Matcha Latte Nails Are The Freshest Mani Trend Of The Season

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You've heard of lemonade nails, now say hello to matcha latte nails. This latest trend is dedicated to the popular drink you can purchase at Starbucks and trendy cafes. Matcha originated in China but became a Japanese staple at the end of the 12th century. That said, this powdered form of green tea has gained global fame thanks to social media. It offers wonderful health benefits, with many people ditching coffee for matcha instead.

Moreover, matcha is known for its distinct green tone. It comes in various shades, ranging from an intense deep green to a more yellow or brown hue. This aesthetically pleasing color palette is making a splash in the beauty world and, more specifically, has become a distinguished nail color option. 

That's because a matcha latte manicure can either be bold or nuanced. So grab a matcha latte and head to your favorite nail salon before your summer vacation for this impeccable manicure color. The looks below can serve as inspiration for your next nail appointment.

Choose a simple solid-colored matcha latte manicure

One celebrity who is a fan of matcha latte nails is Kendall Jenner. The model was spotted sporting this distinct color in September 2022. She kept it simple with a solid-colored manicure, and you can too. Part of the charm of matcha latte nails is that there are plenty of shades to pick from. You can opt for a muted hue like @styledminimalist or a darker or neon-like shade. Popular color options include Matcha by Cirque Colors, So Matcha Better by Sinful Colors, and Love You So Matcha by ella+mila.

Match your nails to your drink with strawberry matcha latte nails

Strawberry matcha lattes and their color combination are irresistible. They also make for an innovative manicure design. @nail.brat created a gorgeous strawberry matcha latte manicure in a pink and green color palette featuring swirls, smiley faces, and of course, strawberries. A similar look involves adding one pink accent nail to a matcha latte manicure. Moreover, you could paint three of your nails in a matcha latte color and add French tips with a strawberry design on two nails like @kimpopnails.

Add a touch of glitter to your matcha latte nails

Explaining the appeal of matcha latte nails, nail salon owner Amanda Lee told Stylist, "The trend can be worn in so many ways: on its own or as an accent colour with a nail art manicure." That said, adding some glitter can ensure your matcha latte nails look the opposite of plain. Gold especially pairs well with subtle green shades, and can be done minimally with a touch of glitter on two fingers. Likewise, accessorizing with gold jewelry further emphasizes the delicate sparkle.

A French matcha latte manicure

French manicure nails can sometimes have a reputation for looking outdated. However, replacing the white tips with a matcha latte shade will reinvent this style. There are different ways to create French matcha latte nails. You could choose one color for the tip of your nails, or if you want a creamier texture to emulate the look of matcha and milk together you can mix two shades of green gel nail polish with a white hue.

Checkerboard matcha latte nails

Make your mani visually pleasing using a trendy checkerboard pattern. This classic design choice is for individuals who aren't afraid to make a statement. It's fun, artsy, and has the right amount of sass. Use this design for an asymmetrical French matcha latte mani that is both abstract and daring. Adding checkerboards as accent nail designs is a clever way to throw in some extra pizazz. You can take the matcha latte theme to heart here and paint a steaming matcha cup on one thumb, and matcha latte art on the other.

Infuse brown accents to your matcha latte nails

Tinu Bello from Mylee nail polish explained to Stylist, "Green is popular all year round, but is especially trendy for spring/summer 2023, as it coincides with nature, green grass, lush tree, and blossoming flowers." She went on to say that white and brown are the perfect addition to any matcha latte manicure. @by.geneve combined shades of green, brown, and white to create what she coined "matcha espresso fusion nails." On the other hand, @naillabbykathryn infused a brown accent into her mani using a tortoiseshell design.

Level up your mani with marble matcha latte nails

Marble nails are a work of art and look stunning on long acrylics. @loveleenailz demonstrates how she creates marble matcha latte nails with an ombre twist on tapered square nails. The manicure has a white and green marble tip that eventually fades into a light pink color, beckoning strawberry match latte nails. As a substitute, you could ditch the ombre and opt for a marble design that covers the entire nail in different shades of matcha latte green and white.

Matcha latte nails with texture

Adding texture to your manicure is an easy way to make your matcha latte nails pop. There's no one way to do this, and the design ideas are endless. Manicurist @myubeauty shared her version of a matcha latte manicure featuring a drip design on the nails and one marbled accent finger on each hand. The result is a unique look that will make heads turn. Looking for something less bold? Add swirls like @thenailangel or letters and symbols like @blingdbyashley, who spelled out her astrological sign using her manicure.

Flowers and matcha latte nails

Flowers can provide your manicure with a soft look that can serve as a nod to the spring and summer seasons. To incorporate this design, you could do two pink accent nails with flowers like @donatam_nails, who used matcha latte green as the primary color of her manicure. @vq.nails did matcha latte French green tips and added white flowers on the nails. However, the flowers don't have to be white. Yellow, blue, or any pale pastel color will complement matcha latte green.

Thai tea and matcha latte nails; a surprisingly good combo

Like Matcha lattes, thai tea is another popular Asian drink. Thai tea is made from black tea and condensed milk, which gives it a vivid orange color. While you might think that orange and green clash, think again. @sunsetdaze_studio showed off an orange and green checkerboard manicure, noting it was "inspired by Thai tea and matcha latte[s]." This is a fun and creative design that gives off summer vibes. Alternatively, you could paint every other nail orange or matcha green for a simpler manicure.

Matcha latte nails can be abstract

Forget flowers or glitter. If you want to make your matcha latte mani stand out, go abstract. @mini_mahni added a touch of white nail polish to the edges of her nails to create an enticing manicure. For something slightly less structured, you can add an asymmetrical design. If you want to achieve this look without having to get them done by a professional, consider purchasing press-on nails like this pair from Glamnetic or Nailesque.

Find balance with yin and yang matcha latte nails

Like ceremonial matcha, the yin and yang symbol is important in Japanese culture. One side represents light and the other darkness. The symbol became increasingly popular in the 90s and has been used on everything from clothing and jewelry. However, it also makes for a powerful yet straightforward nail design. @nailsbyleelah added one yin and yang accent finger using two different shades of green on each hang for her stunning matcha latte manicure. You could also use white and green for the yin and yang design.

Modify a vintage trend

Half-moon manicures became the "it" manicure in the 1920s. Manicurist Jin Soon Choi explained this trend to PopSugar noting, "The half-moon nail-art trend represents yet another interesting variation of the French manicure — it's an exaggerated tip and is akin to negative-space nail art through the absence of polish at the bottom of the nail." Although traditionally designed with red nail polish, matcha latte green will also do the trick for this design. While you're at it, add a gold accent to make the mani pop like @fumicjewelrynail.

Matcha latte nails don't have to be minimalistic

While minimalism is timeless, maximalism can be just as stylish. Take the opportunity to make your matcha latte nails extra with some 3D art. @s.mochi_nails put bow and pearl decorations on her matcha latte manicure for added texture and distinction. However, you can use more than bows and pearls. For example, @otnailz added butterfly charms as an accent on her mani. You could also do 3D hearts. Love the strawberry matcha latte color combo and look? Add 3D strawberry nail charms.