Frameless Glasses Are Aging You - Try Out A Trendier Alternative To Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

The glasses you wear not only help you see better but they help create your own personal look. One style you might want to avoid is the frameless type. Frameless glasses may be an accessory mistake you're making which can be making you look older than you are.

Glasses that are frameless, also known as rimless glasses, are anything but new. In fact, this type of eyeglass has been worn for over a century and first became popular in the 1880s, as per Vintage Optical Shop. Many people today wear them to try to go for a retro look.

In addition, frameless glasses are also worn by those who enjoy minimalism. With their lack of frames and bare glass, they really are the most minimal way you can wear a pair of glasses. They have no bells and whistles, no color, no rhinestone, and no adornment whatsoever, and that may be one of the problems if you are of a certain age.

Why frameless glasses age you

Unless you are young and intentionally trying to look older, frameless glasses are not your friend. They are actually the style that is often recommended for young people who are trying to look more mature and be taken more seriously such as in job interviews or those who are starting out in their career (via Yes Glasses).

As the quintessential granny glasses, they have typically been the style of choice among elderly women for decades. When people see rimless glasses, many immediately associate them with old people. Consider what you think of when you imagine old women and men in the cartoons you grew up on. More often than not, you'll likely drum up white hair and small circular glasses with no frames.

Yet, it's not only associations that make these glasses make people look older. The absence of a clear bordered frame means that when people see you, they have no distraction for the eye to go to, other than every fine line and wrinkle that is accentuated and possibly magnified by the frameless glass.

Glasses that make you look younger

There are many fun ways to utilize glasses to make you look more young and vibrant, and they focus on color and shape. After all, the glasses you wear every day are an expression of you and you want them to present a clear picture of who you really are. Style is one way to do that.

The shape of the frame is paramount. Cat-eye frames naturally give a lift to the face. In general, you want to avoid sharp edges and pick a frame that goes upward, or at the very least doesn't drag your face down.. You do not want glasses that fall to the brim of your nose so you are constantly looking down.

Color can also make a difference. Just as black eyeliner can look harsh on older skin and is a makeup mistake that can make you look older, so can black frames. Though it's a classic shade, when you pick a bright color, you can add a little oomph to your face. If you pair the color to complement your eye color, that's even better. For a final touch, pick a frame that will also match your hair color, and then choose a lipstick to highlight them all.