Wyatt Spencer's Complicated Love Life On The Bold And The Beautiful

Wyatt Spencer has been through a dizzying amount of relationships on "The Bold and the Beautiful," with actor Darin Brooks recently celebrating 10 years on the soap. Wyatt first became enthralled by Hope Logan (then Kimberly Matula) after she spotted him taking a shower outside at the Big Bear campground. When she started hanging out with Wyatt, her ex-boyfriend, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), became insanely jealous. 

At one point, Hope happened to notice that he wore a sword necklace like Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), and it was soon discovered that Wyatt was his son, making him Liam's brother. Angry that his mother, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), had kept his dad's identity secret his whole life, Wyatt decided to move in with his newfound father and brother. Hope was engaged to Liam, and when Wyatt kissed her, Liam angrily punched him in the head. She then produced a fashion line called Hope for the Future. 

When Hope met Wyatt's mother, she included some of Quinn's jewelry designs in her line. Hope was back with Liam by this stage, and the two were planning to get married, but on their wedding day, she found out he'd secretly seen his ex, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Hope broke things off and ran away to Hawaii with Wyatt.

Wyatt's ex complicated matters when she arrived

Eventually, Hope Logan got back together with Liam Spencer again. Quinn Fuller was going to kill Liam, but Wyatt Spencer managed to stop her from offing his brother. Wyatt and Hope soon got married on a yacht. But, after she fell pregnant and subsequently had a miscarriage, Hope divorced him. Wyatt later had a brief fling with Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards), but then he started to develop feelings for Steffy Forrester, who was still hung up on Liam. 

Liam, meanwhile, had been seeing Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) but he ultimately left her for Steffy. Wyatt and Ivy later hooked up, but that was short-lived too because she kissed Thomas Forrester (then Pierson Fodé), effectively ending things between them. Steffy was upset when Liam disappeared, so she turned to Wyatt for comfort, and the two gradually fell for each other, and eventually got married. Wyatt found out that Quinn had captured Liam, and was able to free his brother, but Liam still had eyes for Steffy. 

Steffy and Wyatt ultimately got a divorce, and she then got back together with Liam. Bill's ex-wife, Katie Logan (Heather Tom), and Wyatt found they were attracted to each other and soon he proposed, angering his dad. But, that relationship didn't last either, so Wyatt started romancing his friend, Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). However, Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) had arrived in Los Angeles and it was shockingly revealed that she was Wyatt's ex-girlfriend.

Flo may still be out there waiting to pounce on him

When he learned that Sally Spectra was getting close to Thomas Forrester, Wyatt Spencer left her, before quickly resuming his relationship with Flo Fulton. Unfortunately, Flo was involved in a dastardly scheme that made Hope and Liam think their baby had died, so Wyatt dumped her. Sally and Wyatt eventually reunited, but he broke things off when she referred to him as Liam while they were in bed. He started to gravitate back to Flo after forgiving her for being involved in the baby swap, and the two started things up again. 

She even encouraged him to take care of Sally, who was dying, but things quickly turned around when it was revealed that Sally was not only faking but also kidnapped Flo when she figured it out. Ultimately, the two agreed not to call the cops in exchange for Sally exiling herself. Once Wyatt convinced his family to give Flo a second chance, he proposed to her. But Flo has supposedly been away on business and has yet to return. 

Fans have also barely seen Wyatt on the show recently but he's still around, often acting as a sounding board for Liam. Actor Darin Brooks has stated that he's not going anywhere anytime soon and recently commented that Wyatt has grown as a character and Brooks would like to see him eventually battling his brother for control of Spencer Publications. Whether or not Wyatt gets a happy ending with Flo or someone else remains to be seen.