HGTV Stars Erin And Ben Napier's Relatable Marriage Pet Peeves

On-screen couples might seem to be in a world apart from their non-televised counterparts, but HGTV's "Home Town" stars Erin and Ben Napier prove that the only difference between their relationship dynamic and anyone else's is the addition of a camera crew. Otherwise, the Mississippian home renovators' marriage is just like any other's, from their heartwarming moments to their all-too-relatable pet peeves. 

The "Home Town" duo sat down with House Beautiful for a behind-the-scenes look at their life together that started while attending Ole Miss (University of Mississippi). And while there were plenty of touching, romantic tidbits to learn about the pair, it was also hilarious to hear the pet peeves they've developed over their 14 years of marriage. 

From Ben not tidying up around the house to Erin opting for a more passive communication approach, the couple's pet peeves are a great reminder that camera crew or not, their marriage is extraordinarily ordinary.

The couple poked at each other's pet peeves in their interview

Erin revealed to House Beautiful that her biggest pet peeve about Ben is that he leaves his shoes around the house. "His shoes are really big," she said, "and I fall over them, and I break my toe on his enormous boots that are just everywhere." Ben tried to say he was doing a better job of picking up his size 14 boots, but his wife wasn't as convinced.

Ben, on the other hand, claimed his pet peeve was that Erin would hint at wanting chores or other housework done without directly asking. "For instance, she might say, 'Man, the garbage is getting full,'" Ben said. Erin added that he would avoid doing these chores until Erin said what she wanted point blank. Ah, chores — the one simple thing that can make or break a happy marriage.

The couple's housework pet peeves are a reminder that before becoming HGTV stars, Erin and Ben were just another married couple living in the mid-sized city of Laurel, Mississippi, and operating their own boutique press lettering company.

Of course, there are plenty of sweet moments, too

Pet peeves aside, there's a reason so many people love to watch the Napiers on HGTV. Their chemistry and humble dedication to their southern Mississippi home are palpable. In fact, shooting the "Home Town" pilot shocked them both, as they never assumed their professional endeavors would land them a television show. 

Throughout the show's seven seasons and various spin-off features, Erin and Ben have remained dedicated to their passions and, most importantly, each other. The couple revealed Ben's touching tribute to Erin, explaining to House Beautiful that every year on their anniversary, Ben gifts Erin a book of monthly best-of moments that he's spent the past year writing (which, if we're being honest, probably makes up for the rogue boot or two in the hallway). 

As Erin and Ben's family grew from two to four with the arrival of their two daughters, the couple had a difficult time filming "Home Town Takeover" in Wetumpka, Alabama, in 2021. However, it's clear that this HGTV duo has a strong connection on- and off-screen and will be able to face any hurdles they encounter as a team — even the hurdles of a too-full trash can.