The First Time Andrew Donovan Was Kidnapped On Days Of Our Lives

Andrew Donovan is a legacy character who fans have gotten to know better as an adult. The character — played by actor Colton Little — is the son of "Days of Our Lives" super couple Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady. In 2022, fans finally got to see an adult version of Andrew as he popped up on the soap opera's spin-off series "Beyond Salem." Since then, he's been involved in some big drama, including a kidnapping. It wasn't Andrew's first experience being kidnapped either, as he was also abducted as a young child.

Fans first met the older version of Andrew when he showed up at Paul Narita's doorstep as a member of the ISA. It seemed that Andrew had followed in his father Shane's footsteps and gone into law enforcement. Andrew and Paul shared immediate sparks, and the two worked together to find John Black and Steve Johnson after they were taken by Megan Hathaway. Together, Andrew and Paul helped save the day and reunite John and Steve with their families. They also realized that they had feelings for each other and began a relationship.

Both Paul and Andrew have been seen again on the flagship show in 2023, and the storyline may have reminded longtime viewers of Andrew's earliest days in Salem.

Andrew was kidnapped by his father's first wife as a baby

Andrew Donovan was born in the 1980s to Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady. However, his birth was the center of much "Days of Our Lives" drama at the time. Andrew was first believed to be the son of Victor Kiriakis after Shane's first wife Emma Marshall Donovan changed the paternity test results in the hopes of keeping Shane and Kimberly apart. However, the truth eventually came to light, and Shane found out that he was Andrew's biological father. Emma tried again to ruin the couple's happy family by tricking Kimberly into signing adoption papers. After Andrew was born, Emma disguised herself as a nurse and kidnapped the baby.

Andrew was eventually adopted by a couple named Paul and Barbara Stewart. When Shane and Kimberly finally tracked down their kidnapped son, Barbara refused to give him up, causing a battle for the young boy. After things were settled, Emma was arrested and charged for her scheme. However, there was no clear evidence against her, and she ended up going free. She was later sent to a mental facility, however. Emma was murdered shortly after by Shane's ISA partner, Gillian Forrester.

After Andrew was returned safely to his parents, the couple welcomed daughter Theresa Donovan but struggled with many ups and downs. When they ultimately divorced, Kimberly took the children and left Salem. However, Shane and Kimberly did eventually reconnect.

Andrew was kidnapped again in 2023

In 2023, Andrew Donovan appeared on "Days of Our Lives" yet again after he was taken hostage by Dimitri von Leuschner. Dimitri used Andrew as a way to get his mother Megan Hathaway and aunt Kristen DiMera out of prison. He also used the ISA agent as leverage to grant himself immunity for his crimes so that he could leave Greece and come to the United States, which he did. After having all of his demands met, Dimitri released Andrew, who was returned to his loved ones — including Paul Narita — safely. Dimitri then made his way to Salem, where he moved into the DiMera mansion with his mother and the rest of his newfound family members.

Of course, Dimitri had become a pro at kidnapping by the time he snagged Andrew. Before that, he had been keeping Kate Roberts captive on a fishing boat in Greece before she was ultimately rescued.

Although the character of Andrew Donovan hasn't appeared on the soap opera for long, he has been part of many entertaining and dramatic storylines, and fans have enjoyed every minute.