark wing.

Matte moon nails with a silver twist

Matte black nails are trending all over social media, and you're ready to try them out. But you're also a die-hard French mani fan, and the thought of going solid just isn't in your vocabulary. For a bit of a twist, you might want to try a matte moon manicure.

While the rounded tips are living their glorious matte life, you don't lose the shine with this nail art. Rather a silvery twist is added by a bead of raised silver following along the tip like an alluring silver snake gliding majestically across your nails.

Cheerful flower manicure with a moon tip

You've never been one to follow the masses, and your goth heart has a special place for black. Therefore, the moon manicure just fits your dark soul perfectly. That doesn't mean that you don't enjoy a pop of color here or there.

You can have the best of both worlds by combining your love for the black tip with some fun, colorful flowers. The white daisies with multicolored centers provide just enough color that you feel satisfied but aren't overwhelming your classic design.

Dazzle and shine with chrome moon tips

The moon doesn't just sit in the sky, it shines so brightly that it calls for all the world to come to see it and draft beautiful poems about it. While no one is probably going to write poems about your nails, that doesn't mean they can't shine just as bright as the moon does.

Nail technician @nailsbykarlaa_ brings the dazzle factor up to an 11 with these gorgeous chrome tips outfitted with jewels. The stacked rhinestones on the index and ring finger are truly gorgeous but completely outshined by the line of rhinestones found on the pinky and middle fingers.

Perfectly balanced French moon manicure

Bring some balance to your life by adding yin-yang art to your nails. The yin-yang represents the way the dark and light forces of the universe balance out one another, and it's the perfect way to bring a moon manicure to life.

While the star of the show might be the yin-yang on the ring finger, the beautiful, rounded nails look classic with the black tip. The simple look isn't one that's going to draw in the crowds to check out your nails, but it will match any outfit.

Sparkly moon nails with fall vibes

You love to look up into the sky and see the perfect half-moon. It's nearly as satisfying as seeing that glorious glowing orb in all its glory. Try mimicking that look on your nails with a few fun colors.

@lacqueredatmidnight weaves the perfect combination of night and day using warm fall colors, but you can swap out the colors for any season. The way the tip cuts across sharply rather than following the curve of the nail creates interest, and the pinky brings the shimmer.

Edgy French nails that make the perfect point

Sure, moon nails are fun, but you want something with a bit more edge to it. You aren't one to walk the line of the status quo, and your nails shouldn't either.

The geometric look created by @alpnreh brings the edge you're craving with the simple black lines across the middle and pinky fingers. The thin black tips provide a bit of outline on the ring and index finger that's contrasted with the small glittering rhinestone. These nails are sharp, just like your personality.

Set off the nail bed with a classy moon manicure

It's important to keep your manicure neat. All the rhinestones and glitter are just a little too much for your taste. Neat and fun is more the name of your game.

Nail artist @sarahbnailartist keeps the moon art classic but gives it a dash of edge to make your besties notice your trip to the salon. In addition to adding the French tip on the middle and ring finger, there's a sleek black line along the base of the nail. The double-line design on the index finger also gives this polish pizzazz.

Black-tipped coffin nails that sparkle

When you want your fingers to shine as bright as the diamonds in the sky, you can't go wrong with a French moon manicure with gorgeous rhinestones. Nail expert @xaviet.beauty creates a stunning look by pairing a coffin black tip with a ring of baby diamonds. It's like the moon is literally glowing off your fingers to shine brightly. These reflective nails also make sure the stars are represented by adding larger rhinestones at the base of the nail bed.

Moon manicure with a butterfly bonus

The pages of your favorite Instagrammers are filled with the beautiful moon nail trend. You love the way the black contrasts with the finger creating that glorious orb effect. So, you book your next appointment with your nail guru, but are you truly ready to let go of the classic white?

Add a little flair to your moon art by keeping a little bit of classic like @makeupbymonbooking. The black tip and rhinestones nearly pop off the page, while the classic white tip is the perfect background for the gold butterfly. It's the best of both worlds.

Let the starry night shine

There is nothing better than walking out onto your balcony to watch the stars glimmer in the sky. The radiance of the twinkle is truly a breathtaking moment that makes you realize just how little you are in the grand scheme of things.

Take your love of all thing moon and night to your nails with twinkling French moon art. Nail artist @cbeauty_catherine_creasey lets the stars speak for themselves in this glamorous manicure. These nails show the beautiful moment when the moon and stars align.

Add a swirl to your long moon manicure

When it comes to your nails, long is the name of the game; the longer they are, the better you love them. Just because you like them long doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty of the moon manicure.

Create an elongated moon by adding a black tip to a long, luxurious square nail. @nailsxmelss also makes this look pop by adding white waves and dots to contrast the solid black tip. The silver butterfly and rhinestones provide the right amount of dazzle to make this look stand out against any midnight nail trends.

Silver lining to your moon manicure

You want your nails to flow right off your fingers, which is why you're partial to the almond-shaped nail. It's not as pointy as the stiletto but gives you that beautiful, more natural look than a blunt square tip found on the classic French manicure.

Make your round tip dazzle by adding a silver lining around the deep black like @darcsbeauty. The clean, simplistic look adds a little sizzle to your manicure, like the way the full moon glimmers like a beacon in the night.

Turn your moon manicure upside down

It's always fun to try a new trend on your nail art, and making a classic look new again is just an added bonus, right? You can do that with the moon style by adding glitter and turning things upside down.

@_get_polished_ makes this look sassy by adding glitter on a short, rounded square tip. The index finger switches it up by having the black and glitter along the base. The middle and pinky fingers let the glitter take center stage, while the ring finger adds a little radiance to the moon look.

Bedazzle your moon art with jewels

If your nails aren't making a bold and beautiful statement to the world, why waste your money on that manicure? Make your nails shimmer like that little black dress you wear out on the town through this glittering moon art.

@l.beautebar seamlessly blends the glitter and radiance of rhinestones with a midnight tip. It follows the classic trend of a square black tip but livens up the look with the bold cosmic style by adding circular jewelry to the middle finger and stunning rhinestones to the rest of the hand.

Create a moon nail cut out

It's easy to make a moon manicure your own by adding a few twists and turns to your nail journey. For example, you can add some fun rhinestones, some glitter, or even a cutout design.

Check out this nail style that brings the glam by combining the black tip with a creative cutout. It's like the midnight skies have been opened to let more light in to brighten things up. Sometimes it's fun to take a little piece right out of your nail. 

Cosmic swirls that adore the moon

The sun is great, but the fun comes the moment the sun dips below the earth. It's the night that spices up your life, so it's time to celebrate that beautiful blackness through your nail art.

Make your French moon style a glittery affair by adding some glitz to your black tips. @nails_by_austynstudio also brings a cosmic twist by adding sparkly black swirls to the index and middle fingers. Topped off with a butterfly, this long look is something your friends are sure to adore.

Golden bands of delight to spice up the night

There is no better way to give an ode to a delightful moon-filled night than with a little bit of gold. It's the perfect contrast to the glitter of silvery stars and makes you think of gold hues that liven up the sky before the night reigns.

Take a look at how @nailsbytawshia celebrates the closing of the day with their unique twist on a French manicure. The rounded black tips are expertly lined with a subtle gold band on the index and middle fingers, while the pinky and ring fingers honor the stars with fun gold accents.

Commemorate the milky way with moon art

The milky way is a charming, bright spot in the evening. No matter where you look, you can find a little piece of it dashing across the night with its little swirl of stars and darker center.

Pay homage to the beauty that is the milky way through this nail design by @eimithenailgirl. The index, middle, and pinky show the fabulousness that is the moon nail in all its glowing glory. But the ring finger gives the milky way its due justice with a swirl of black and silver.

Hot moon nails for the flame in your heart

Keep your moon manicure from being boring by adding flames to the look. This sizzling design makes a great addition to a moon mani because they remind you of the bursting of stars and the tails of comets.

Not only does @setbyty keep it classy using the black French tip with glitter accents, but the flames on the ring finger truly make this look echo through the night. Add in the unique oblong border on the square tip, and it's a look not to be messed with.

Subtle moon variation nails for a twist

Trending nail art is your jam, and the French moon style looks like one that would complement your work style perfectly. However, you want your fingers to be a bit more fun than just a few shiny black tips.

Combining the black tip with a point adds a lot of interest to the look, but don't stop there. @high_class_nails creates a show-stopping look by twisting up the black tip on the index finger to look like the tail of a comet.

Create a moody natural nail by adding the moon design

Simplicity is a word that fits your style when it comes to your nails and your fashion. You don't have a lot of time for the upkeep that sparkles and dazzle take. Therefore, you might tend to keep your manicure more on the natural side.

Add some darkness to your nails by coupling a moon design with a few black dots along the bottom of the nail. The design is simple and perfect for a more natural manicure, but the dots add a dash of dazzle.

Sport a simple black outline with a silvery base

When you think of moon nails, you probably think of the black, square French tip and a hint of silver or chrome. Sure, that might be the classic look, but a moon design can look great on a rounded tip as well.

For instance, @powderandbuff allows the look to be all about the glowing of the moon by adding a simple black outline along the rounded tip. Coupled with the shiny silver along the base of the nail, it's a look that makes a subtle but beautiful statement, especially when coupled with the perfect outfit.

Moody moon mani to capture your desire

Blunt square tips have never been for you, even when you want to try a matte French manicure. You like your nails to be a bit more rounded. @polish_vancouverwa designed a moon mani you're sure to adore with rounded square tips.

The black is outlined by a single line of silver that shines and is complemented by the rhinestones on the base of the nails for most fingers. But the ring finger stands out as one-of-a-kind by being home to a creative little black heart.

It's all about those black tips

Typically, when you add a French manicure to a long nail, you extend the border to elongate the natural nail feel. However, it's not a requirement, as you can see from checking out @lovelynailsxbyrhi's black design.

Rather than making the rounded border the hit of the party, the black is what truly stuns. Each crest is set off with a singular rhinestone, except for the index finger. It's bedazzled with a brass skull to add a new flavor to the manicure.

Bling up your French moon with matte black

Dramatic looks add a little heat to your fingers, especially in the cold winter and autumn months. So, just because you want to go with a French manicure doesn't mean you can't add a little bit of bling and variety to your nail game.

Instagram guru @nailzbydarmaris spices up the French moon manicure with a textured twist. Adding matte black squares to the tip creates depth and movement for the nail. The true showstopper of the look, however, is the glittering ring on the middle finger.

Make a moon manicure your Valentine's Day treat

Those days when love and chocolate are filling the air are typically flooded with bright red manicures and hearts galore. Make your nails a little spicier but still celebrate the time of love with a heart's desire moon manicure.

In this manicure, the index and pinky are all shimmer and diamonds with a black tip covered with splatters of black falling glitter like stars falling. The middle and ring fingers take a loving twist with the addition of sketched heart outlines. See, you can show your love of the moon with your nails.

Light up the night with a moon and golden star mani

Who doesn't love to add a little sparkle to their nails? And adding a little sparkle to your French moon nail art is a perfect choice since you can represent all those beautiful glowing stars.

@_thejadeaesthetic crafted a beautiful starry night look on a mid-length coffin tip. The black tip molds into the nail with a perfect round like the rising moon. It's accented perfectly with the large gold stars shining brightly on each finger, surrounded by dots of gold.

Simple swirls to highlight the moon

Variation is key to this look created by @nailsbymehrett. The middle finger appreciates the clarity of a clear full moon rising into the depth of the dark. However, the index and ring fingers start to bring the flavor with their black swirls of delight and corner sweep of black. It almost gives off Jack Skellington vibes with the smooth black swirls.

The pinky also wants its point to be made by creating a sharp border with a bit of swag. It's the total package when you want to capture the swirls and waves that the night sky creates.

Contrasty moon manicure that drips with diamonds

Black and white always make a stunning contrast with one another. This is especially true when you incorporate these two colors into your nail art.

Black and white bring the stars into alignment in this look created by @nails.by_jenn. The index and ring finger use a delicious black and white blend to create a point border on a black square French manicure. The pinky adds a fun side angle, while the beautiful natural middle finger drips with jewels.

Creation of a wintery moon night

The night comes to life when the moonlight glistens off the snow to brighten up the darkness of the world. Capture this feeling of wonder and awe by creating the perfect winter night creation.

The black tips own the night, and the thick silver border glints wonderfully under the light. But it's the intricately crafted silver snowflake that set this manicure apart from its sisters. You feel all those wintery vibes of sitting with hot cocoa and watching the snowflakes shimmer in the moonlight.

Add a chrome and gold shimmer for fun

You can add a bit of dazzle with some gold and silver. However, when you want an all-over shine, you can't go wrong with a chrome or glitter topcoat. It keeps the look classic but gives it some extra "wow" for your black tie event. 

Moon nails add a unique twist to the traditional French manicure with a black tip and some popping silver or gold. You can also spice them up with a few rhinestones or nail jewelry. It's time to make the French moon look all your own.