Gwendlyn's Public Wedding Album Is Missing Dad Kody (Some Say It's What He Deserves)

Gwendlyn Brown married her longtime girlfriend, Beatriz Queiroz, on July 15, and no sooner than they said their "I dos" did the family start sharing adorable photos on social media. "Sister Wives" fans were delighted seeing the happy photos but also were looking to see if Kody Brown attended his daughter's wedding.

Kody's relationship with his children has been strained, particularly since many of the older children have spoken out about how they feel about him as a father and how he treated their mothers. Gwendlyn has said she feels that her dad is manipulative on her YouTube channel and says she believes Kody changed now because when they were young children, they didn't have opinions and were compliant. Compliance played a part in Kody wanting his sons Gabe and Garrison thrown out of their mom Janelle's house during the COVID pandemic when he didn't feel they were following his rules correctly. It was the infamous scene where Kody said to Janelle, "They are adults, bye, bye" while he mockingly swept his hands to one side (via ET).

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Gwendlyn said that both Kody and his remaining wife, Robyn, were invited, but no one knew if they would show up. "We've kind of been like, shunned," said Gwendlyn (via In Touch Weekly). "I don't think he wants anything to do with the rest of us. I really hope they do come."

Kody was at the wedding and so was Robyn

Mykelti Brown shared a family photo from her little sister Gwendolyn's wedding on Instagram that included Christine and Janelle and their kids, along with several other shots. One included Christine's fiance David Woolley who was sitting down with both Christine and Janelle and several of their children gathered around. Fans quickly commented how they didn't see Kody and asked if anyone else was looking for Kody and Robyn in the background.

Christine also shared many candid shots, including a beautiful photo of her and David bookending the happy couple, as Kody and she would have done if they were still married. One photo she shared confirmed that Kody was indeed at the wedding.

In a pic of the happy couple dancing, Kody can be spotted in the background sitting on a couch holding one of his grandchildren. Perhaps even more surprising is that in a video posted by Gwendlyn, Robyn can be seen in the background sitting on a couch and cradling a child.

Fans had a lot to say about Kody and Robyn's appearance

Kody Brown's anger issues towards his wives and kids have been a thorn in the side for longtime fans and. as his wives began to leave him, many of them cheered. It's no surprise, then, that they readily shared their opinions on social media about him being at his daughter's wedding. One fan wrote, "Look how happy all the kids are now moody kody and sobyn Robyn aren't around."

Another found Christine's decision to let the world know that Kody was actually there classy and commented, "Christine is no fool. She intentionally included that photo with Kody in the background doting on his grandchild. Why? Because she's classy, kind and clearly over him." Another fan wrote, "Omg Christine is THRIVING love seeing the family together."

In the end, the photos shared by the family speak for themselves. They chose to share the people who they love and were prominent in their current life. Some other family members missing from the photos are Meri, who we know was there because she shared a photo on her Instagram, and Gwendyln's brother Paedon with whom she's had issues.