The Perfect Makeup Looks To Pair With The Dark Bimbo Aesthetic

Influencers are reclaiming the word "bimbo" — after all, it's high time to embrace our sexuality and femininity with pride. What was once an insult meant to diminish women for caring about our looks has become a popular beauty and style aesthetic. We no longer subscribe to the idea that a bimbo is a "beautiful but stupid" woman. These days, the bimbo aesthetic is simply an expression of personal style meant to highlight and celebrate our sultry, feminine features.

Bimbo fashion consists of fun and flirty fashion that hugs your curves, with accessories and makeup that give off hyper-feminine vibes. The bimbocore makeup aesthetic that accompanies many of these iconic looks pulls inspiration from looks that date back nearly 100 years to the time of "the vamps and flappers of early Hollywood movies," according to Byrdie. The style and makeup trend found its way into the mainstream back in the 2000s when stars like Pamela Anderson rocked ultra-thin eyebrows, dark lip liner, and shimmery shadows that accentuated her cheekbones. This time around, makeup artists and influencers are adding a dark flare to the beloved trend, creating the "dark bimbo" aesthetic that has taken TikTok by storm.

If you're hoping to indulge in the sultry "dark bimbo" aesthetic this spring, consider these makeup designs to complete your look.

You can never go wrong with a sharp wing

Bold eyeliner is a staple of the dark bimbo aesthetic, and Instagram user @vl4zi takes the classic look to the next level. Not only does she paint a perfectly sharp wing to either side of her eyelids, but she adds a few baby wings under her waterline, giving the illusion of long, luscious eyelashes. She then uses white eyeliner to add dimension and bring her eyes front and center. This look is perfected with a dark lip and some faux freckles, achieving peak dark bimbo vibes.

The dark bimbo aesthetic is all about the liners

To achieve the ultimate dark bimbo aesthetic, reach for your favorite black and brown liners. TikTok creator @sheasophia shared a makeup tutorial she calls "dark fem energy," combining soft, neutral eye makeup with dark, heavily lined lips. We love the addition of light-colored eyeliner in the waterline to really make her eyes pop without the need for heavy shadows. If you're a makeup novice, applying lip liner might initially seem intimidating, but practice makes perfect! The dark bimbo aesthetic leaves room for some stylish smudging around the corners of your eyes and lips.

This retro bimbo look is simple and chic

The dark, dewy lips and shimmering shadows that we adored at the turn of the century are making a comeback once again, but this time with a gothic twist. Channel your inner sultry, dark bimbo on your next night on the town with this stunning glam makeup look. Creator @psychograndma showed her Instagram followers exactly how she brings the beloved trend into the 21st century, complete with bright red lips, thin, defined eyebrows, and a subtle smokey eye that draws attention towards her gorgeous blue eyes. 

Commit to the aesthetic by shaving your eyebrows

One of the most dominant trends that makes the dark bimbo aesthetic unique is the focus on bold eyebrows. They can be extra thin and sharp or bushy and dark, but whichever way you decide to style them, it's important that they stand out. TikTok user @pi3rcemusic fully committed to the blocked brow look by shaving off the ends of her eyebrows, making it more manageable to style when she does her gothic-inspired makeup. 

Dark bimbo makeup looks great on every skin tone

If you're feeling discouraged about trying a trend because you can't find the look represented on someone who looks like you, you might try it and become that representation for others. We love the dark bimbo aesthetic because it looks incredible on everyone, and TikToker @mariatoukebe proves it. She found dark bimbo inspiration featuring pencil-thin brows, shiny eyeshadows, and matching silver lips, and recreated the look on her dark complexion. The results are absolutely stunning.

Add a pop of color to your dark bimbo aesthetic

If you're looking for a bold way to channel your inner dark bimbo without giving up the vibrant colors in your eyeshadow palette, try incorporating your favorite shades into your dark glam look! Artist and drag queen @narcissawolfe knows exactly how to brighten up the dark bimbo aesthetic with a pop of purple. Her purple smokey eye is perfectly complimented by a shimmering violet lipstick, while her thin brows and sharp wings maintain a subtle, yet effective, dark bimbo look.

Let your lashes do the talking

Instagram user @tattdglamqueen shared her interpretation of the viral aesthetic, enhancing her natural beauty with just a touch of dark bimbo influence. While her subtly lined lips and light eyeshadow embrace the softer side of current makeup trends, her voluminous eyelashes give this look the extra pop of drama every dark bimbo aesthetic needs. This subtle glam look is perfect for practically every outfit and occasion, making it the ideal makeup look for beginners looking to try out the dark bimbo trend.