6 Colors You Need To Start Pairing With Brown ASAP

For ages, black and white were seen as the only neutrals to wear when you weren't exactly sure what outfit to rock. Though the duo goes with anything and instantly elevates an outfit, you may find yourself getting stuck in a rut when they're the only two colors you turn to. Sure, they pair well with practically every color, but they're not the only ones.

Contrary to popular belief, brown isn't a difficult color to wear. If you're looking for a fresher, more approachable neutral to wear, the deep, rich color comes in a variety of shades that surprisingly match almost anything in your wardrobe. While black maintains a reputation of being serious and sophisticated, brown is laid-back, stable, and earthy. However, it can still be luxurious and glamorous, evidenced by Meghan Markle's penchant for neutral-colored outfits.

Getting into the swing of pairing brown with the rest of your wardrobe isn't hard, but it can be helpful to narrow down the things that specifically look good with the underrated neutral. These are the colors you should wear with brown.


This summer, we're incorporating pink in all of our outfits in honor of Barbiecore. With both colors originating from red, brown and pink make a great pair since the former tames brighter colors. From light blush to loud fuschia, adding brown to pink makes the color more wearable for an everyday outfit.

If you're unsure how to match the two, wear an outfit that's primarily brown and add in pops of pink. Whether it's a bubblegum top, pastel pink accents on a skirt, or even a magenta tote or baseball cap, adding a small amount of pink to your neutrals makes the look stand out.


There's something classic about pairing blue with a nice, sturdy brown. Whether it's a baby blue shirt and chestnut brown pants or a navy skirt with a beige button-up, wearing the two colors together will always be a timeless choice. As a derivative of orange, which is complementary to blue, practically every shade of brown and blue can be worn together.

If you want blue to stand out more, pair it with slightly varying shades of brown to switch up your look.


Reds and pinks are typically thought of as flirty colors, but we think purple and brown are just as romantic. The pairing is deep and soulful, with elegant purple bringing out brown's regal nature. Darker, muted shades of purple like plum or violet lean into the neutral nature of brown. While still appearing elegant, there's not a stark difference between the two.

For a more whimsical look, pair your lighter, dynamic purples with contrasting browns. Wearing lavender and lilac with stable brown offers a fun take on the neutral color.


Although cream is not a shade of brown, the pale, off-white color is a great introduction for color-matching your brown pieces. As a neutral, cream can create an almost monochromatic effect if you opt for a lighter shade of brown. This color combination is always easy to reach and looks refined and mature. If you're petite or simply want to appear taller, you can spring for a shade of brown that's closer to your skin tone to elongate the legs.


A classic earthy duo, brown and green are complementary colors. It's hard to disentangle the two from one another since the pair are spotted everywhere in nature. Outside of the muted, earthy take on the two, green pairs well with brown in every shade. While bright green makes brown look modern and younger, a deep, rich emerald pulls out the luxurious side of brown.

However, it can be easy to slip into a militant vibe when the two colors are of similar depth. If the green you're wearing is quite earthy, go for a lighter shade of brown.


The electric effect you get when pairing this bright, golden color with neutrals makes us want to add more brown to our summer wardrobe to wear this combo all season long. Just like pink, yellow is bright and fun, but it can often overtake an outfit. To pare it down while still complementing it, wear it with brown.

It's also a better take on black and yellow which runs the risk of making you look a little like a bumblebee. Rock mustard yellow with rich chocolate brown or pale dandelion with buttery tans.