All Of Diane's Husbands On The Young And The Restless

Diane Jenkins is no stranger to scandal and drama on "The Young and the Restless." From her fake death to hidden secrets and a long list of rivals, she has kept things interesting, particularly regarding her love life. Her crimes often revolve around the men she is romantically involved with, adding a "Diane touch" of vengeance.

From epic catfights to stolen sperm and even attempted murder — Diane has certainly kept herself busy in Genoa City's tangled web of lies, secrets, and deceit. While Victor Newman takes the cake when it comes to marital escapades, with a whopping 14 marriages and countless affairs under his belt, Diane's story has been far from dull.

She has captivated audiences and kept them glued to their seats with her three marriages and multiple affairs. So, let's stroll down memory lane, starting from her first marriage, leading up to the latest July 2023 episodes, where she plans to tie the knot for the fourth time.

Andy Richards, 1983–1984

Diane's relationship with Andy began after she realized that her connection with Jack Abbot was a lost cause. After Jack rejected her again, she finally gave in to Andy, declaring that she would marry him "now, today, tomorrow, whenever you want," per Global News. Without wasting any time, they had a whirlwind wedding on the same day. However, just as Diane thought she had moved on, Jack, plagued by indecision, professed his love and desire to be with her, leaving Diane torn between two men.

The situation took a turn for the worse when Jack sent her flowers, pushing Andy to his breaking point. A heated altercation ensued between Andy and Jack until they were pulled apart. Not surprisingly, Jack's persistence paid off, and he and Diane began an affair. Unbeknownst to Diane, Jack was also involved in another affair with Lindsey Wells. Jack intervened before Andy could reveal this truth to Diane, manipulating the situation and convincing Diane that he had planned a romantic date to profess his love and propose. Believing a proposal was imminent, she informed Andy of her desire for a divorce.

Unfortunately, instead of an engagement ring, Jack presented Diane with a bracelet, leaving her disappointed and clinging to false hope. When she eventually discovered the affair, Jack chose Lindsey, and she left town heartbroken. After some time away, Diane realized she still loved Andy and returned to Genoa. However, Andy had already moved on and married Faren Conner so she left again.

Victor Newman, 1997–1999

A decade later, Diane made her dramatic return to Genoa City, and it didn't take long for the sparks to fly between her and Jack again. Just as he was ready to take things to the next level, Victor Newman entered the picture. As a longtime rival of Jack, Victor was determined to win her over. He began with flirting and subtle displays before offering Diane a job to bring them even closer. Victor invited her on his private jet for a business trip and proposed.

The love bombing worked its magic on Diane, and she said yes to Victor. Victor and Diane's marriage started well as Victor developed real feelings for her. However, trouble soon brewed in paradise when Diane she that Victor had undergone a vasectomy at the request of his ex-wife, Nikki Newman. This revelation hit Diane hard, as she had longed for a child of her own. As if things couldn't get more painful for Diane, Nikki was shot by her current husband's vengeful ex-wife.

Victor asked Diane for a divorce so he could marry Nikki one last time before she died. Unfortunately for Diane, Nikki survived, and the two rekindled their love and remarried. Feeling scorned and betrayed, Diane discovered that Victor had frozen sperm and tried to steal it, but unknowingly ended up pregnant with another person's baby due to Nikki's meddling. When the paternity results revealed that the baby was not Victor's, Diane left Genoa City.

Diane's flings

Diane's flings may not have resulted in marriages, but they certainly added fuel to the fiery drama surrounding her. After Nikki revealed that Jack was the father of Diane's baby, a compromise was needed. Phyllis Summers, Diane's longtime rival, was still married to Jack but unable to have children. The three adults agreed that Diane could live in the pool house so Jack could be near Kyle. However, this arrangement only led to more fighting.

Diane, however, took things too far when she attempted to set Phyllis up for attempted murder. When Jack discovered her manipulative actions, he blackmailed her for custody of their son, Kyle. The intense situation drove Diane into the arms of Andy, who had recently returned to Genoa City after his divorce. But this fling didn't last long. Diane needed a job, so she fabricated a story to Tucker McCall, claiming to be a partner in the Toronto company she had previously worked for.

Tucker fell for her deception and offered her a job, quickly leading to an affair, despite Tucker being married. However, Phyllis published an exposé that exposed Diane's lies, leading Tucker to rescind his job offer. Feeling cornered, Diane attempted to blackmail Tucker with their affair, but he saw through her bluff. Diane continued her quest for financial security and found herself romantically entangled with Victor and his son Nick Newman. It was certainly a busy season for Diane.

Victor Newman, again in 2011

Victor Newman's tumultuous relationship with Diane took another dramatic turn when he discovered her in a compromising position with Nick. Instead of getting angry, Victor used it to woo Diane even more, proposing and publicly claiming that they were together. However, their relationship hit a rocky patch when Victor returned home one day to find an empty house, except for Nikki. In a moment of restlessness, Victor and Nikki ended up having an affair, and Diane caught them in the act.

Although hurt and angry, Diane kept quiet about what she witnessed. Feeling guilty, Victor decided to marry Diane without even asking her, as he and Nikki had previously agreed that their affair was a mistake. Unfortunately, Victor's irresistible pull towards Nikki led him to sleep with her again, months after marrying Diane. Once again, Diane caught them in the act, but this time she took incriminating pictures. Victor decided to annul the marriage, but when he saw Nikki having dinner with Deacon, he changed his mind.

However, the rollercoaster of their relationship didn't end there. Victor discovered Diane's planned meeting with Tucker and insulted her before taking away everything he had given her. Feeling scorned and abandoned, Diane teamed up with Adam Newman to fake a miscarriage to manipulate Newman's stocks. When Victor discovered the truth, he threw her out of the moving ambulance. Diane retaliated by releasing the compromising pictures she had taken of Nikki and Victor.

Jack Abbot, today

Diane realized that she had managed to anger almost everyone in Genoa City and decided that the path to redemption was to leave. She attempted to blackmail Victor and then Ashley, but neither yielded the desired results. Eventually, with the help of Deacon, Diane faked her death, leaving Kyle, Jack, and Genoa City behind.

The "Young and the Restless" threw a curve ball and Diane resurfaced in 2020. At that time, Jack was still involved with Phyllis, but her constant bickering with Diane led to a breakup. This separation allowed Jack and Diane to rekindle their decades-long romance, much to the disapproval of Phyllis, Nikki, Ashley, and even their son, Kyle. Despite the skepticism, Jack appeared unwavering in pursuing Diane's love. In a March 2023 episode, Jack proposed to Diane, and she happily said yes. Up until that point, the couple had a relatively smooth journey.

As for whether this union will last this time, only time will tell. It's clear that Jack is determined to make it work, even in the face of opposition. Whether they can overcome their complicated history and the challenges ahead remains to be seen. But in Genoa City, anything is possible, and we can't help but hope for a happily ever after for Jack and Diane.