The Young And The Restless Ill-Fated Romance: Sharon And Dylan

Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) re-entered Sharon Collins' (Sharon Case) life at the perfect moment on "The Young and The Restless." After starring as the center of a love triangle with the Newman brothers, Nick and Adam, Sharon found herself available and looking for a romantic connection. Their paths crossed when she accidentally ran Dylan's car off the road. Ever the helpful gentleman, Dylan offered his handyman services around her home. He built a strong bond with Sharon's daughter, Faith, and even saved her life twice. 

He mediated conflicts between Sharon and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), helped prove her innocence when she was framed for murder, and even offered her a job. Despite Dylan admitting to having a white-knight complex, the couple continued to pursue their relationship. As their love deepened, Sharon became pregnant, further solidifying their connection. However, Dylan's growing involvement in detective work raised concerns for Sharon.

Her paranoia led her to spy on him, causing her to witness him in a near-fatal situation, tragically resulting in her miscarriage. Fearing that Dylan wouldn't handle the loss of their child well, she kept this painful truth hidden from him. Instead, she accepted his marriage proposal, planning to try for another pregnancy as soon as possible. Compounding matters, Sharon, who had battled mental health issues throughout her life, developed pseudocyesis. This mental condition led her to believe she was pregnant despite her doctor's assurance that she was not.

Sharon visited a professional psychiatrist

Sharon Collins' pseudocyesis continued to be a hidden struggle, as Dylan McAvoy remained unaware since he had attended the sonogram when their baby was alive. However, her erratic behaviors began to worry him deeply, so he insisted that she seek professional help from a psychiatrist. Sharon hesitantly agreed but soon voluntarily admitted herself to the psychiatric hospital without telling anyone. Dylan was concerned but went with it to support Sharon. Soon, things worsened as Sharon's doctor, Dr. Anderson Sandy (Elizabeth Bogush), told him she suspected he was her trigger. She suggested that Sharon complete her pregnancy in the psychiatric home.

What "Y&R" fans didn't know was that the psychiatrist held a strong grudge against Nick Newman and devised a sinister plan to exact revenge using Sharon. Nick's wife, Sage Warner (Kelly Sullivan), was also pregnant, and Sandy conspired with the nurse to give Sharon their baby. The manipulative doctor supported Sharon's delusion of being pregnant, and when Sage gave birth, Sandy drugged both women and gave Nick and Sage's baby to Sharon.

She cruelly informed Sage that her child had tragically passed away during childbirth and began to throw advances at Nick. Unaware of the doctor's devious actions, Dylan joyfully married Sharon. However, his suspicions grew as Sharon confided in him about the doctor's request to stop taking her medication. Soon Sharon found out the truth about the baby, but when Sandy was found murdered, she decided to take the secret to her grave.

Dylan stood by Sharon

When Sage Warner discovered the truth, she rushed to share it with Nick Newman but had a tragic car accident. Sharon Collins rushed to her aid, but it was too late. With her dying breath, Sage pleaded with Sharon to let her hold her child before she died. While she held her baby, Sage begged Sharon to tell Nick. Unsurprisingly, Sharon chose to keep the secret until Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) disclosed the hidden information, leaving Nick furious and leading him to sue for custody of his child — a battle he won.

Dylan and Sharon attempted to secure visitation rights, but their efforts were in vain, and their relationship with Sharon and Nick's daughter Faith Newman became strained, putting immense pressure on their love. Despite the hardships, Dylan remained steadfastly supportive of Sharon. Of all of Sharon's Husbands on The Young And The Restless, he seemed to be the only one aware of her mental health and how she needed to be loved. However, the loss of their child deeply affected him, prompting him to immerse himself in more detective work, volunteering for risky assignments.

Tragically, Dylan went missing, and when he eventually reappeared, he had to enter witness protection. Sharon's heart broke at the news, and while she wanted to leave with him, she couldn't bear the thought of losing her children again. Sharon chose to focus on her work and children but couldn't forget about Dylan. Her heartache intensified when he mailed her divorce papers, finalizing their separation.