Summer Makeup Trends To Have On Your Radar In 2023

Looking to change up your makeup this summer? With the warm weather comes an urge to add something new to your regular makeup routine, and just like with every season, an abundance of trends have popped up to help you do just that.

If you're searching for looks that are perfect for beach days with your friends but also need an extremely glittery eyeshadow combination for when you're tearing it up on the dancefloor, the makeup trends for summer 2023 have you covered for every occasion under the sun (and moon).

The beauty of makeup trends is that you can take inspiration and then adapt the trends to your specific style and aesthetic to create something that suits you. From frosted eyeshadow and pink literally everywhere (we're looking at you, "Barbie" movie) to dewy skin and a new contour technique, there's a little something for everyone.  Find your new fave makeup trend below and start practicing your technique so you can slay all summer 2023.

Invisible brows

Also known as barely-there brows, the invisible brow trend has been around for a while now. Similar to the bleached eyebrow trend (there's a lot of overlap), celebs including the Hadid sisters, Halsey, and Lizzo have all rocked a variant on the no-eyebrows look, and now it's your turn to try. You can bleach your brows if you want to fully commit to the trend, or just lightly fill in your natural brows with a tint that's close in color if you're scared of looking alien-esque.

Glazed lips

Another trend that has been on the makeup scene for the past few months is the glazed lip trend. Glazed lips are essentially just lips that feature a major shine and an almost wet look, so stock up on your fave lip glosses or lip oils. For extra color payoff, start out with a lip tint or matte lipstick before going in with your gloss. You could even layer up your products for glaze on glaze (though you might want to pin your hair back to avoid sticky strands).

Rosy cheeks

This summer's blush trend is not for the faint hearted. Less natural flush and more "just got back from a sweaty run" kind of vibe, 2023's summer blush trend is not to be missed. To achieve the rosy cheeks look, you'll need a blush that features a bright pink pigment. Coral, browns, and peaches have been pushed aside in favor of pinks so bold you'll feel like Barbie just looking at them. Don't be afraid to layer your blush, either — the whole point of this look is to ensure your blush can be seen from miles away.

All things pink

Speaking of Barbie, Barbiecore is a major summer 2023 makeup trend. For this makeup style, you'll need — can you guess? — tons of pink. We're talking Barbiecore essentials like pink glittery eyeshadow, pink blush, and, of course, pink lipstick or gloss. The cool thing about Barbiecore is that you don't actually need to stick to one shade of pink. Light pink, hot pink, fuchsia, magenta; the list goes on. Whatever your preferred shade, Barbiecore summer shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, so we recommend stocking up on at least one pink lipstick.

Dramatic grungy lashes

You may be shaking your head at the thought of grunge-inspired makeup being a summer trend, but, as Milk Makeup's artistry director Sara Wren told Byrdie, grunge glam is definitely sticking around. According to Wren, achieving the grunge glam trend in summer just means shifting more of a focus onto mascara rather than full-out grunge makeup. Embrace the "girly goth" trend with a heavy mascara that will add drama to your makeup looks without looking at odds with your summer fits.

Frosted eyes

Another eye makeup trend but this time with a heavy dose of '90s nostalgia, frosted eyeshadow is back for summer '23. This trend leans into cool toned shades like silver, lilac, and baby pink — think diamond shimmer but turned up to an 11. Because this eye look is glam, it's perfect for occasions like birthdays or nights out. However, if you're not a fan of heavy makeup, you could simply use a teeny bit of frosted eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes instead. 

Colorful eyes

A far cry from the silvery moonlight-esque vibe of frosted eyeshadow, this trend is all about adding a pop of color. You don't actually have to stick to just eyeshadow for this one. A pop of color could be anything from standout blush to blue eyeliner. Speaking to Who What Wear, celeb makeup artist Brooke Simons recommended colored mascara, adding that you may need to do a few coats for a visible effect. If colored mascara isn't your thing, a bright lipstick used in an otherwise natural makeup look is a great way to partake in the trend.

Bronze goddess glow

A tan in summer? Groundbreaking. No but really, summer 2023's take on the bronze goddess look is all about looking sun-kissed without any sitting out in the sun required.  All you need is a cream bronzer stick — per Byrdie, Sara Wren suggests blending your bronzer with moisturizer for a healthy glow. It may sound counterintuitive, but wearing bronzer to the beach will help to give you that lit-from-within look at the very beginning of your trip, not after hours of sunbathing. If you do plan to enjoy the sunshine, don't forget your SPF!

Fresh and glowy skin

Many people prefer a natural, fresh faced look during summer, but this year's take on the trend prioritizes skin that glows brighter than the moon during both day and night. Also referred to as cloud skin, minimalist makeup and dewy skin is here to stay. Per Who What Wear, Brooke Simons recommends using a highlighter balm on the parts of your face you want to glow like your cheeks and lips. SPF will also help to give you a dewy glow, so make sure to put on plenty of it.


The last beauty trend you should be looking out for in summer 2023 is underpainting.  Pioneered by makeup artist Mary Phillips, who counts Hailey Bieber and Camila Morrone amongst her clients, underpainting could be the trend for you if you hate the look of overpowering contour. Instead of doing your contour in the usual way (i.e., on top of your base makeup), Phillips applies contour before foundation. The effect will be contour that's just barely visible for a much more natural appearance. This trend also pairs well with the bronze goddess trend, leaving you looking tan but in a lowkey way.