Orange Mani Inspo For Your Next Nail Appointment

Whether you're a creamsicle-glazed nail fan or more of a simple swirl kind of girl, nothing is more exciting than getting your nails done, and one of the summer nail trends you need to know about is the orange mani. Eye-catching, vibrant, and oh-so-fresh, an orange manicure is the perfect accompaniment to all of your 'fits. No longer just reserved for Halloween, the bold and appealing vibe of orange will make a splash without necessitating a whole new wardrobe.

Sticking to one color doesn't mean your orange nails will look boring. There are tons of different styles out there, from glittery nails to varieties that have actual oranges painted on them. Plus, though orange may be the main color, there's nothing to say that you can't get creative by incorporating other hues like blue and pink for an even more refreshing vibe.

If you're looking for some orange mani ideas to show your nail tech at your next appointment, these are some of our faves.

Orange and white swirls

Make your nails as vibrant as you feel with this gorgeous swirl design. The pearly pink base sets the scene for the bold orange and white tips, making these nails a solid option if you don't want to commit to a fully orange nail set. Swirl nails have been trending for a while now, and there's no better way to embrace the aesthetic than with orange as your main color. Plus, if you wear a lot of neutrals, the white offsets the brightness of the orange and prevents clashing.

Flower power

Flower power nail art is everywhere at the moment, and this orange and red take on the style is super '60s. We love the idea of embracing your inner hippie with cutesy flower imagery, and the orange and red color combo only adds to the groovy vibe. If you want orange flowers instead of red, opt for a lighter base color like cream or white. Orange flowers on a red nail won't show up very well, and, as the flowers are the main attraction for this nail, you want them to really pop.

Dark and light orange

You can create tons of different shapes using contrasting colors, and we particularly love the dark orange paired with lighter orange combo above. A nail painted completely bright orange could be too much for your taste, but by adding in a lighter accent color, you'll have a look that's still bold but not quite as in-your-face. When it comes to picking a brighter shade, look for an orange with red undertones, as shades with red have a naturally more vivid appearance.

Smileys and oranges

The cute mix of smiley faces, flowers, swirls, and oranges on these nails may sound overwhelming, but it actually makes for a fresh and summery look. The pinky base adds depth, while the yellow details accentuate the orange within the design. This nail look is an excellent call if you love to paint things on your nails but still want a relatively low-key style. Swap out the pinkish base for beige if you prefer beige nude polishes over pink-based nudes.

European summer vibes in bloom

You've heard of tomato girl summer, and now you can fully embrace Italian summer vibes by painting tiny orange groves on your nails. We're obsessed with the delicate color palette and intricate details of this nail look. Nails like those above are perfect if you like the color orange but aren't sure if you want to go full out — they have the same refreshing vibe as bolder orange nails but will still match a laid-back summer aesthetic.

Blue and orange swirls

When you think of blue and orange, it probably doesn't sound like a good color mix. However, baby blue and sunset orange make for an unexpectedly dreamy combo. The pastel shade of blue stands out by itself but also accents orange nicely. This aesthetic would additionally work with mint green instead of blue — just make sure to opt for pastel green so the orange can be your main accent color. You can either go for swirls and one or two accent nails or paint your nails fully in your chosen hues.

Orange zigzags

Nails like these are here to make a statement. Though they aren't very practical for everyday life, the cool swirl design has a zigzag effect that will catch everyone's eye. The two shades of orange and the glossy base come together to create an ultra glam look. Add charms like rhinestones or diamonds to your nail look for extra Y2K style. The types of swirls here are zigzag, but you can experiment with different types to switch up your mani.

Light orange ombre

If you're a fan of ombre nail looks, an orange ombre mani should be what you ask for on your trip to the nail salon. The purposeful fading out gives this manicure a delicate appearance, but the bright orange still doesn't feel out of place. We recommend using a pinkish nail base, as a beige one may not fade into orange polish as well. If you want to step this style up a notch, choose a lighter orange for the tips.

Burnt orange

Not all orange manis have to be bright. This burnt orange shade gives comforting fall vibes, but don't let that stop you from opting for it in warmer weather! The simplicity of this aesthetic is saved by the matte nails in the center of the glossy ones. Playing with textures like matte and glossy is a great way to incorporate another layer to your nail styles if you're not quite a nail pro yet.

Juicy citrus

Orange is a color as well as a citrus fruit, and these nails look just as juicy as the real thing. We love how the sleek orange design takes center stage and is accentuated by the glossy orange nails on either side. You could also choose a yellow polish or even a green shade for a contrast that's still within the main color palette. Tip: If you don't feel completely confident in your drawing abilities, look for nail stencils that you can trace or practice with.

Orange and gold swirls

If long nails are your thing, these gorgeous orange nails with greenish-gold accents will be right up your alley. The hint of green reminds us of nature, giving a calming vibe, whereas the matte sunset orange is a beautifully soft hue. As the style isn't overly summery, the nail look above is suited to any time of year. If you want to embellish all of your nails, we recommend choosing gold rhinestones to fit in with the theme. 

Pink and orange glitter

Not quite sure about fully orange nails? These pink and orange nails have hot pink as the main base but cleverly incorporate orange in the center. The glitter and sparkles add a gorgeous finishing touch and elevate the color combination even more. Pink and orange isn't an unusual color mix, but the glitter detail and ombre fade make this nail look unique. It's also fancy enough for a special occasion but fun enough that it can work with a casual summer style too.

Orange and white geometric tips

Geometric nail designs are one of the hottest nail trends right now, and these cute orange and white geometric nail tips are a great way to jump on the trend. Tip nail designs are ideal if you don't like the idea of your whole nail being covered, and they might also be more suitable if your job is in a line of work where elaborate nail designs aren't allowed. This nail look will work on both short and long nails.

Orange, blue, and pink tips

Pink and orange are a classic feel-good nail combination, as are blue and orange, but when you add both colors into the mix alongside orange, the look is taken to a whole new level. Once again, this design is a cool take on the geometric trend. While the colors are bold, the fact that this design only utilizes the nail tips means the brighter colors don't feel overwhelming. We additionally like how the three shades give you much more variety when it comes to choosing what to wear.

Black and orange doodles

Move over yellow and black — orange and black is the new nail polish combo in town. Though black and orange are a little more on the Halloween side, you can offset the spooky vibes with hearts and doodles. Drawing doodles on your nails is a fun way to express yourself. You could write words to remind yourself of things, make patterns with dots and lines, or keep things simple. Whatever you choose, you can make this color combo truly yours.

Dark orange ombre

If you love ombre nails but tend to wear a lot of darker colors, this take on a classic ombre is a solid alternative. The light orange fades into the darker burnt orange/brown tips for a gorgeously unusual take on typical gradation. In general, this nail look has a lot of depth, making it best for longer nails because you can achieve more of a gradual ombre fade. This mani is also perfect for that seasonal transition from summer to fall. 

One standout nail

Can't decide on whether to go fully painted or with a pattern? This nail look with one standout nail is the solution you're searching for. We love how the decorated nail matches the fully painted ones due to the same orange shade being included throughout. You could draw a flower, hearts, or even paint your standout nail a totally different color. If you're going to do the latter, make sure it's a color that doesn't clash too much — orange is a bright color by itself, and you don't want your nail look to appear visually overwhelming.