What Happened To The Cast Of Very Cavallari?

It's clear that reality TV has been very good to Kristin Cavallari, considering that it launched her career when she was just in high school. Cavallari skyrocketed to fame on the MTV hit "Laguna Beach" and later solidified her star status by taking over for Lauren Conrad on its popular spinoff "The Hills." Yet, after that, Cavallari stepped away from reality TV for almost a decade to pursue other endeavors and to start her family. By 2018 though, Cavallari decided to put her life back in front of the cameras again for the E! show "Very Cavallari."

While one might think she returned to reality TV simply because she missed it, there was more behind her decision. "I wanted to bring exposure to my company [Uncommon James]. That's really why I did it," Cavallari explained to E! News. For the first time though, Cavallari was finally calling the shots on a show as an executive producer. She told the Daily Beast, "This is the first show that I can really get behind and say this is in fact me." The series not only featured her then-husband, Jay Cutler, but some of her friends and members of the Uncommon James team. 

In 2020, Cavallari pulled the plug on the show after just three seasons. Here's what the cast of "Very Cavallari" has been up to since. 

Kristin Cavallari went into the kitchen and back to the beach

Just because "Very Cavallari" ended in 2020 doesn't mean that Kristin Cavallari's career slowed down. In fact, it seems the show did as she hoped and brought attention to her business. Uncommon James has since expanded from jewelry to home goods and children's clothing, as well as to a skincare line called Uncommon Beauty. Cavallari reflected on its success in 2022, telling Forbes, "This is the thing that I'm most proud of professionally. Because I'm 100% owner."

Cavallari hasn't just been busy with Uncommon James though since she released her third cookbook, "Truly Simple," in the spring of 2023. It's something she also seems to be very proud of because it reflects how much she's changed in recent years. She explained to The Hollywood Reporter, "I've let go of perfectionism and trying to do it all. ... And it shows through my cooking."

What's more, Cavallari returned to her reality TV roots. In 2022 she joined her former MTV co-star (and high school boyfriend) Stephen Colletti to host the "Laguna Beach" rewatch podcast "Back to the Beach." "It's come full circle — it's what got me here in the first place, and now to go back and do it, it's been way more fun than I ever thought it would be," Cavallari told Grazia. She even went on to merge her two worlds by getting some of her "Laguna Beach" co-stars to star in an ad for Uncommon James.

Kristin Cavallari is now single and dating again

It's clear that Kristin Cavallari has continued to thrive professionally after "Very Cavallari" came to an end. Yet, the biggest change for her seemed to be in her personal life: In 2020, she and Jay Cutler announced their decision to divorce. This seemingly played a big part in why Cavallari decided she was done with the show. ET, "I didn't want to talk about my divorce on camera and have to expose that." 

That said, Cavallari has talked about her split in interviews. The reality TV veteran made waves when she called her former relationship "toxic" on an episode of "Call Her Daddy," and on "The School of Greatness" podcast, she shared, "[The divorce has] been the best thing that I've ever done." She also told host Lewis Howes that she's embraced this life chapter. "That has really jumpstarted my journey on self-love and figuring out who I am now," she said. The mom-of-three started dating again too. 

The former "Hills" star has seemingly kept things pretty casual so far, though her love life continues to make headlines. Since her divorce, Cavallari has been linked to comedian Jeff Dye and country star Chase Rice — but she's not rushing into anything. As she said on a 2023 episode of the "Jennifer Hudson Show," "Until I'm in a serious, committed relationship there's nothing to really report."

Jay Cutler started a business and some drama

The year before "Very Cavallari" premiered, quarterback Jay Cutler made a major life change when he retired from the NFL. And after "Very Cavallari" ended, his life was drastically altered again when he and Kristin Cavallari split. Also like Cavallari, Cutler started dating again, which apparently hasn't been so smooth. As he said on his podcast, "Uncut"(via E! News), "It's hard as hell really. Meeting people is hard. I think finding out what people really want from you." Cutler may have been referring to "Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy, who exposed their apparent fling on social media. 

After that, word got out that Cutler went on a date with actor Jana Kramer. That apparently also caused problems with Cavallari because the two women were friends. On top of that, Cutler wasn't too thrilled with Cavallari's comments about their breakup. When the subject of his ex's remarks came up on an episode of "Sofia With an F" podcast, the NFL alum made it clear he felt she was out of line. "Why are we doing this?" he said. "We're done here."

Cutler has kept busy outside of his rocky love life too. He not only launched his "Uncut" podcast in 2021, but started the beer company, Gratis Brewing, in 2022. Its strategic advisor, Jason Sheer told Nashville Lifestyles, "Jay has been instrumental in all aspects of developing the beer. This is his baby—from creating the look of the can to what goes in it."

Justin Anderson is still besties with Kristin Cavallari

Justin Anderson became a major player on "Very Cavallari" in the final season. Before the show, Anderson was already an established hairstylist thanks to his many celebrity clients and haircare brand, dpHUE. When it came to his work, he once told Art of Being Female, "I love giving my clients an extra boost of confidence with a fresh new do."

Anderson first knew Kristin Cavallari as a client, but the two struck up a real-deal friendship; Cavallari once said of their bond on Instagram, "Longest relationship of my life." What's more, they even launched a collection together for dpHUE. "Very Cavallari" viewers also know that Anderson and his fiancé, Austin "Scoot" Rhodes, moved from Los Angeles to be near where Cavallari lives in Nashville. Since then, Anderson has posted about them not only all hanging out in Music City, but going on adventures together all over the world from Nantucket to Sweden.

While Anderson shared a lot of his personal life on "Very Cavallari," he also dropped a huge bombshell after the show ended. He revealed on the "Scissoring Isn't a Thing" podcast that at just age 18, he had a son with his high school girlfriend, who they then put up for adoption. Years later, Anderson reconnected with his son on Instagram. "I get a direct message from my son," Anderson said. "My family, his family, we all meet up for dinner."

Austin Scoot Rhodes is still engaged to Justin Anderson

Austin "Scoot" Rhodes may be best known on "Very Cavallari" for being Justin Anderson's boyfriend, yet he was actually an internet star long before the show. In 2015, he and his twin brother went viral for coming out to their father on YouTube. "Our hope is that experiences like ours will help men out there realize that in many cases their fathers will be just as supportive," the twins later told Gay Times.

Rhodes had already been dating Anderson for several years when their relationship was highlighted on Season 3 of "Very Cavallari." But it chronicled their move to Nashville as well as how they overcame problems and became much more serious. Anderson even proposed to Rhodes on the series finale but kept it low-key in spite of the cameras. "[I] cooked him his favorite meal and we ate dinner at our favorite cozy place in the house by the fire in Nashville," Anderson recalled to E! News.

These days though, Rhodes has been staying under the radar now that "Very Cavallari" has ended and he stopped posting as much on social media despite his once huge following. He explained on "The Laughing Couple" podcast, "I kinda outgrew that and now I'm just a dog dad and I take care of our life here." Yet Anderson is still keeping fans up to date on their lives on his Instagram whether it's by sharing videos of them cooking at their home or photos from their travels.

Brittainy Taylor is still with PJ Kellogg and became a mom

Brittainy Taylor is one of the few "Very Cavallari" cast members who appears to still be working at Uncommon James. Taylor was depicted on the show as Kristin Cavallari's right-hand woman, serving as the Director of Operations and then the Director of IT. While she told the "Preston & Steve" show that she enjoyed being on reality TV, her main focus was the business. She explained, "Where I've advanced in the company has been my number one and always has been."

Season 3 did cover a lot of Taylor's personal life though, including her break up from her longtime boyfriend, Jon Stone. Taylor made it clear she wasn't happy with Stone, and he suggested to Us Weekly that the show put a strain on their relationship.  He also blasted her for quickly moving on with her next boyfriend, PJ Kellogg, saying, "If you can't see the heartache coming from miles away."

Yet Taylor is still in a relationship with Kellogg and from the looks of her Instagram, they're very much in love. She reflected on their growth in a post, writing, "My how far we've come from ... dragging you on tv with me seconds into dating." The two even became parents after welcoming their daughter, River, in 2022. Taylor has seemingly really taken to being a mother and frequently posts about her daughter as well. For example, in one post, she wrote, "Making memories with you is quite literally my favorite thing to do."

Kelly Henderson took space from Kristin Cavallari but styles other celebrities

Kelly Henderson had a pretty big storyline on "Very Cavallari." The reality show depicted her close friendship with Kristin Cavallari... and then their subsequent falling-out. That drama seemingly started over rumors that Henderson had an affair with Cavallari's then-husband Jay Cutler. While Cavallari didn't believe the gossip, she apparently didn't like how Henderson handled the situation and felt that Henderson had used her for fame. The two women were then never able to repair their friendship even with the show and Cavallari's marriage ending. 

Cavallari did later admit to ET, "The situation I had with my really good friend on 'Very Cavallari' got really blown out of proportion." However, Henderson made it clear on the "All's Fair" podcast that she wasn't interested in making contact with Cavallari or Cutler. "I've kind of gotten some space from both of them," she said (via Us Weekly).

Henderson is still working with other celebrities as a stylist though. It's something she's always been passionate about, telling Nashville Lifestyle in 2021, "I was obsessed with how people could transform themselves." She has some big name clients too, including country star Dierks Bentley and TV personality Bobby Bones. Henderson also has a popular lifestyle website, Velvet's Edge, and her podcast that goes by the same name. When it comes to her brand, she explained in her Apple podcast bio, "Everyone has a little Velvet and a little Edge, I'm just here to help people feel comfortable with that."

Shannon Ford is still on bad terms with Kristin Cavallari

Shannon Ford is another "Very Cavallari" alum who isn't on great terms with Kristin Cavallari. That shouldn't come as a surprise — don't forget Cavallari fired Ford from Uncommon James during Season 2. What's more, Ford told "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation" that producers originally assured her that she'd stay on the show regardless. Alas, Cavallari apparently put the foot down on that. "I think Kristin and I just had some personal beef. It extended past just being fired from the job," Ford explained.

And that was that for Cavallari and Ford. "I haven't spoken to her since the day I walked out of the office," Ford said in 2021, adding that she even ignored a message Cavallari sent her regarding work. It also probably didn't help that Ford was seen out with Cavallari's ex, Jay Cutler, after their split. (Ford clarified on "Not Skinny But Not Fat" that it was nothing more than a casual and friendly group hangout.) 

From the looks of Ford's Instagram, she appears to be her own boss these days, working as a model and influencer. She also has her own podcast, "Probably A Podcast," which is seemingly doing well enough for her to start doing live shows for it. Ford also broke up with her boyfriend from "Very Cavallari," musician John Gurney, and is now in a long distance relationship with UK-based fitness coach, James Middleton. She gushed on Instagram, "I've spent the most memorable, magical, and serendipitous year with you."

Reagan Agee left Nashville after getting fired

Reagan Agee was another Uncommon James employee who didn't make it to Season 3 on "Very Cavallari" because she too was fired by Kristin Cavallari. Yet Agee later admitted on the "Mouthing Off" podcast that she only worked for the company after she joined the reality show cast, which is probably why her role as an "assistant" was so unclear. She explained, "I definitely didn't want to sell jewelry."

Unfortunately, like Shannon Ford, getting fired from Uncommon James meant that Agee was also kicked off the show. However, she revealed her firing had nothing to do with her actual work. It was apparently because she called Cavallari's then-husband, Jay Cutler, a "little b**ch" on the show. Agee didn't buy that reasoning though. "She had to come up with something to get rid of me," Agee said. "I was furious." Not surprisingly, Agee then had no problem putting Cavallari on blast, claiming she didn't like other people on the show stealing her spotlight.

While Agee is obviously no longer friendly with Cavallari, she's seemingly still close with Ford, as the two often post photos together on Instagram. Agee has since left Nashville though and moved back home to Alabama where she started her own business.. She shared in a post, "I have my very own urban oasis beauty salon. It is everything I ever dreamed of and more."

Colby Dee Coskery is engaged to someone she met on the show

Colby Dee Coskery doesn't work at Uncommon James anymore, but unlike some of her co-stars, she left the company after "Very Cavallari" concluded. Coskery was the Director of Customer Experience but, per her LinkedIn, left the company in October 2021 for a similar role at a different business. Yet Coskery seems to regard her time at Uncommon James and on "Very Cavallari" fondly because it's how she met her fiancé, Cole Monahan. She even shared the clip of their meeting from the show on her Instagram, writing, "The day everything changed, ... The day I met the love of my life while filming a reality show."

Since the show ended, Coskery and Monahan went on to have quite a love story, not only getting engaged but overcoming being long distance. They explained on their wedding website, The Knot, "Due to a job opportunity, Cole moved to Colorado. They then spent what felt like 2 of the longest years apart." Fortunately, Coskery was able to find a remote job and eventually join Monahan. However it apparently wasn't easy for her to leave Nashville either since it had been such a special place for her.

These days though, Coskery and Monahan are now living in Georgia and she's working as a customer service manager for a clothing company. While this job doesn't come with a TV show, she seems to really be enjoying working with the new team.

Jon Stone has other reality TV connections

Jon Stone and Brittainy Taylor's breakup was a big part of Season 3 of "Very Cavallari,” which seemed to be hard on the singer-songwriter/producer. "I will tell you the weird part is where the relationship blurred between reality and television," he told Us Weekly. "It was almost like we forgot that this is a show for entertainment purposes and on the network [E!] Entertainment." 

Stone doesn't seem to have a connection to anyone from "Very Cavallari" anymore, but he still has reality TV ties. In May 2023, he shared on Instagram that he was staying at "The Real Housewives of New York City" legend Jill Zarin's home, calling her "my friend." Weeks later, Stone worked with Ian Flanigan, who was a contestant on "The Voice." Stone wrote in a post, "Finally got a chance to connect at a festival we both were playing at, decided it would be in both our best interest to ... make some recorded music."

All in all, it seems that each member of the cast of "Very Cavallari" is doing well these days, whether or not they left Uncommon James or the series on bad terms. In fact, for many of them, the show helped pave the way for new relationships or career opportunities. And of course they're now able to look back at a special time in their lives by streaming old episodes just like the rest of us.